Latest book from Preeti Shenoy: Wake Up Life is Calling. Watch the trailer HERE


How have you been?

There are just 14 days left for the release of my new book Wake Up, Life is Calling. The trailer above tells you in brief about the book. Do watch it!

The story starts where
Life is What You Make it ends, when Ankita fights her way out of a mental hospital and emerges successful. I had researched a lot for writing it. It was a very hard book to write and it took a lot out of me. I never thought I would come back to write a sequel. But, the character was not done with me yet!
Eight years later, (and nine more books in those eight years!) here I am, coming back to Ankita’s story. Though the first book ends with an epilogue, which tells the reader what happened fifteen years later, there are no details of how Ankita coped. How did she integrate back into daily life?
Wake Up, Life is Calling is the sequel, which reveals this. It is about all that Ankita went through when she came out of the mental hospital and went back to college. Would the disorder strike again? What did life have in store for her? How would she handle all of it?
It was an intense emotional experience for me to write the sequel too. As a character Ankita is so compelling, it is almost as if she sits inside my head and controls my brain. I felt what she felt, thought as she’d think. I was like a woman possessed, and I remember writing some chapters as if in a trance. Now that her story is finally out, I feel at peace.

You can read more about the book, and also order the book on Amazon and Flipkart.

All pre-orders are special printed author signed copies with a special message. Flipkart orders also come with a set of exclusive postcards.
Do pre-order it!

Can’t wait for you to read it!
If you have any questions about the book, please leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer it.


  1. Thanks mam for such nice books. Waiting for the kindle version...

  2. Thank You MAM for writing a sequel of Life what you make it, I always believe and wish that one day mam you write sequel of that novel and here it is :) , because I loved that book so much I always recommend others to read that one, even I gave few friends to read also.

    1. Thank you so very much for your support! <3 Much love!

    2. Thanks for the reply but in a hurry I had done some grammar mistakes sorry for that, always love your every novel and article.

  3. Mam , why printed sign na :(
    i would always love to get it personal signed.

    1. Well, for this one it is more than 30K copies which we are putting out! It would have been impossible for me to sign all. (I would have died of exhaustion, and physical strain). You are most welcome to any of my events and I will personalise it for you :) Rest assured, you can't even make out it is printed. Please type in your browser to be notified of all my future visits to various cities so that you don't miss when I come to yours :)

    2. Mam,

      Thanks for your kind reply.

      I will surely meet you when you come to chennai , just to see the warmth & your positive voice , eyes.

      In the first place , you are such a nice & positive person who respects each & everyone , only after that you are an author.

      No wonder your words have such power on the books.

      Love you mam!


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