Why time pass is more important than replying to mails

To an increasingly large number of people out there, (and this is especially true of the times we live in) an activity which does not generate income is viewed as 'time-pass'. (a word peculiar to Indian English, if it must really be classified or its origins clarified ).

Going by that definition, I love 'Time-pass'. I am happiest when I am doing time-pass. Except that I don't have much time to pass these days. In fact I have no time at all. Which must then explain why I am so unhappy ,in other words, stressed these days. It's all because of that elusive thing called time-pass.

Take the mails in my inbox for instance. They have piled up like mangoes on the push-cart by the road side during mango season, or the Sadhus at Kumbh mela on the banks of Ganges, or perhaps the tomatoes at La Tomatina held at the Valencian Spanish town of Bunol.  You get the picture. I wish I could just think up replies in my head and they get magically typed and sent. No such luck.

So I come here, writing  blog-posts.
 It is easier.

Because in my blog-posts I can talk about stuff that matters to me. Like Time-pass. Which I cannot do in my mails. Mails are usually from readers who tell me they love my writing. Make no mistake,   I  do feel very grateful to those who write in. I intend replying  immediately. But before I realise, certain other things (like writing my books and making portraits and cards and attending to numerous demands of motherhood (to a teen and pre-teen--need I say more?) and the even more numerous demands of running a home, not to mention single parenting, as spouse is travelling, apart from walking the dog and ensuring the dog doesn't get into mischief  ) have kidnapped my time and held it to ransom and yet another day has passed and guess what--more mails have piled up.

But I am not complaining. I love getting nice mails. It means that the person who has read my writing, has been moved enough to take out time (from their lives) and written to me. They have given me something which even money cannot buy--a few minutes of their lives. Put like that it sounds rather profound, for a simple mail, I know. But it matters you know.

It is these little things that give me great happiness.

Small little things like admiring a flower which bloomed in my garden. (see the picture--this bloomed today)

Or taking time off to play with my dog.

 Or reading a lovely book.


or making a birthday-card for one of my closest friends.

Happy birthday Jayu!

Or watching a nice movie.

Or walking on grass in my garden.

Or catching up with a friend over coffee.

All these are so important for me.

A very nice lady called Nischala, interviewed me today for her site. She asked me what is it I mean by living life to the fullest.

I told her that it is little things that matter most to me. Like the ones mentioned above.
The things many would call 'time-pass'.

It is so important you see, this 'time-pass'.
That is what makes life worthwhile.


And now that I have explained, I am sure you will forgive me, if the replies to your mails get delayed.
I am doing 'time-pass', you see.

And yes, I will  definitely get back to you. Thank you for understanding, for the love and the patience. :)
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  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    even i love doing time-pass with really no time around :)

  2. Anonymous6:56 PM

    My desire for time-pass increases when I am busier than usual. Without it how can there be balance in the routine? ;-)

    Could you have a template for your replies that you can copy from each time? You can then add a few more lines to personalise it.


  3. This Is so true! I think the spare moments are te bet moments in ones life.

  4. I'm really missing TIME PASS these days. Desperately waiting for some time when all I will do is TIME PASS!! Love to see regular posts on this blog.. keep writing :)

  5. I was waiting for you reply, a mail which i sent u.

  6. Nycly written... Attached to all life

  7. Preeti.... you just pull the ol'heartstrings everytime! very nicely written! Now even i want to do "time-pass" with a lovely book in my hand with a mug of hot chocolate and talk to a friend simultaneously!!:P

  8. Nice Blog Preeti....these small small things only make you happy and I loved your garden :)

  9. Hi Preeti,
    Long time since i commented on your blog.I have been reading all the blogs though..This post came in at the apt time when I was under the guilt feeling of not able to return my friend's calls nor could reply to emails in time...

    Thanks for the heads up!!!!


  10. LOVED your garden and the beautiful card... both are really really 'preeti' :) :) :)
    take care

  11. Your garden looks serene and peaceful.
    I tell you Preeti life is nothing without these little "Time- Pass" things that we do !

  12. Ohh...I love doing Time-pass. the pics are awesome, especially the flowers, the one with your doggie and the greeting card

  13. You are so right Preeti..Everyone feels like reading a gud book, catching up on movie is equal to whiling away time..but for me it is re-energising my batteries to face life and get on with the other mundane tasks of life!!


  14. Hi Preeti, I chanced upon ur blog on my friend's (sahitya) fb update while indulging in time pass myself. Enjoyed the writing!!

  15. These days I am also doing 'time-pass' n i am reading this book too :-)

  16. My timepass right now is spending hours with the baby snoozing on my chest ;)!

    How is the book "where rainbows end"? I have not read any books from this author....you recommend any? I watched the movie PS I love you...liked it :)!

  17. Time-pass is positively the most relaxing and wonderful thing through the run of the day!

  18. Anonymous4:15 PM

    you make a point here.. and yes it made me laugh..:)

  19. Loved your garden & those beautiful yellow flowers! And, I too love to do some similar kind of 'time-pass'.

  20. Wow! you do have an enviable way with words! Not to mention an awesome garden..... sigh!!


  21. the pictures are beauuutiful ....
    Picha Perfect!

  22. Sneha: thank you!

    Nirvana: Thanks :) Good to hear as I have to make a living out of it (words) :P :)

    Mini: same pinch!

    Hidden passions: heh heh

    Aathira: yes!

  23. Shachi: i like her writing. I have read ps I love you and this one. havent read any other.

    Priyaa: same pinch. :)

    Venues: Welcome to my space and hope you enjoy the time spent here :)

    Shilip: They recharge the soul

  24. Gayu: Thank you!

    Ruch: I agree so much.

    Aditi: Thanks :)

    Anu: Your friend will understand!

    Indrani: Thanks!

  25. my3: FEELS GOOD to hear!

    Deepins: I have replied to almost all mails now. If you havent got a reply please do resend.

    Bhavika;Thank you :)

    Nupur: yes!

    oijuggle: No--I don't do that even though it is easier. I reply individually because I do feel good that my writing has moved them and somehow doing a standard reply for all with a few personalisations--I just cant do that! :)

  26. Ankita: This is one of my favorite names :) i think Time-pass should be made mandatory :)

  27. lovely garden and looks very tranquil too, Preeti. Just curious to know...could you tell me the name of the yellow flower that bloomed?Thanks you!!!

  28. wat a thought preeti...
    "time pass shud b made mandtory" :-)
    i have just started following your blog... yet not read a book but gonna do dat asap and hopefully will drop a mail too... :-) but more den anything else i liked seeing you interact here with ppl who comment...
    after all in this big digital world it feels gud when ppl interact personally...
    this was my idea of a mix of time pass and things i lik to do a lot...

  29. These are some real time pass!
    Lovely clicks..especially of the flowers and the garden.

    I appreciate that you give time to these little happiness of your life :)


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