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Cat on the car. Which car?

Everyday I pass him and he sits like a Lord, and surveys all those who pass by as though asking "Halt who goes there? What is your business?"

He guards it like a revered treasure and you can't help but marvel at his dedication and his supine grace as he looks straight at you.

Ok--enough about the cat. You already got the picture. (Pun intended)

A question now for the Car Aficionados amongst you.

Can you tell me the make of the car? I am posting one more photo that gives away the shape and a few more details, to make it a little easier for you.I shall update this post on Wednesday late night (Thursday morning in India) with a picture that I clicked of the car logo.

Let us see how many of you get it right. [ And yes, if you guess it right before I publish the photo of the logo I will send you a handmade card --subject to a maximum of two. I can't make any more than two, as I am really hard pressed for time, these days. I shall tell you all very soon what I am busy with and no it is not what you think or don't think! ;-) :-) ]

Any guesses? Your time starts now.

Update as promised

Oh My God!! All of you are a bunch of real car aficionados! So many of you got it right! I have a really tough time now choosing two people to send the card to!.

First person to guess the manufacturer was Niall. But he got the model only later.
Mihir again got the manufactuer but he wasn't sure of the make either,

Congrats to Swathy , Santosh and to Amit Kumar Das.

Swathy lives in Australia and we connected through our blogs. She has been reading mine for a very long time now.

Santosh, I think, decided to delurk after this post :-) I don't recall seeing him around.

Amit has a very interesting blog named 'The last cigarette'. he connected with me because of my book last year and has been following my blog ever since. More than his blog he is an amazing photographer. This is the link to his photos.(They are really worth seeing) Since I really cannot leave anyone out of these three, I shall send all of you cards.(I am not sure of them being handmade because of lack of time; If you want handmade, let me know but it will take a while) Please send me your postal addresses, three of you!

Thank you to all who took part--it was fun wasn't it?

Also a big thank you to all of you who voted for Prashant because of my special request. He has been shortlisted for Royal challengers Chief blogger out of hundreds of applicants! He would be meeting Anil Kumble and had a day long round of interviews. Hearty congrats Prashant--and best of luck. His comment on this post wasn't the right answer but it sure was witty. He said he felt like calling the cat Honda Kity :-)

See you all soon and I shall tell show you all what I have been busy with in my next post!

Addendum (Posted in a embarrassed manner)

There was one more person who got it right.The person is none other than Shruti a wonderful person and a superb blogger. Shruti has really been encouraging, specially in my early days as a writer. She loves cats too! I have no idea how I missed out her name and saw it only after she left a comment asking why she had been left out! A million apologies Shru :-) [as thought the hundred I offered in chat were not enough! :P] Send me your address also please!


  1. am not much sure about this but i guess its a Mercedes-Benz. the model am not so sure..but my guess would be Mercedes-Benz SLK-class

  2. i wouldn't be able to guess that. .my son despairs at my disregard for the lamborghinis and ferraris that he so diligently points out to me...the cat seems so comfortable perched there :)

  3. Now if you had asked about the cat, that would have merited a whole post as a comment. Car ? does it matter ? As long as it has four wheels and moves ?? I am absolutely convinced that it is a Audisaabfordtoyotabenzbmwrenaultvolvopeugeothyundaihondaprotonsuzuki. Now can I have the card of the cat please :-)

  4. Nissan? Though looks like a Honda too, Indian version. But wait, is there a catch here?

  5. Is it the Tata Indica's European version...

    The body over the wheel seems to suggest that, dunno if I'm completely off :P

  6. Jaguar! :P(I don't really know if its a car company or not!):P

    The cat is very very very cute!:) :) :)

  7. I would go for - Renault...

    another wild guess - dodge charger?

  8. on second thoughts, i would go with the previous commentator who had mentioned tata indica...

    the body over wheel is protruding so shud be tata indica..

  9. No clue abt the car! But the cat looks so darned cute perched up on it :D

  10. Preeti I guess you should also tell us about the surprise gift you have for us,,,,Ok let me tell... The winner gets the car!!
    Is it Ford?

  11. Anonymous8:00 PM

    A Honda???
    Long time..Preeti...but i am back again...last two months were #@^$*..

  12. is it a Ford Fusion?

  13. Looks like a City Rover to me?

  14. Ford Focus - the headlights look familiar :D And is it the book? Naah! Can't b wat am thinking :P

  15. Hey...must be a merc! And as for the cat, its very cute!!

  16. I think your photograph might be showing us the Vauxhall(or opal) Vectra...I guess it's on a 2008/9 plate...I don't think it's the SRi..but I could be wrong!

    Cats love car bonnets because of the warmth and vantage point...

  17. No clue on the car - and reading Niall's response above, I don't even want to guess :)

    The cat is a cutie :)

  18. Hi Preeti,
    My guess- Could it be the Infiniti G series?

  19. :D
    Curiosity killed the cat (pun unintended :P )
    But Thursday is way too far away :D

  20. Is it Honda CRV ???

    I have been asking ppl to guess the car...:D:D:D

    Btw One of my friends who wanted me to win also said that the cat could be a Persian cat ;) ;) ...any extra marks for this one !

  21. Its lancer :) i guess :-S

  22. It is Vauxhall Astra or Holden astra CD(hatch) as it is here in Australia,probably not the new release but a previous model. :) :P
    hmmmm, I am pretty sure I got this right!

  23. its a honda city, the grill is a signature..

  24. Looks to be a Honda make from the upper blade of the front-grill.
    The cat inspires me to call it Honda Kity :)

  25. Honda city?Card,please...I remember you telling in one of your previous post your II book is 60% complete...So, are you busy with it?

  26. i am sure car is a Vauxhall make. Not sure if its Astra or Vectra. i personally like vectra :)

  27. Oh that's a huge papa cat! :D
    What do u call him? ur highness? :P Look a that royal stare!! Ever tried picking him up? Just to measure the length of his claws ;)
    The car is a Vauxhall Astra.. most probably... isn't it? Glad u asked only for the make :P
    What are u busy with? I'm thinking I'm thinking!! :)

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I think previous suggestions regarding the car being an Astra are correct....I was wrong.

  30. Hmmmm My best guess is that it's a Honda Odyssey. hehe i'v been secretly reading your blog since a long time. Its a radiator for me :P
    And this post about the car, made me want to reply. I just had to.

  31. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I am positive this is the Holden AH Astra CD (5 door or 3 door hatchback) or it's more current AH model that includes SRi Turbo or it could also be the Holden Astra TwinTop.
    But Holden Astra it is for sure.


  32. Anonymous11:57 AM

    ohh I was so busy looking at the lines and headlights of the car that I completely forgot the cat...

  33. did a little R&D and finally can say its an Astra. the grill and head lamp gave it away. Though my first response was a BMW but google told me i am wrong and its an ASTRA

  34. Is it a Honda ? ...

    Din get a chance to read any blogs for last few days..was fully struck with work..let me go back n read the posts which i missed out :)

  35. This is a hyundai getz for sure...

  36. This is a hyundai getz for sure...

  37. Nothing but Vauxhall Astra !!

  38. Hi all,

    I am not replying individually as it would merely be a repetition.I have read each and every comment. Answering only the specific queries :-)

    Savitha, nopes 'surprise' isn't the book .Wait for me next post!

    Radhika: i don't think it is a persian cat! :) It is a fat cat for sure! :)

    Sparkling--not book :)

    Ramesh--clever but no :)

    Suma--same as my son!

    aashi--happy you delurked

    Thank you for taking part so sportively!

    Do see the update.


  39. The reason I'm so late in commenting is tht I had carefully copy pasted the pic into my laptop so tht I cd ask my better-half whether he knew....but i forgot;-(

    This is really going to sound so corny but I too took some pics of a cat on top of a car 2 weeks back ....but this is where the similarity ends. My pics didnt turn out so good coz I had taken them in the night & it had this eerie look as it was a black cat with green glowing eyes;-S

    And waiting for tht surprise....and knowing u[only thru blogger ofcourse] it will be something special:-)).

  40. ah I missed few entries :) and I dont know much about cars , LOL at ramesh comments , it goes same way for me :)

  41. gee! I MUST take more interest in vehicles :embarrassed look :
    Great fun!

  42. I am SO not into cars, but it sure looks stylish and I wouldn't mind owning one, one day ;-)

    One thing that I have always admired about you (amongst a trillion other things) is how much you respect your readers by responding to every single comment, every single day! I am SO proud to know the gem of a human being you are :)

  43. Tranquility: Thank you for those kindest of words and fabulous compliments. I don't respond every single day :P But I do try to respond to all. :)

    Meira: I also did not know. Google helped :)

    Srivtas: :-) True!

    Reflections: LOL :) said in that inimitable way that only you can say!

  44. :( I answered correctly too :( why was I ignored :(

  45. :) thank u so much for the correction >:D<

  46. So ! I missed the contest :(

  47. Preethi, thanks for the gift. I was off to Goa so wasn't able to reply to your post. Though i am here and will mail you my Address soon.. :)



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