Why I believe in book marketing and a mini-painting giveaway

How have you been doing? How is the summer treating you? :)

I am exhausted most of the time. I am not sure if it is because of the very hectic  promos (Oh, I have been working so so  hard!)  of my new book Wake Up Life is Calling (a sequel to Life is What you make it) or whether it is the heat which is sapping  me.

When it comes to book marketing--there are two schools of thought. Some writers believe that the  marketing is not their job. They believe that their job ends when they send off the manuscript after the final  the edits. They think it is primarily the publisher's responsibility.

Marketing is indeed hard work and most writers (including me) detest it. If you ask me, I would rather sit in my cocoon and start writing my next book. (as that is what I enjoy most)

But here's why I do it.

1. Being on the bestseller charts does matter to me. Now while content is the single most important thing, good content alone won't help. Marketing is essential. My book Life is is What You Make It has consistently been on the top ten highest selling fiction in the country for eight years now! Last Saturday too, it was at number 4.

2. I believe I owe it to the publisher who has placed so much trust in me. (I get seven figure advance royalties for my books).  I cannot betray that trust. Hence, I deliver. Always.  No matter what is going on in my life, I deliver. I put in my 200%.

3. My readers tell me that they LOVE the promos. They connect with me over the promos. They are excited. And I admit , their enthusiasm infects me too :)

If you have been following me on social media, you would know that we tied up with Kindle India, and lucky readers have been winning Kindles for various contests we have been running. (more Kindles will be given away! Follow my social media handles if you are interested)

Today I decided to do something very special for my readers. So I made a mini painting, based on a quote from the book :)

The painting I made is the one you see at the beginning of the post :) It is an original acrylic on canvas. The size is 4'x4'. I have also signed it. It is an exclusive, one of its kind.

I am giving this away painting to one person! What do you have to do to take part? Details are on my instagram post.

🌟Mini painting giveaway alert!!🌟I just made this mini painting. It’s an acrylic on canvas, original painting signed by me—an exclusive one-of-its-kind !😊 Size: 4’x4’ . It can stand on your desk (or anywhere you like!) and remind you of the things that are truly important in life ! . . If you want to take part in this giveaway, all you have to do is share the cover of my latest book, #wakeuplifeiscalling on your Instagram as a post, mention that it is a sequel to #lifeiswhatyoumakeit and tell us in the caption of your post, why you are waiting to read it ! That’s it! I will choose one person and will send them this exclusive original painting 😊 . . Please tag @srishtipub and me in your post (not a story) so we can find it! Also don’t forget to use both hashtags mentioned above. Also if yours is a private account we won’t be able to see it 😊 I have given the cover for your ready reference. Swipe and you will see it 😊🌹🌟⭐️❤️ Please leave me a comment after taking part so I can leave YOU a comment 😊 . . Will declare the results on Sunday 14 April! You need a valid shipping address in India 😊 This giveaway is only on Instagram 😁 . A request: Please don’t send me private messages after sharing ! Please leave a comment here.
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It is that simple!

I am very excited because the countdown has started for the release now.
There is hardly a week left!

Do order the book to avail of the 40% discount. It is currently priced at Rs.119/- !All pre-orders are specially printed author signed copies. This is a special pre-order price. Type preeti.io/awake in your browser to order.

And if you want that painting, you know what you have to do!
Head over to my Instagram.

As always I value your comments, and appreciate hearing back.
Take care and Wake up! Because Life is Calling :)