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A table for two

"May I take you order Sir?”

“We’ll have grilled sandwiches and some orange juice and some wine for the lady please.”

“Sir—you have to be eighteen for that! Sandwiches and orange juice coming right up”

In case you are confused, what this conversation is all about-- it is a game the children, (my son who is 10 and daughter who is 6) Satish and I sometimes play on weekends, before breakfast. The conversation is between my son and me. This game is one of their favourites.

We pretend that they are the customers in a restaurant. (The best in the world, according to them) Satish and I take turns being the Chief Maitre de, Chef and restaurant owner all rolled into one. (When one of us is in charge of the restaurant, the other joins the children and becomes the customer.) The best part is that we have so much fun. The fringe benefit is that the kids eat really well!

We set up a table outdoors. We present the food interestingly. One of my closest friends told me that eighty percent of the appeal lies in how you present it. Even a simple thing like sandwiches can be made to look interesting with some creativity. I couldn’t agree more.

This is what we did the other day. It was so simple, fast and quick


If you have children, you might like to try out this game sometime. If you don’t—well, surprise your partner or that special friend!

Bon appetite and have a great weekend!


  1. Ps

    Ur an awesome mother!!! I must say this. Way to go lady!

  2. Pointblank: It is one thing I really enjoy!! Thanks! (and I hope my children say that when they are groen ups!)

  3. Can't agree more...and must say, the lil ones sure are lucky havig you as the chef de maitre :)

    But really this really works so well....I do that sometimes....and its mostly with dosas and sandwiches...
    Wishing that the restaurant runs for a very long time....

  4. Prats: i just did it with dosas a little while back! Purvi wanted heart shaped dosas and Atul wanted one shaped like an elephant!! Wish I had clicked a picture!

  5. Lovely looking sandwiches :)
    I think it's a great way to eat when you have that little bit extra time on weekends.

  6. DM: The second one has a toatlly Indian topping of paneer(cottage cheese), Mustard and curry leaves! It is a lovely combination.

  7. Great idea, Preeti.


  8. Mouthwatering! Can I play please? !!

  9. It is all in the presentation!..Atul and Purvi will remember thier special meals forever.

    A couple of weeks ago I made my children a ring of mashed potato, filled with baked beans..then placed sausages sticking out of the potato....i called it 'squashed sheep!'..they won't forget THAT meal in a hurry...somehow I think your meal is much better!

  10. Scotty: As long as the kids eat I'm happy! :-)

    Keith: Of course!You are welcome.Especially because I know the meal will be GREAT when its your turn to be in charge of restaurant!;-)

    Niall: Wow!I want mashed sheep too!(but sausages have to be chicken sausages) Who knows--maybe I'll get to taste it in the near future!

  11. Oh the bread and eggs look very tempting.

    When can I drop by for b'fast :D

  12. Your style of presenting food is just too good.
    My kids r very fussy eaters :-(. so i'm doing it all the time. chappattis & dosas in all shape & sizes, noodles with ketchup eyes, nose & smiling mouth.....
    and once on valentine's day i did not have a gift for my hubby & was feeling terrible. So i made Alu parattas in the shapes of hearts & presented it for dinner. He was touched :-P.

  13. Oh, that is just TOO PRECIOUS! Atul's and Purvi's names on the sandwiches, spelled out in cheese. Beautiful. YOU, more than the sandwiches.

    You are just full of mother love and wife love and love love.

    Love, G

  14. Like wow.... i sure to agree here.. how present it does make a differece.. a lot.. picked that one up from mum.. wished had the culinary skills to go with it too.. dash it!!
    loved the way you had done up those sandwiches.. has given me a few ideas.. lemme c... wen i get to try them out!!

  15. Wow, the dishes are amazing!!!
    You must have heard it already, that children when grow up look for partners just like their parents... if that's the case, I'm afraid your kids will have a bit of work trying to find people so full of virtues as their parents... lol

    This story left me a bit curious about what language do you all use at home. All of this happened really in English or do you speak with them in Konkani? And what other languages do they study in school? :)

  16. Oh what a lot of fun and what a great presentation. Little pieces of art. You're a creative mum

  17. wow!! the prospect of mommyhood is so scary i doubt if i'll EVER have time to make it fun...ur kids r sure lucky:)

  18. Writerlady: heh heh! I don't know about making time to have fun--first time I'm hearing of that concept!!

    Guto: thanks for pointing out the typo!Have now corrected it. When we play the game, we speak in English--as in any 'up-market' restaurant in India, one would speak English.(India was a British colony for 200 years.English is much sought after as fluency in the language automatically improves job prospects) We speak Konkani at home.They also speak Hindi, and are taught Hindi at school.


  19. Gawpo: And lots of love to YOU my friend!!BTW the meaning of the name 'Preeti' is love! :-)

    Sam: Good luck! Tell me how it went.I shall get around to reading your story.

    Nancy:Wow!!That was a great idea.(Heart shaped parathas for valentines)

    J: you ran away when you were here--Now you can drop in virtually!

  20. very cute :) and u sound like a FUN mum to hang ard with!


  21. hey preeti I hope I am not intruding by leaving a comment here! But just couldn't resist the temptation! You are an amazing mom! I have a lot to learn from make parenting sound so much fun!

  22. Keshi:I do have lots of fun!

    Namita: Oh no--you aren't intruding at all! Glad you left a comment.(would have been great if you had left your mail id as well--or at least enabled access to your blog if u have one) But let me assure you--I'm as hassled as any other mom! click here to read another post I wrote and you will be convinced! :-)

  23. The food looks "yummy" for sure! :)

  24. What's in a name: It was!Thanks for stopping by!

  25. hmmm..... Its a wonderful idea.... Kids can bring out the best in you, can't they?

  26. wow, thatz an innovative way to get children intrested in food :) i agree with your friend - presentation of food is as importent as preperation of food.

  27. ohh!! how did i miss this ;) i agree it's a brilliant fact scrumptious...

    we role play too and it's fun...hopefully these are the moments the kids remember as childhood :)

  28. I always tell this to my mom to which she always disagrees :)
    when it comes to food, presentation does matter :)

    BTW sandwiches look so tempting..

  29. yummieee mommiee :D

  30. I am SO trying this with my kids!!!

  31. I would try it, but my kids haven't seen the inside of a restaurant any fancier than McDonalds- I just couldn't put other diners through that sort of noise! The baby shrieks from appetizers through to coffee! Maybe when they're older they will settle down. I hope.

  32. I used to play that game with my brother and sister, except at our restaurant the food was comprised of Meow Mix separated into the different colors.

    "What would you like, sir?"

    "I'll have five green and two brown please."

    "Excellent choice. And the lady?"

    "I'll have the same."


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