Friday, August 21, 2009

Some bumps in life can make you smile

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Everything is all Sir Garnet :-)

This picture was clicked by me very recently at the market square in the place where I live.

Do I even have to say what 'Sir Garnet Wolseley ' is? (to know who he is click on his name)

Any guesses? :-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All I want from you

Photo by Ajay Chauhan

When I reach a plateau
All I want you to do is
To point out the mountains that are still there to climb
(Obscured by the mist)

When I retreat into a shell
All I want you to do is
Coax me out gently but firmly
(Reminding me of the dreams still left to chase)

When I do not respond to you
All I want you to do is
Keep persisting doggedly.
(And not give up on me)

When I ask you to leave me alone
All I want you to do is
Not believe me.
(It is just a camouflaged cry for help)

When I talk to you
All I want you to do
Is look into my eyes.
(To see the adulation and unwavering faith)

Perhaps the mist is not really in the Hills after all.
It is in our minds
And I need to sever the layers.
(To help you look through it)

© 2009 Preeti Shenoy

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The above poem was written by me recently. These simple lines just came to me almost effortlessly. When I finished and re-read it I realised it could be a poem from anybody to a loved one.

Deep inside, isn't this (what the poem expresses) what we all want?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Don't let age put you in a cage!

When was the last time you did something that people your age usually do not do? (and of course I am not referring to drinking binges or having sex in case you are a minor reading this and on second thoughts, it applies to non-minors too. heh heh) Think back. Think hard. If you cannot remember, then you probably need a good, extra large healthy dose of fun.

I went on a rope swing recently (and I am 37 :) ) It was really nice, good fun.(Yes, that is me in the video you see above) This was at a place called Bewilderwood where we spent a whole day recently. The tagline said 'a curious tree house adventure' and it was indeed a curious one. 'Deep in the woods is a land of Boggles, twiggles and Thorny crocklebogs' said the flier. There were more details and pictures and it sounded good.

It was. (To get a good idea of what it is all about as well as see a really nice video about it, click on the coloured word.)

Often we get bogged down by the word AGE. It frightens many people I know. Many people feel a bit apologetic about their ages, especially if they are past 40. I fail to understand why. I have been fortunate to be inspired by some amazing people who are in their seventies and sixties and late fifties and who are fitter, smarter and more vivacious than some 25 year olds I know. It makes me believe what someone said--"Age is no barrier. It is the limitation you put on your mind." How very right!

Today a good friend of mine told me about how he had befriended a sixty year old and a seventy five year old on a very demanding 10 day-nine night trek that he did in the Valley of flowers. One was a Doctor and the other had been a commodities trader. I was amazed that they had the inclination and enthusiasm to do this trek. (Have a look at the program chart here and you will know how physically demanding it is). My friend said that he felt they were the coolest people in the group.

If people at 60 and 75 can have fun and live life to the fullest what is your excuse?!

I may not be able to post over the next three days, so I am asking the Monday question now. I will upload the photos of the handmade cards which I will be giving away to three people as soon as I finish making them. (They are work in progress at the moment) Click here for details if you are a first time reader of my blog.

My Monday question is this:

Have you ever done any different/silly/funny/unusual things (perhaps age inappropriate but its not a prerequisite) that make you laugh whenever you think of it? :-)

Even if you have not, please don't worry! :-) It is still not too late. :-)

I would be choosing three comments that appealed to me (and no, I wont be judging on 'what you did' but just what you say about this post which strikes me as 'YES' in some way) and mailing them handmade cards. Shachi wrote to say she has received hers. To the others I mention in my previous posts--yours should reach you soon.

Keep watching this space for photos of the cards :-) and may those comments flow! :-)

Update 1. Here are the pictures of the three cards I made this time.

Update 2 shall be posted on Thursday 10.00.a.m my time (2.30.p.m IST) with names of three people who will be getting these cards.
Mayank and Prashant too have received their cards.

Update 2 (as promised)

Here are the three people whose comments appealed to me the most. (Of course I loved all the other comments too--but these three were the ones that stuck in my head) Their names are links.

Sundari : I couldn't stop laughing for a full five minutes after I read her comment. Even as I type this I am smiling a big grin at what she said. Perhaps why I found it so funny was that I could so relate to it because I am exactly like that too.I can just picture myself doing something similar. When Satish came home I narrated her comment with all details and he didn't even smile! :-) (That made me laugh harder of course!) He asked me what was so funny. I don't know how to explain--but I laughed so much. So if you don't find the comment funny--what can I say! And since it is my blog, I get to decide what is funny and what is not so funny..heh heh.

Prats (from Bangalore) There are two Prats who comment regularly on my blog..One is a guy from Pune and other is a lady from Bangalore. In my head I refer to them as Boy-Prats and Girl-Prats :) Prat's comment really appealed to me. What a delight she is! May she always remain that way.

: She lives in the U.S and makes beautiful cards too :-) When I read her comment I really burst out laughing--not at what happened but at her rueful wish where she said that her mother should have taken her home in an auto instead of a cycle rickshaw. That cracked me up completely as I imagined vividly the whole scene :-) (I have always been into Sports and fainting is the ultimate embarrassment! I can just imagine how difficult it must have been for a non-sporting person)

Please send me your addresses and I shall mail you the cards.

too received her card from my previous posts.

With that these Monday questions come to an end. I have done it for four weeks now (as promised) and made about a dozen cards.

Hope you all had as much fun as I did.