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Age Miracle!

aging age old birthday
Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. LOL
    you must be one of the rare exceptions,who complains about the compliment.but i guess,the reasons are apparent!!!

    reminds me of that ad on T.V...damn cant remember the soap's name...GOSH i'm growing old,that too in the head!!!

  2. ROTFL... all the world runs to look younger and here you dont want to look younger :-D well, have you ever thought abt acting in santoor soap comercial? :-D never knew you are also a malayali... (not that it makes a difference :-D)

  3. Good one, u can be the next model for Rexona Ad!!!!!! Concept of that ad is similar to your blog, the way you write and present is

  4. Gazal: Santoor?'Santoor girl--Thats what Mrs.M calls me now!

    xh:I speak Malayalam(I actually speak 6 langauges) but my mother tongue is Konkani.

    Fruitu: Now all I need is for those guys to notice me! ;-)

  5. oh yeah.. duh! how can i forget teh GSB post... and 6 lqnguages.. tahzt impressive :-D

  6. Ha ha ha! Nice post and yes it can get very irritating at times but hey that is a great compliment too :)

  7. "Molde padithamokke kazhinju. Kalyanam aayi. Randu kuttikalu undu"

    Vayichittu chiri adakkyan pattanillya :-D

  8. when the first time i met preeti, i thought she made me fall for the whole mother bit. well i dont blame her, there are yuppies like me everywhere. but she was not lying. she was a mother of two! but preeti all said and done like she claims goes to the gym everyday. right?
    and for someone who does so much and takes care of her house and kids and blogs almost full time. hats off!
    hey by chance, can u reverse aging by blogging?

  9. xh: Thanks! I guess thats what happens when one moves around so much, as a kid and as an adult!

    Chitra:Yes--if the guys are goodlooking,smart, handsome and intelligent I dont mind toying with them just a little bit--but hey they dont make them like that anymore! :-)Heh heh!

    Balu: And to top it I found out later that she is the same age as me and has got kids same age as mine!! Imagine!

    Vinni: Made you fall for the whole mother bit means what?You believed or didnt belive? I dont go to the gym everyday--but I do have a state of the art treadmill and weights at home.I try to work out everyday.Fitness is an obsession. And thanks for the compliments! :-)

  10. hilarious one buddy .. these things happen everyday .. :) even with my mom too sometimes :) but not to the extent that you faced :) got you from .

    keep smiling .. stay blessed:)

  11. Hey PS,

    Can't believe you are complaining about looking young :) Enjoy it while it lasts...Also, am sure it must be great telling all those people that you are a mother of two!!!


  12. Palsworld: I guess it is a bit like eating Jalebis.One or two are okay--but keep eating and you feel sickeningly stuffed! Especially when what you want are doodh pedas!LOL.(and just for the record I hate sweets!) :-)

    GoldenVulture: Thanks! tried visitng you--but it says 'Blogger profile not available'

  13. lol... u nearly ahd me rolling over the floor in laughter!! and to be honest.. i'd have pegged ur age at 25/26 tops the first time i saw.. but then what with the cam and all... i didn't take me long to realise that u were PS... till then you were well... chuck it!! :D
    And frankly, i do know a couple of ladies who are going to go through teh same problem that you face...

    one aunt of mine looks way too younger than me.. adn then there's my girl.. who a though a year older than me.. looks more like a high school kid!!

  14. You are one crazy momma...complaining about looking younger.

    Tell you what. Your husband is one lucky son of a gun.

  15. You are one crazy momma...complaining about looking younger.

    Tell you what. Your husband is one lucky son of a gun.

  16. Wyvern: Well, the courier boy and the kid on the bike aren't exactly my idea of fun! ;-)And hey--thanks for that fab compliment.I shall highlight it, blow it up, frame it and flash it at S, every time we have a fight! :-D

    Sam:Would love to meet both of them! Maybe we can all form a club!;-)

  17. great great paintings buddy .. just got a feeling are you born under Libra Sunsign ??

  18. hahahaah
    That's amazing, it's definitely a trend for you, not only or two occurences.

  19. Sorry, Preeti.
    I meant "not only one or two"...english confuses me sometimes, the words are so similar to each other.

  20. Golden Vulture: Thanks so much.No, i am a saggi.

    Devil Mood: Click on the song 'mauja hi mauja' It has got a catchy beat and it is great to dance to! :-)

  21. Came in from cant remember where!? But loved the 1st 2 posts i read in ur blog...gonna keep coming back for more!

    n yeah...i know wat ur saying...i also face the same probs!people think i goto school, while I'm married! Can't say if i'll look the same after kids tho :|

  22. well yeah at first I cud never tell u were a mum PS! U really look so much more younger than ur age! Ur blessed :)

    BOTOX? ewww u and i dun need that! :) And we will age gracefully too hehe.


  23. ohh preeti, u just blogged about something i've been thinking of writing...u've written it just too well...

    and i fully know what you are talking about...esp..the courier fella...boy! was he convinced when i gave him my mommy glare...:)

    keep glowing...:) suits you...

  24. Don't feel bad PS - I turned the big four o this year. I went to Boston on a business trip last september, and every evening the whole bunch of us would go bar hopping and the big guys at the entrance of each bar would ask for not just one id, but two ids - man that felt great :)

    I remember a conversation with my boss one time when I told him I was 37 - he almost fell out of his chair - 'you gotta be shi**ing me' (his exact words) feel good though.

    I went to India last summer and went into Fab India to try a few shirt - a women who looked to be my age asked me 'beti(daughter) - what colors do you like' - imagine that :)

    good post:)

  25. hehehehe. Next time u should say "mein do bachonki maa re" :).

  26. Hehehe.....thats a cute one...Most of the women are giong to such extremes to reach your age, and here I find a young un, who's not too happy about this...

    But it can be quite discerning to keep hearing that I know...and you said it so right...all those years of being a wonderful mother, really needs a pep up...

  27. Jumpa: LOL LOL--U really made me laugh--and look what you did now--That stupid "excuse me --kya re" tune is stuck in my head!

    Pink Dogwood: Not feeling bad at all! Just claiming credit! ;-) Mebbe we should all form a club!

    Thinking aloud: U and I must must must meet!!

    Keshi:Oh yes--I agree with you 100% about aging Gracefully--heck we earned it!!

    Pavi!!: Your blog name itself brought a smile to my face.Thanks for the fabulous compliments.

    DEvil Mood:Somehow I knew you'd like it too.I quite like it.

    Prats: Not complaining--but yeah people commenting on one's looks can get a bit irritating at time--and also people trying to figure out your accent--That makes me really annoyed.Aren't these things so superficial? It is what is inside that counts.

  28. Hey hey hey, loved it. In this age of cosmetic surgery and botox, we all aspire to look younger than our age, seldom do we think that it might have some rather annoying 'side effects.' Let me share an incidence, as I have got my hair trimmed and gotten a little slim, I have started looking a little younger than my age, the other day while I was at the airport check-in counter, the airport official looked at me suspeciously and asked whether I was you travelling alone, now i have never ever faced such as question before, I looked puzzled and she asked me for my ID, its when i pulled out my driving license, she smilled at me and issued my boarding pass. When i told this to my friend, she said, of course, you look younger than your age now, and a capri, kurti and a backpack completed the young girl look. We both had a good laugh, but yeah, somewhere down the line it felt stupid to prove that you are of 'age' :)

  29. School kid? Lol!:) Poor you.

  30. this happens to me often....but the other way round. its not my looks but my voice(on the telephone ie). my voice often gives people the impression that i'm some hotshot. when they(whoever) meet me, they have this letdown look on their faces :-P

  31. Misti: Ha ha ha ha--But it does feel great at times right?

    Ziah:That was 5 years back--Now I have graduated to college. ;-)

    Nancy: You have this really amusing way of saying things!!Am sure your voice is S.E.X.Y :-)

  32. "You don’t look like a mother of two"..thts really true!:)....but at the same time people should appreciate your sacrifice:)..[people tell the same thing to my mother who is about 54 and a mother of 3 who all above 20:))]

  33. He he.. I can identify with some of what u have written cuz it has happened a lot of times with me.. :-) A little out of context, but are those a collection of 'Childcraft' on ur bookshelf in the snap? It reminded me of my childhood.. :-)

  34. haha...excellent...wish i could get such compliment sometime in life :)

    Good Going!!

  35. This is so funny!!!

    I am in the same boat as you.

    I am old enough to be a mother of two but people still think I am in college. :)

    I am loving it!

  36. Lol!! It sure must be quite an adventure with you around.

    So.. driver's license please :P

  37. long time since i passed through here ... glad i managed to pop in today :)

    guess what? i too know about 6-7 languages well... i can understand konkani but can't speak it :(

    well about the age-miracle, i think you should just sit back and enjoy it... i mean you can't blame them for saying things which obviously drive you up the wall... they have no clue right? in fact you should enjoy the look on their faces when you break it to them that you are a 'jamot'... maybe even start capturing it on camera and posting the best looks of the month :P

  38. wow..ok u r one of a kind..hehe u must b the only one who wants to look ur age.. :)and me even by mistake if i comment on someones age they all call me so many names and i end up being the bad girl..heheh...dear u r blessed not to look ur age....will help u wen u grow older,..heheh

  39. Seriously? You mind the "Santoor" moments? :) ... But I can identify. I'm shor ... er really petite, exactly 5 ft in height and this seems to directly affect my well earned mom and long endured wife status as well!

    And I thoroughy enjoyed the cat on ageing :D

  40. i luved the post!

    but srsly.. ur 40 nd u get hit on by guys?

    hw'd u manage to look young?

    um 18 nd um worried that i look old.. lol

  41. Such an enjoyable read.:D Loved it so much.

    Isn't it suppose to be a compliment when people think you look younger than your age? Some woman i know would be very flattered with that comment.:D

    And i got to say. Love ya hair ya new pic featured on the right. U look good ;D


  42. Hi!
    I'm working my through all my blogroll to let you know that, due to the useless of both blogger and my server, the url no longer works.
    For some reason the only address that's working is

  43. Freelance: Thanks for the update.

    Sweetsticky:Thanks! Had straightened my hair :-)

    Cupid's best pal:Thanks for stopping over! I'll be 40 in 4 years--and honestly most of the young guys I meet are so predictable,boring and kiddish that i dont even bother when they use that line.I'm more into George Clooney kinds.(Sigh--which woman isn't!):-)

    Madhumita: I loved the Cat on ageing too! I dont think i mind--sometimes I'm flattered.But most times I have to explain.

    Enigma: thanks!! And your comment made me smile--but why do u comment on ages of your friends?!!

    Guru: yes sir!(Spoken like a typical man!)I do enjoy it at times and no it doesnt drive me up the wall--I'm mildly amused.Mostly I have to explain that looks can be completely deceptive.I am totally opposite of what they perhaps think I am!(esp the younger guys)

    J: I shall show you mine if U show me yours! Driving licence I mean--whatever were you thinking of?!!! ;-)

    Solitaire: heh heh. :-) Nice to fool people na?

  44. Brocasarea:I'd love to meet your mom!

    Life begins: Grass is always greener on the other side! When you get there you realise how hard it is!

    Sango: I must admit I am really really impressed by your powers of observation!! Yes--they are indeed Childcraft book that my niece used when she was a kid and I read them to my children now.They are SUPERB books--and sometimes i too learn from them!

  45. i have two questions here :

    1. what do you think they think about you?

    2. and if you are the opposite, what does that make you actually?

    isn't that actually only one question posing as two?

  46. Guru: I am what I am, despite what they think or not think!!So how does it matter!And for the record--I am just a mother of two!;-)

  47. i feel 'touched' now! pls read that as touche'd and not as touched! :P

    you are the eternal, ageless jamot! no doubt about that :)

  48. Well I know that a lot of women envy you. My mom is the same way so I know how that goes. When i am with my mom people think i am her little sister rather than her daughter (not an oh-so happy feeling for me though)

    But hey, even in the profile pic you look pretty good for a mother of two :-)

  49. Whenever I read ur posts, i felt like i'm refreshed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers :-)

  50. Whenever I read ur posts, i felt like i'm refreshed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers :-)

  51. Guru: Havent we gone on and on about touche-d? :-)

    Raaji:Thanks! Profile pic is a very recent pic.

    Karthik:Thank you so much.

  52. said which line?

    nd btw.. y have u given the homepage link under orkut profile?

    so that everyone who clicks on it gets his own homepage nd get shocked how u did it? hehehe

    no, srsly, y?

  53. Cupid's best pal: The line "You don't look like a mother of two." And even I did not realise that the link to my orkut profile was wrong!! I have no idea how that happened. (maybe I was very drunk when i set that up!) Anyway have corrected it now--hope it links right.(and funnily you are the first person to point it out.Nobody noticed till now.Thanks!)

  54. haha.. forgive them smitten kids , MiMomoftwo, for they know not what they do.. :)

  55. Roshan: LOL..Mimom means what?I am intrigued!Pls say!

  56. ok, i swear never to 'touch' that topic again... promise :P

  57. Oh God! Does it feel that bad when someone says you dont look your age?? Hmmm...Good day "mother of two"

  58. awww u lucky lucky preeti!

    tis preeti here is alwayz mistaken to b 5 yrz older than wat i really am!!! :( :( cuz im plump n tall!

    to top it all, my sis is wayyy thinner n a lil bit shorter than me tho 4 yrz older, n iv had ENOUGH of ppl askin me whether im the oldr n married one! :(

  59. this was hilarious, olichodi poyi kalyanam kazhicho?- ennu chodchillallo, bhagyam ( roughly translated for non-mallu readers -as thank God they didnt ask if was an elopement?:), nice one Ps.

    hey there's a little gift awaiting you at my site, hope you will like it...i havent had a chance to read your older posts, but hope to be back..

  60. a new look at the aging problems :)..
    In many countries thin/short is assumed to be young.. I have had the problem of having to show my driving license every age restricted place I get into, the fact that I do not sport a mustache makes it worse.. once I had to show the license and then also sign on a sheet for him to verify the signature....

    Long time since I stopped by..feels good to be back

  61. enjoying reading your posts!! :-)

  62. Mathew: thank you!! :-)

    Rambler:Ha ha ha..But by no standards can I be considered short!I am 5 feet 4 and a half inches.By Indian standards it is tall.By world standards it is average.

    UL:Thanks so much for the gift.I did see it.(Think i left a comment too)


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