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Divorce and other things!


Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. my lucky day! the first to comment! woohoo! i could say its because of the invasion of TV, but in this case its just excitement about whats unknown! right?

  2. Wao ! That was lovely :-)

  3. I do take sweet revenges with my daughter by emotional black mailing!!!, but these things will work for a shorter period, they are just waiting for their chances to grab and play the same trick on us!!!!!!
    Get yourself geared up for that.

  4. Vinni: Oh yes--for them it is the excitement of the unknown.They dont watch much TV.BTW,Where is my T-shirt?!! :-)

    Chitra: :-) Thanks!!

    Fruitu: This is purely 'Materialistic blackmail'--Not Emotional at all.And if they play the same trick on me I shall think of something cleverer.I'm after all their mom! ;-)I didn't know you had a daughter.Somehow I thought Fruitu was a college kid! By the way--I LOVE the name 'Fruitu' and my kids know it too!

  5. ha ha ha.. so u made divorce an uncool idea how sad ;-D will need lot of tips from u over the years.. why dont u write a book abt pareting? :-D

  6. xh: :-) Am seriously considering it.Not kidding.(Since I have worked with kids for more than 8 years and am also contributing regularly to a Parenting magazine)

  7. Divorce isn't cool but Egypt or NZ sure is.. so when's that happening? ;)

  8. J: These very summer hols--and of course the kids are coming along!:D

  9. Sometimes its fun when you have kids around and you find yourselves in a position needing to explain profoundly serious issues in the simplest manner as possible,isn’t it? :)

  10. Hey PS,

    That was really a clever way of dealing with your daughter's question. Am sure most other parents would have got flustered about how their 6-year old child came to know about it in the first place!


  11. Palsworld: Funnily it didnt occur to me to ask her where she learnt it!After reading your comment, i just did and she said she had overherd some older kids talking about J.K.Rowling being divorced!No-I didnt get flustered--I am always open with them and never lie to them.

    Balu:Oh yes--It is great fun to have them around even when they are not discussing profound issues! :-)It's not very great when they are screaming in your ear and you badly want to take a nap!:-)

  12. Loved the way you handled it. I wonder how i would have done it?..haha..

  13. I guess they are too young to understand the finality of a divorce.
    Nice write up :)

  14. A very clever way of handling this issue without seeming too hassled by their newly found knowledge. I wonder if i'd have done the same....

    So is Fiji happening???

  15. Prats:Don't know! Now they want to go to Singapore!!

    Pink dogwood:Thanks.Too young? They have NO CLUE!!! :-)

    Sweetsticky:I wonder too!;-)Thanks!

  16. Kids are so mean sometimes but they're only trying to test us to see how far our love for them can stretch.
    Glad you put them straight.

  17. Well I'm going to feel sorry for Grand Mom, cos someone has too :)

  18. That's a nice way to handle it. Btw you are tagged :)

  19. clever momma...

    the big summer plans eh? singapore sounds great to me, for obvious reasons ;)

  20. Nice post...bumped in here while blog hopping..

    kids at times leave one flabbergasted with their what's, why's and how's isnt it..:) :)

    Keep writing :)

  21. You are a great mom and a great writer. That was a very nice way of puting across a complicated message in the most simplest of ways! Hats off! A superb 'mama moment'!

  22. cutest little post to convey such a strong message!

  23. I begin to get a feeling ur a super-mom.. (Just like my mom) :-)

    ohh these kids n their Qs..they are soooo cute n sooooooooo scary.. na?

  24. was blog hopping and found this...beautiful left me smiling before start of work on a boring tuesday morning!

  25. I imagined myself in the same position as u and wondered what i'll say if my 6 yr old daughter asked me the same question.
    The answer was obvious immediately...."What a tough question? We'll ask papa when he comes back from office" and then hope desperately that they'll forget about it for a few more years

  26. forgot to add :-p.- an excellent post. enjoyed reading it.

  27. hey ps,

    gt rite bak at the lil onez dint u?? hehe..btw, whr did she hear abt divorce in the first place?? im really worried sick about how the kids of the future r gonna be! one tough task tatz gna be!

    n really, u shud write a book on parenting...or atleast a separate blog on me, my sis would be ur most devoted reader!

  28. lol such a cute post PS!


  29. i honeslty don't know what to say!! just to think that i might face similar questions someday gave me the creeps!!

  30. haha...sweet little revenge!:)[clever!)

  31. Not sure about the spiderman theme, but you'd look cute in a superhero-type leotard and cape!
    Enjoyed reading this...kudos, momma...keep that superhero toolbelt handy, you'll need it (as you well know).

  32. Anonymous12:10 AM

    sweet !

    Do you also get them to help you at home using these tricks ? :P

    "If you don't help mama set up the table for dinner, you shall not accompany her to Egypt" :D

    - Vinay

  33. i dunno yaar.. that was hadd se zada cute..

    what a lovely post!.. um a fan nw!

  34. OMG! She chose papa! I would have actually started crying. :(

    You handled it well.

  35. U know when my parents fights, i always laugh and say why u dont take divorce. But i know i cant survive widout both of them.

  36. hey nice post...i saw ur comment on sweet and short which said paps gal is not cool....i thght is there any gal who felt the same....
    thn after going through ur post came 2 know that u r married..
    thn i thght marriage makes people wiser...lols...
    very nice blog u have..

  37. Does marriage actually make people wiser (based on Nirmal's comment) or is that a faulty assumption? Maybe you can write a post about it.

  38. Cool way to dispel the actual drama and heartache that goes with divorce!!

  39. if this explanation is not copy-righted, i am going to filch and keep it future use whenever either of my kids come up with this :P

    this post was hilarious, even though it was not supposed to be, i guess :)

    my 3.5 year old daughter asked her mom the other day what it is that her big brother had hanging there which she didn't. and that she had also seen it on another kid in her day care! her mom told her that that is what boys have and girls don't. and that it is no big deal! :P

  40. hey its really funny that just wen i was wondering abt the money and other issue stuff, u wrote abt it and yesterday and dayb4 i was thinking abt the divourse issue and there u hav writtenn...good that u talked to ur was a nice post....its sad to know that kids nowadays think that divourse is the best..and the reasons for divourse r so sillyy too...

  41. Enigma: Looks like i have a hotline into your mind!:-) No, No--It is not that the children are taking divorce frivolously--It is just that they are too small to understand what it means.Also this piece was a humourous take on the situation--not meant to be taken seriously at all!

    Guru: It WAS supposed to be funny!!And I guess your daughter's question is perfectly normal and natural for her age!

    Ritu: :-) Yes--We didnt get into that!They are too young to know.

    Solitaire:Yes--I think marriage does make people wiser.It takes a lot of maturity to commit to soebody and then sustain it.Request noted m'am.Thanks for the suggestion!Shall do, sometime.

    Nirmal:Heh heh--so the 'girl' turned out to be a 'Mother of two':-) Thanks so much for the compliments about my blog!

    Sandhya:Yes--I guess it is the same for most kids.Mine were obviously pulling my leg that day.Later they wanted to be assured that we would never get divorced.

  42. Cupid's best pal: Thanks so much!!:-) Am grinning ear to ear like an idiot now. :-)

    Vinay: That would be pure materialistic blackmail! I'd never do that! ;-)Heh heh heh..(Nice eviul ideas you are giving me!)

    Nootka: ha ha ha--yes--shall keep that leotard handy!

    Brocasarea:heh heh--thanks!

  43. Sam: Don't worry!There is a hidden gene in all of us that evolves when you become a parent giving you the wisdom to cope!Yours too will sprout!;-)


    Preeti: i ahve written articles on parenting.You can find one such here. And if you have any contacts with a publishing house please please please let me know!!

  44. Mathew: Your post on fish curry did the same to me--but it wasnt at the start of the day.It was just before I hit bed--and I dreamt of my guppies being fried and eaten!Tsk tsk!

    Nancy: ha ha ha--that was a good one!!In our case i am always the solution provider! And thanks for the compliments!:-)

    Ganesh:Thanks and thanks for stopping by!

    Pavi: No no--i ain't no super mom! (In the same tune as Dave mathews song 'Where are you going'):-)Yes--sometimes scary, but most of the time, fun!

    Shruti: thanks!

  45. Arvind: i know you are partial to 'mama moments'. :-)

    Preetha Nair:(I knew someone in school/college by the same name as you.By any chance did you ever study in kerala at any point of time?)Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

    Thinking aloud: To me too!;-)

    Dhanya:Yes m'am! I saw the tag:-)

    Freelance: yes! You are so right!Especially since grand mom is blissfully unaware of any of my plans! ha ha ha.

    Devil Mood: you are very perceptive and very right when you say that kids are only testing how far they can stretch us.You are really mature for your age!

  46. hehe.. that's one of the smartest ways of scaring them away from the concept of the "cool divorce"..

  47. Oh, your kids' talk was so funny! If I were the husband, I'm not sure I'd be able to hold back my laughter! :)

  48. me and maturity??? lol... i wonder.. i guess i wud always remain a kid at heart.. and be one wid mine too!!

  49. Sam: We'll see, we'll see!Time will tell. May our blogs live till then!

    Roshan: :-)

  50. well done!
    You are such a good parent... an interesting one too!

    Your kids are adorable! God Bless you all :-)

  51. LOL at 2 homes :)

  52. hey lookie here!!
    the mother of two is talking about Divorce, most mothers wont dare talk about this, but she dares!!

    and its highly appreciated by most visitors!!!

    kool PS !!
    keep rocking!!

  53. PS- i was wondering if we could exchange links??
    what say?

  54. You are right, cant help it. :-)

  55. Well the right music is playing is ur mind withe right words:)

  56. Awww, this has to be one of the cutest posts ever! :)

  57. Ahh mother-guilt! Our secret weapon! I don't care what anyone says, mother-guilt gets things done.

  58. adding u up in my blogroll...hope u dont mind!!:)

  59. Hey! I have been rattling my small brain(wrt my big stomach!). Where does Spiderman come into this picture? Please do answer for the lesser mortals like me :-)

  60. Hi. I am an ex-colleague of your husband's and he had sent me your blog URL. You write really well!

    Am a bit freaked out by the fact that it's possible that I will have to discuss divorce with my son at the tender age of 6 - this parenting thing never gets easy, does it?

  61. Rohini: Hi! Yes-he had mentioned about you.Nice to meet you. (at least virtually) Thanks for the compliments!Yours is a lovely blog too.Yes--parenting never gets easy!With each age, there is a new set of problems!

    Arvind: It's a joke--You wont get it if you havent watched spiderman.

    Brocasarea:I'm honoured--I dnt mind at all!Thank you!

    Julie: Never fails!


    Standbymind: :-)

    friendlynextdoor guy:Thanks for the compliments.I'm really sorry--I don't do a link exchange.

    Swati: Yeah!!Imagine!!From their point of view they are right though!:-)


  62. I've got two things buzzing in my head after reading that..Billy Jo Parton or whoever, and 'Spider Pig'.


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