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Love is in the eyes (wordless wednesday no.12)

Click on image to enlarge. Click on media player to hear a lovely song .
[If you cannot see the media player click on the yellow bar at the top of the page to temporarily allow pop-ups and active-x controls for IE or wait till it loads]

When I saw him I just had to have him. His eyes did me in. I always fall for eyes which look at me with sincerity. These were so alive!

Love is someone looking at you with dog eyes :-)

Of course, he has a permanent place now. :-) With eyes like those, he had to!


  1. They do appear to look very deeply into your souls with out demanding anything in return ;)

  2. awww adroable isnt it

  3. I thought it was a soft toy... Nice

  4. Oh he looks adorable pickable :D
    And he is a soft toy, no?

  5. such a cute, you got this one as pet?.. wow..
    n a nice definition of love there:D

  6. Dear Preeti,

    You do not know me but I do! Your book was gifted to me by Naaz in Pune. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

    I would love to meet you when you are in Pune. Your writing indeed inspires me.

    However, the reason for this mail is one of my friends too read your book and wrote an article inspired by one of your articles.

    I just thougth you should KNOW.

    I spoke to Javed and he guided me to this site.

    Can I forward that article to you?

    Please let me know. I have forwarded that article to Javed and for Naaz.

    Please keep on writing.

    Yes, I too make feeble attempts to write (sensible) and send a 'Tuesday mail' to few of my interested friends.

    All the best for everything you want to do in life.

    With prayers,


  7. hey Preeti... even I fall for eyes that look at me with sincerity! And also voice which has a lot of sincerity in them!

  8. Lovely!!Thanks for sharing

    N.B.: Surprised it is a 'He'.:P

  9. he has a permanent place on your blog or you got him home? :P

    you're right, eyes can never lie... its best to wear dark glasses sometimes! :)

  10. isnt that a puppy doll ? :P yes its so cute and lovely I want to have one pet , hoping to have it soon! lets see keeping fingers crossed on plans hehe :)
    Take care

  11. veryy cute doggie!!!

    wat hav u named him!?

  12. PS,don't joke me telling this(ok,he) is real :)

  13. Savitha: Photo also i have put! How can HE be not real? He is a REAL garden statue ;-) BTW it is only HE as you would never get such unwavering adulation from a bitch. LOL :D

    Hunter: Yes! Really cute.I have not yet named :) Am thinking I can change its name everyday (depending on whom I am feeling affectionat towards)--flexi-name :):D

    Srivats: yes--it is a garden statue. Wow! You're getting a pet?! How will you look after?

    Guruprasad: Got him home without a moment of hesitation :) He occupies a place of pride in the centre of my garden table :) Very right about wearing sun-glasses. Especially if you are married. LOL.

    Pointblank: Yes--eyes are windows to the soul.

    Naren: What a delight and a pleasant surprise to hear from you! I do know you as Naaz and Javed constantly talk about you. Naaz is a very very good friend. I'd love to be added to your Tuesday mailing list. And do send me the article on ps@ (with no gaps) Great to connect and thank you so very mch for your encouragement and kind words about my writing.

    Mindspace: yes--but a pet that needs no care. It is a garden statue. So lifelike, right?

    Piggy little: I flipped completely for him :)

  14. Yes, it looks totally alive. but for a second i did think if its for real coz it was looking straight into the photographers eye which is so rare.


  15. Meira: No--He is made of stone! Garden statue that i recently bought!

    Prats: Not a soft toy. looks like that right? See comment above.

    Monika: Yes! Wondering why only women go ga-ga over these things :)

    Only one: Very! :)

    Raaga: :)

    Sukhmandir: yes! Especially when you enlarge and see--the eyes seem to leap at you!

  16. For a moment he looked almost real....sort of like sniffing at the camera;-o

  17. LOL Tara & I meant the same thing with different words;-D

  18. Hasn't anybody listened to the SONG? Can you all see the Media player? Nobody has said anything about the song!

    Reflections: Yes--the nose also seems moist! :)

    Mindspace: If the head was in proportion it could have been mistaken for an alive thing. I have never seen such life like statues before

  19. GUILTY!!!!

    Nancy cautiously raises her hands & shows a V sign

    LOL I was just thinking the same thing...nobody mentioned anything abt the song;-D

  20. Awwww sho shweeet....u know I learnt this song at music class in 7th std I think;-D

    The kids came running when I put the song & we swayed together in rhythm till the end of the song:-)).

  21. Puppy eyes, always work ;)

  22. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Oh puppies have the most curious adorable set of eyes ever! Even deers as do cows and deers. Sometime, I call Sachin "puppy eyes" when he turns on his "pretty please, can you bake me a cake" look! :-) Beautiful pic this one!!

  23. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Heard the song just now ... Its so awfully cute and I rem my first love, Bruno, who is no longer alive. :-( He was the cutest and I miss him so!

  24. Oh god, he is so cuteee....!!!

  25. Nice puppy :) that "look" always works on anything! :) ;)

  26. So cute! heheh i like him

  27. look at the eyes and the nose!

    and the imagination it brought to ur mind:)

  28. He is adorable :) ...I want one too :(((

  29. Neha: :) Available here.Shipping would be expensive!

    Pavi: What imagination?!I only stated facts :)

    Doli: me too!

    Sree: Very!

    Thoughtful train; Yes--loss of a pet is very very hard. I used to have two dogs too.

    Aruna: (i could not read first part of your name) Always :)

    Reflections: :) Thank you thank you!
    I love reflections and Thoughtful train a bit more than the others today because they appreciated my fine taste in music which I took so much effort to embed :)

  30. :) :) Yes! Yes!....lovely music....You made me "you tube" that nice voice by Patti Page. I did comment on the picture then, but the music window stubbornly failed to open for me the first time in my system :(

  31. aaawwwww.

    Now here's proof that you've only become a half Brit. When you get a real one, then I know I have to say pip pip and toodle oo to you !

  32. Awww...hes adorable!!for once i thought he was for real:)
    love the pic..and the music the syncs up everything:)

  33. Pups, Kittens, Rabbits, Bears(all of them ofcourse as stuffed toys)... are the ones which my wife is crazy about. The 'doggy' photograph looks nice.
    For me, its all about cars and bikes. Infact I do have a weird idea of owning a battle tank and driving(just like 007 did in 'Golden Eye' skiddin around in corners) and flying a Sukhoi MKI. Ofcourse, I have operated those machines countless times in my sleep :-)
    I am sorry I can't listen to music, here in office - would connect at home and let you know.
    Happy weekend.

  34. awwww itss sooo cutee...cant listen to music..i m in office...:((

  35. chooo chweeet!
    feels good to know it has a home now :)

  36. Jus happend to stumble upon ur blog...the pup is sooo cute...whts his name,btw?

  37. nice pup!! loved it!!

  38. Cute!!! :)

    And the first I heard about love :D

    P.S: I can't see the media player link, just a red 'x' appears :(

  39. Reminds me of the numerous puppies me & bro tried to bring home but were turned away . One day, I would have a dog of my own :).

    Where did you get that song from ? A perfect candidate to be played in the kindergarten near my place :).

  40. Brown Phantom: LOL --yes it is indeed a good song for kids. See Refelctions comment above :) I used to have two dogs. Now I have two kids :) I too used to bring all kinds of animals home :)

    Sparkling: :-) heheh.

    Parv Kaushik: yes--me too :)

    Chitz: Welcome to my blog.
    I change his name everyday depending on whom I am feeling affectionate towards :-D

    Khushi: yes :) Permanent home :)

  41. Chirpy-paro: Its a classic song--"how much is that doggie at the window?"

    Nandu: Hope you have a great weekend too :) and may your dangerous dreams never come true!

    Santasizing: Thank you :)

    Ramesh : hee hee--I always loved dogs. i used to have two.

    Jyotiajay: thanks :)

    Gayathri: As long as you heard--great :)

  42. Dear Priti,

    The mail I sent to you at has bounced back.

    All the best,

    with love and prayers,


  43. Naren: you spelt my name wrong that is why it bounced :)
    ps @

    Reflections : :)

  44. Like I promised, I listened to the audio clip you had inserted and I think it is really good and worth the effort you took :-)

  45. he looks soooo sweet..and obviously with that loving look he wud get a place :)

  46. This pic reminded me of the cat from Shrek, really cute pup!


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