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5 things you can do for 'Instant weight loss'


So, the holiday season is over and we've all heaved our protesting bodies and groaning minds back to work and back to the start of a new year, a few additional kilos in tow (for most of us) due to Christmas feasts, New year feasts, extended vacation and sheer laziness. Many of you have written to me asking me to write about my fitness routine and how I maintain my weight and what is my 'secret'? :-)

I don't claim to be an expert and I'd recommend checking with your Doctor if you have any health issues. These are the simple things I do to maintain my weight.

1. Say no to Sugar: Sugar in your tea and Coffee are really big culprits when it comes to gaining weight. These are really unnecessary empty calories that you are loading your system with. Refer this article for further information.The same is applicable to the Indian Diet  and food habits as well.

2. Say NO to fizzy drinks:  I really think the colas are one of the worst things invented on Earth. Clever advertising brainwashes people into believing it is 'cool' to be seen sipping one.The only thing it does is fattens (apart from you) the company who manufactures it and gives the Actor who models in the advertisement a huge pay packet.
Look at this site. I am sure you won't reach for that cola can again. :-)

3. Eat a balanced meal: Balance your meal with fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, Protein and Carbs. In UK, the Government is making a big effort to promote '5 a day' for staying healthy. Click here for more information.

4. Count your calories. Losing weight is simple math. If you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. Else you gain! See this calorie counter. If you eat one medium sized samosa be aware that you would need to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a high speed to burn it off, depending on your body weight and speed chosen. Choose to eat foods that are healthy and low in calories.Be smart and read the labels for nutritional information and amount of fat it contains. See this very useful article to interpret labels while making healthy choices.

5. Yoga and exercise : Personally I am a big fan of both Yoga and exercise. I don't have a fixed routine but I ensure that I get some kind of exercise every single day. Similarly I have been doing Yoga ever since my school days. If you live in India, it is really not hard to find a yoga class and enrol.

The above tips are really simple and 'obvious' tips. But the key is to follow it and adhere to it. You should ideally begin seeing results in about 10 days. Be patient. Yo-yo diets really do not work and if you starve you will only gain back all the weight you lost when you go off the diet.

I had written earlier too about weight loss and fitness. This and  also this are the two earlier posts I wrote.

I just re-read them and I feel good to say that I still weigh the same as I did back then. :-)

All I have been doing are the above five things.


  1. Points noted down! :)
    To start off the year, it was a good reminder!


  2. Good points! Cola,Sugar are definitely culprits as you said.I would add one more explicitly here- POTATOES!!
    Living in the UK for sometime now, i have noticed, they use this in every other dish!God save us:)

    Every year the number of people who join the gym increases exponentially :) I hope all of us could keep up our resolutions for the entire year!

  3. The key is to 'follow it and adhere to it' n that's where I fail :)

  4. Preeti,

    Are you saying we should cut back on all sugar? Isn't that a little too strict even for young people? What about fruit juices? Are they healthy or unhealthy?

    Interesting article - the reiteration on a good diet and exercise :) And, also "to follow and adhere to it".

  5. Palsworld: If you want to lose weight, cutting down on sugar really helps.It is NOT related to age. I have given many links especially the NHS ones which answer what is 'healthy' and what isnt. Many fruits do contain sugar..all the cola and additional sugar added into beverages is what I am referring to.

    Dhanya: i too have been guilty of that :)

    Gayathri: Potatoes unless they are deep fried are carbohydrates.When it is deep friend lot of fat gets added.

    SS: :-)

  6. happy new year to you too. I have ben thinking of reducing my fat an the best way i found is to eat a purrrr-fact meal. and walk a little.

  7. Well this is somethin I rarely bother about coz I walk enough to loose any weight I gain but lets see...

    No to Sugar - Not Possible..

    No to fizzy drinks - You dont want me drinkin neat alcohol

    Count your calories - Can you do that

    Yoga and Exercise - One thing I do in ur list is Yoga

    And Balanced meal - Does the burger from Mcdonalds with the salad count, they say its healthy...

  8. Kamal: It was mostly for women who do want to lose weight but dont know how :) If you're walking enough you dont need to follow any of it except yoga. Alcohol :-) heh heh..u can have with water but yeah its not the same.

    Santosh: walk a lot :-)

  9. It's worth the read Preety....:)

    I've been into dieting for as long as I can remember, but all efforts seem futile...:)

    Now this post of yours gave me more insights on how to be trim...:)

    Thanks Preety, have a nice day!

    Been following you for quite sometime now, but only now that I have time to bloghop that much!


  10. Good tips Preety....I Definitely agree with you about the fizzy drinks. Maybe I am one of those Indians who have never tried drinking any fizzy drinks till now:)
    It will be good if you can write a post about how to put on weight in a healthy way. For people like me:)

    Keep writing...

  11. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I loved the cartoon!

  12. Thanks for the pointers Preeti :) Watching calorie intake and noting it down every day helps us understand the calorie content in different foods and pick good ones appropriately.

    Happy New Year!

  13. :)

    just what i needed to get back to the gym...(i just got back and getting settled down)

  14. Thank you :D

    An answer to my cry for help!
    Point 1 & 2, no problems at all, the rest I need to discipline on!

    Will definitely let you know in 10 days time :p

  15. Btw, I totally dig the pic! :D

  16. Sparkling : :-)

    Suma: Hope suitcase followed.

    Lakshmi:Happy new year to you too!

    Ramblingbtybones: :-) Yep!

    Sagarika: mebbe you should try fizzy drinks! :-) Have no idea how to put on weight :-) It comes naturally with motherhood :)

    Amity: Good luck with the diets and key is to be at it.

  17. LOL!! NO wonder i gained 18 KILOS..yeah thats right 18 kilos in about 8 months!! i feel very lazy to hit the gym or do any kind of excercise...but slowly will change that.. me and a couple of my friends are planning to play football on weekends(read as sunday)..

  18. Wow.. good tips..I always lack of determination. Your post has inspired me..I will start doing some exercises. I think that should be basic thing to start.

    I have heard green tea has got a vital part in weight loss. Whats your take on that?

  19. Never ending memories: Though scientific research says that there is really no proven connection between green tea and weight loss, I swear by it! Two of my friends tried it with amazing results (they combined it with yoga and exercise of course) and now I am also a big fan of it.

    Shantharam: 18 kilos!! OMG!! :)But you're still in your twenties you'll burn it off :)

  20. One of my friend is into this super mood of lower down her fat...i send her your post's links.... But i wonder God has made such tasty receipes.... why dont we just try them...... :)

  21. i dont know, the more calories i eat, the more energetic and good i feel :P
    + it doesnt add to the body mass :P

    and yoga rox!! :P :D

  22. Shimmer: At 20 you dont need these tips :)

    Aruna: (am guessing thats what second word in tamil says): Glad you noted..It should be 'My lady' not 'My Lord' :P :)

    Rohit: :-) Yep--u can go ahead and try.Some people eat to live.Others live to eat. :-)

  23. After a long time, checking your blog... Really missed meeting you while at Bangalore.
    Nice and easy ways to keep healthy. Not a new year resolution, but I have so far stayed much away from deep fried and fatty foods. I am just pushing away my craving for my bag of chips :-)
    So far successful..

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Nice tips:-))!!! Checked out the calorie counter, quite an eye-opener;-o.

    Have been thinking abt it quite seriously for sometime now. Lack of motivation is the main problem. I wish I had company while doing it;-(.

  26. u know PS..losing weight has frankly never been an is being fit that is the challenge..n that needs work all thru one's life.

    i have read in several palces that diets are not good for the body n one must never deprive themself completely of any craving. its all abt the rite portion size.

    n nothing like yoga and a walk ! they both rock!

    Here is to a healthy year ahead!

  27. No true!!! All of these things are brilliant Preeti. I try to do them xo

  28. I look fit (proper weight for my height and all) but I don't feel fit. When I swim or run, I'd get tired in an hour. So I guess something's lacking. I always wanted to do yoga. Benefits are immense right :) Nice post Preeti.

    Btw I sent you a mail with my portrait(yeah at long last!).

  29. Getting to them right away :)
    I needed this! Thank you


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