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34 Bubblegums and Candies--a National best-seller

A little child practises hard for a running race. It means a lot to the child. It's the first time that the child is taking part in such a race, you see. He is not even sure that he will be able to complete it. But he is certainly going to try.
He wakes up each morning, earlier than usual, when all he wants to do is snuggle in the blanket and sleep some more. But the race goads him out of bed. Weary eyed, he wakes ups and runs. Each day, each morning, come rain, come sun, the child is out running.

Finally it is the day of the race. The child surprises everyone including himself. "We never thought you could do it," they say. The child scans the crowd of parents gathered there, but his dad, his hero, the one person in whose eyes he wanted to shine, isn't there.

"Ma," he says to his mother, "Why couldn't dad have been here?"
"If he could he surely would have, my child. Believe me,he is proud of you," replies the mother.
The little boy feels a bit cheated and he  bursts into tears.
Somehow the victory would have been sweeter had his dad shared it.

I am that little boy.
And I cried this morning.

All copies of 34 Bubblegums and Candies, sold from now on will have the National best-seller tag.

Despite everything --it does feel great.

Thank you all for your marvellous support and infinite amount of love and good wishes you shower me with. This book was totally from the heart. It was born from pain. It also involved many sleepless nights and a lot of hard work.

I get hundreds of fan mails from people who have read it. Yet, the novelty never wears off. I value each mail that I get, I remember each person who writes to me, because my book and my words have touched your lives. I am humbled and honoured.

And yes--I think I am definitely luckier than the little boy.



  1. Glad that I am the first one to comment here.

    Once again, congratulations!
    Stay in touch.

    Best Regards,
    Renjith P Sarada

  2. Aaawwwww!!!! Congratulations Preeti!
    I wish you all the success for this book, and the many many more books to come! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and my mom loved it too!
    This book certainly deserves the "National Bestseller" tag!
    :) :) :) :) :)

  3. Congrats Preeti!!

  4. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Congrats Preeti :)

  5. Am I the first to comment? Yipee !!!

    Congrats a ton !!! May you repeat the feat in your future works too :)

  6. Hey Preeti, a nice sweet and real motivational post have in place.

    And just to share last week i ordered you first book, and it would take at least 10 more days to deliver.
    I am already a fan follower of you writing, I an just waiting to read through the book.

    Cheers and all the wishes for you second book.


  7. congrats preeti!you totally deserve it n i love the fact that u dedicated it to your father..u r really a grt inspiration to many people....I can totally understand the emotion you went are very lucky ..there are lots of ppl who are proud of you including your father :D...keep smiling :)

  8. Congratulations and way to go! Hope all your books get the same tag....

    Very proud of you!

  9. oh thts awesome!!! am sure it wd have been grt... i din read it still - n am guilty for it... sry preeti di... but wil definitely buy some day... looks like its available in landmark... tho its vry tough 4 ppl to push me out f d house durin weekends - i guess its hitym i buy 34bc....

    n yes am sure ur dad is all smiles n is whisperin to u each night tht he is proud of you :)

  10. oh my god! i cant believe i am d 1st to comment... hav nvr managed tht :P

  11. congratulations!

  12. This is simply awesome! Congratulations Preeti! Book definitely deserved the tag and the you definitely deserves all the accolades!

    I am proud of you :)

  13. Hi Preeti,

    I have lurking around for a while, couldn't stop commenting myself on this!

    Congrats once again! I live in London, and everytime people visit Bangalore I request just one thing, to check for your book in crossword but usually there is only one answer ....out of stock!!!

    Is there any way i can get it? I so badly wanna read it!

  14. Congratulations! Preeti....wish you all the best for the International Best Seller now!

  15. Congrats Preeti.. You n ur book is a great inspiration and I'm sure ur dad will be watching over you and smiling at your achievements..

  16. congratulations, and celebrations :D
    you're definitely luckier than the little boy, and people who know you are lucky by association :P

  17. Congratulations! I am the proud owner of a National Bestseller. The icing on the cake would be to have your autograph on it :)

    Best wishes for your future books!

  18. COngratulations ! Next Stop - International Best Seller :-)
    You must be really missing your dad especially since it was his passing away that acted as a catalyst for you to start writing. I am sure he is watching you from up there and he must be so proud :-)

  19. Congrats a ton preeti. You deserve this. Your book is one of my personal favorites too..

  20. congratulations!
    Wish u that ur second book gets the same tag :) :)

  21. बहुत बहुत बधाई हो प्रीतिजी, आपकी पुस्तक नेशनल बेस्टसेलर बन गयी है। आपने पहले की ही भाँति बहुत ही अच्छा ब्लाग लिखा है। आपके पापाजी का प्यार सदा आपके साथ है।

  22. Congrats Preeti!! :-)
    Waiting for the next books...

  23. Hi Preeti,
    Delurking after a long time to congratulate you and wish you the very best in the future.
    As usual, very nice post (nice is such an inadequate word, isn't it?).

  24. I'm so happy for you, Preeti! It's a great achievement for a first book.
    And guess what? I was finally able to order it today: I found a seller from England who ships it to Brazil (all Indian booksellers I had tried would only deliver it nationwide). I can't wait to have it in my hands, and I'm even more curious to see whether my copy will already have the new tag on it. :)

  25. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Congratulations from the core of my soul.

  26. wow! Congrats!! :D
    thats one very satisfying achievement :)

    and hey! youve been tagged!

  27. Hearty congratulations on your success Preeti! Wishing you many more of them and may you really feel your dad's presence on this joyous occasion!

  28. Congratulations Preeti. I have recently moved back to India, now will get to get a copy of your book with the bestseller tag on it!

  29. Congrats Preeti!! Well deserved, and wishing you many many more to come!!


  30. Congrats...I am really happy for you :)

  31. Great achievement! congratulations!! :D

  32. Congrats preeti... your book and so you completely deserve it.

  33. He must be a proud dad in heaven,preeti, for having a loving daughter like you.

    Congratulations, your writings deserve the tag.

  34. Congrats! :)

    Hard work does pay are one great example.

    All the very best for all the coming books too.

  35. Anonymous3:16 PM

    many congratulations ..
    this book is in my reading list .. hopefully i'll soon get a change to read it :)

  36. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Congratulations Preethi!
    Your dad must surely be feeling proud and happy!!

  37. Congratulations Preeti.

  38. Thank you all for the wonderful messages of congratulations. I have read each and every comment and it is much appreciated and cherished. I was going to reply individually (as always) but realised they would all say the same thing..A heartfelt and sincere thank you.

    Guto--My book is available in the U.S too now but I am glad you found someone who ships to south america as well.

    Thanks so much everyone!


  39. Congrats Preeti-well deserved. Big fan of ur blog- have ordered your book too.

  40. congrats..........i will grab a copy soon.

  41. Totally agree with all the comments above. However i don't think your post was complete in the true sense. There should have been another line after the last one which says (and those aspects features in some of the comments above too) that whilst you may have been luckier than the little boy there are a number of others who are equally lucky to know you and gain from your positive attitude including yours truely. Am extremely proud of you and confident that you have it in you to make it to the big league and yet not change as a person - 13 years of experience tells me so. Your Dad I am sure is very proud of you (wherever he is) as are all of us.

  42. Lovely LOVELY, touching post Preeti!!!
    U deserve all this and more!!!!

    I do hang my head in shame coz I havent yet been able to get my hands on ur book yet;-(. None of the [few]bookstores I went to[in the limited time I had] in Bangalore had it[I knw, I knw I must been haunting the wrong shops;-/] but I havent given up.

    I've said this earlier and say it again and again....sooo proud of u and Wishing U the very best life Life has to offer Preeti!!!!!

    p.s: totally fida over Satish's comment:-))

  43. congratulations :) wish you many more such succesful ventures :)

  44. Thank u so very much,Reflections,Seema, Gagandeep and Rajlakshmi

    Satish 15 years sweetheart FIFTEEN! And i do feel very very very lucky to have u :) :)

  45. congratulations preeti......The book is truly heart felt and touches upon the intricacies so easily and make you have a better perpective at life. It makes you want to live each day as it comes. You dad is surely proud of you :D

  46. Congrats, baby. How 'bout Indian language translations?
    You know, I was after an Indian girl in grad school, the only one that stumped me so far. Soon, reality struck as I came to know that she was taken. Why am I mentioning this now? I see your flicks and you look so much like her. She even shares your last name! Maybe, it is the name that brought me to your blog initially :)

  47. Congratulations Preeti! Here's to many more sweet victories :)

  48. Cogratulations Preeti. I will buy your book soon. You convey your thoughts so simply, in simple words and beautifully. You are so pure, honest and such a sweet person.
    God bless you and your family. :D

  49. big hugs ps and hearty hearty congratulations.

  50. Not everyone can do what you've achieved. Why do you feel that your dad doesn't know about it all? He watches over you every moment and makes sure that no harm comes your way. You touch lives. That is probably what he wanted. The greatest of creations come because of some pain somewhere.

    The heartiest of congratulations to you once again. I await the New York times bestseller tag :)

  51. Congratualtions and well deserved!!

  52. Hi Preeti, Congratulations!! And I identify so much with what you have written here, absolutely true!!

  53. Congratulations Preethi... I am a proud owner of the book as well...
    Had been a reader of your blog...and then stopped reading for a bit.... not really just your blog...wasnt reading any at the time... back to it now, and loving it... I have joined the crowd and created a blog for myself as well... Your blog is truly inspiring....

  54. Hi Preeti,

    I loved your book a lot. Trust me my mind has opened more than what I thought reading. Infact I finally pushed myself to blogging. The title is the reverse of your book title.:)

    Keep it up.. Waiting for the next book!!!


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