A personal note from me to you

What amazing and loyal readers I have! No wonder I keep posting so regularly despite having such a crazily hectic schedule. I also gave my blog a new makeover. It now has all the links right on top, to all the stuff I do, which was missing earlier. I really like the new look and I am sure you will too. The notebook was getting a bit too cluttered and one could not find the tabs. This one is so much simpler, neater and cuter too :-) [New improved like the adverts go] I even managed to fit my 'current mood video' in a tiny box--do listen to it for an instant 'perk me up' feel :-)
So many of you discovered that my blog has been nominated for 'Best personal Blog' by Indibloggies and you wrote to me saying you have already voted for me--even before I asked! I was really surprised by the number of mails I got--A big thank you to all of you who wrote to me and voted for me too.

And if you have been a silent reader it would take you only a minute of your time to make amends. Hold on,Relax! Take a deep breath--I am not asking you to comment :-) You can continue to read silently but please vote for me by clicking here. (and do it right now please) You can scroll down to No.16. You would need to conform your e-mail id and click on the link which is mailed to you and Voila--it is done! It would take you less time to do this, than it takes you to finish reading this post. :-) And you do enjoy reading my blog, don't you? So it is really not too much to ask for. :-)

A writer from Femina is interviewing me and she sent me a few questions mostly about my book. I had completely forgotten about it till she sent me a reminder mail this morning. So you can imagine how I really need to carve time and gather every precious second like digging for diamonds in a mine :-)

The India-visit hormones are working overtime in my system. This is the first time after moving to UK (and it has been 9 months now) that I would be visiting India. (Yes--I will be in India from December 13th to January 2nd) My bedroom is really beginning to resemble a large gift store as I keep buying stuff to give as gifts to my good friends whom I can't wait to meet. I have no idea how I will lug it there and my overworked brain is thinking of amazing solutions like disposable carry cartons.

The children keep asking how many days are left to visit India. I am happy at their eagerness and I push aside the little voice that persistently cheeps saying that their eagerness probably stems up from their desire to eat paani-puri on the roadside rather than any deep patriotism. :-) But hey--as long as they don't lose their Indianness I am happy. (Both have already lost the Indian accents and now talk like Brits when they speak to their friends) They still speak Hindi well, thanks to Bheegi billi and bakwaas bandh kar of 9xM and also all the Hindi movies which a good friend sweetly sent.

My human portraiture course is going really well and I am now able to sketch live models and my pictures are beginning to get better and better.

The month of December has started today and there is such a cold nip in the air! The temperature here this morning was 4 degrees! Despite the cold, it is my favourite month of the year (Of course I was born in December). There are Christmas lights everywhere. There is such mirth and laughter. There is warmth and so much festivity. The whole city is shimmering and a tree measuring 60 feet has been put up in the city centre. Shops are done up marvellously well.

So--this is all the news from my end, folks!

And now I must run to pick up my daughter from her school and see what 'surprise' she has made for me today.



I must mention a big Thanks to Shantharam Shenoy who helped me so patiently to make the tabs open in new windows!


  1. Wow.. That was a surprise to come first :)) After i completed reading the post only I noted 0 comments.. I thought I had missed it... but hurray.. I dint :D

    Voting task completed :))

    Advance wishes for ur bday :)))[I hope it is not today ;)] and Welcome to India :D

  2. Wow! I like the new look. Totally!
    I shall vote for you as soon as I finish writing this comment, some things are still important! ;)

    I LOVE December too, had the same FB status today! I have no clue why this month sticks a perpetual smile on my face.

    And yeah, before I forget, thank you always for writing, we do appreciate it! ;p

  3. I voted for you a few days back. Saw your blog when I went to vote for Chennai Foodies which is also by a friend. Happy holidays Preeti.

  4. P.S: :D I love the new look too by the way. And your picture.

  5. Anonymous9:11 PM

    hey new look is better...its easy to read fast when background is white...
    u know i was thinking to advice you to change the background...as its not convenient to read with grey :-)

    all the best for indi blog contest :-)

  6. Anonymous9:12 PM

    header is gr8 :-)

  7. Anonymous9:24 PM

    cool template PS!! I miss your notebook though - it was like reading your personal diary! :-P

    Wishing you a wonderful India vacation!! :-)

  8. The new look is peppy and cute, Preeti. I like it very much. I voted and lots of good luck and wishes for the contest. Have a fantastic time back home and you should patent your idea of a disposable carton! Enjoy your sweet surprise from Purvi and stay warm.

  9. Wow!! I am meeting a lot of people lately who love December...I do too!! Of course, the fact that I was born in this month has a lot to do with it, alongwith it being the month of eternal hope (Christmas)!! :D

    And since you are coming to India, is a trip to Delhi in the works too?? Would love to meet you when you are here.....

  10. Ayush: Oh you December born too? No Delhi sadly, as doing 5 other Indian cities.

    Gayathri: :-) Teleporting is better :-) That idea struck me later :) Thank u so much :)

    Thoughtful train: This is also my personal diary --unruled one :-)

    Rashworld: In the earlier one too, in Firefox I was getting a white background for the post--only the border was grey. I dont know how you got grey background as it is indeed difficult to read on grey.

    Shades of grey: Thanks so much!

    Sparkling: Same pinch for December :) Thank you for voting :)

    G3: Thank you!! Yes indeed you are first :) B'day is on 21st :-)

  11. Congrats! I will definitely vote for you and I wish you all the very best with your forthcoming book.

  12. Nice new look for your blog...pretty cute :)

  13. Awesome look for the blog...looks really cute :)

    Voted for ur blog...how could I not?

    U gonna come to Mumbai?

  14. Its ok u dont have to say thank you for voting....!!Its our pleasure...u keep writing grt stuff and we gonna vote for it. So everything is in the phase of re-assembling in your life...thats nice ..sometimes. Great ur visiting India....is bangalore on your book-signing event?

  15. Like the new look...but will take a couple posts to get used to it :) does feel different....

    Cartons is a good idea - since last few trips, my parents and relatives have been putting all the give-away stuff in cartons and carrying it back n forth...they only bring one suitcase each for their clothes n personal stuff....they r light weight so u can fit more.....

    Enjoy ur trip and ur birthday month :)

  16. Since I already voted and again already told u I love ur new template.....



  17. Hi Preeti, Your blog page is looking cute; it is actually giving a small chillness thanks to Igloo and penguins. However, the bitter winter is yet to start this part of earth (NY)

    I do love month of December, due to Holiday of Thanks giving / Christmas fest in the air and approaching New year.
    But as new year begin, thing will be back in business loads of work and dullness in the air and sunset by 3:30 (hey bhagwan)

    Do enjoy you India trip, i know how much you would be missing, i went on a vacation after 16 months and i was missing all the Puneri stuff...

    Cheers and enjoy,

    p.s. Once i submit the comment i am on the voting page :-0

  18. Very nice look and feel Preeti. Another reason to love your blog more.

    Have a lovely trip to India.

  19. Nice template - I really liked it tho I do miss the old one!The new one fits well with the wintery feel in the air!
    Have a fun filled trip to India- and next time do come to Delhi.

  20. ohh love the new template! :) and i voted already...saw the contest on some1 else's blog and voted when i saw ur nomination!

    se im such a loyal reader! :P

  21. So, is Delhi on your agenda?

    I know how excited one can get about a trip home :)

  22. Have a fantastic trip.

    I shall vote. Good Luck !!! :-)

  23. Voted done........

    All the very best!!!!!!

    And i m sure all regular blog readers would have already voted for you :))

    Best Wishes

  24. Regarding your India trip........ is visit to Pune on your agenda?


  25. New template looks gud and lot easier to access the links..

    Voting Done..having 4 mail id's helps a lot in these times :) one vote from each id ;)

  26. Preeti,

    Was reading your blogs. Well written and i like the topics on which u write.

    But I have to tell u - You are so humble! ;) You write like you are the best person on earth. Anyways, i guess it is good to feel confident!

    Good Luck, Ms.Perfect!

  27. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I already voted for you Preeti. I've been waiting to read a post from you about being nominated :) I haven't left a comment on your blog in ages.. your posts just get me thinking and sometimes I just dont know what to comment.. I also wonder if what I write may seem to dumb. Anyway.. this time I've done the needful and voted for you. All the Best!!

  28. inolongeram: Never will anything you write seem dumb! Everyone has a point of view, isn't it? Thanks a lot for voting.

    Anjali: I have no idea who you are (since you do not have a blog), how old you are, what you do or anything about you. I don't know whether you are being sarcastic or whether you mean it as a compliment. I write sincerely and honestly. I hate labelling people.Have you read my post about the little black dot? I guess you are looking for the black dot :-) Thanks anyway :)

    Sundari--thank u thank u thank u and thank u :-)

    Rujuta: Thank you for voting .Nopes--doing 5 Indian cities--but not Pune this time.

    Lostworld: Thank you!

    Raaga: Nopes--no delhi. Yeah--it is exciting :)

    Sunshine: Of course you are! thank you!

  29. Ruch: thank you :-) Yes--will plan for delhi next time :)

    Ramesh: Thanks!

    Anish: Thank you so much :-) Yes--when one lives abroad one appreciates coming back all the more, isnt it?

    Reflections : yes indeed you did!! :-) Thaaaaaaaank you :-)

    Shachi: But how does one carry the cartons? Esp in Heathrow which is HUGE lugging suitcases would be easier right? Do advise! I need it!

    Rohit: No reassembling! Just taking a well deserved break. This is a personal trip--but yes I can always sign books :-)

    Pals world: yes of course--my bro is in Mumbai. I would be in Mumbai for 3 days and two nights. :-)

    Anu: Thank u!

    Swapna: thanks so much!

  30. Good luck with ur India travel! and competition. Have voted and commented :P

  31. love the new look...i was wondering when you would change..tho i loved your notebook style too.

    i so get what you mean when you say that your room is resembling a gift store..i go absolutely crazy when i have to come to india, and trying to fit everything within the baggage limit is quite a task...

    you must be counting the days now...enjoy and hope you have a lovely vacation

  32. voted! :)

    and many happy returns in advance!!!

  33. yay u'r going to win.. (I saw the other blogs :P) and yea I voted :)

    Looks like ur header is going to change every season!!

  34. liked the template,have voted,wel come back to India.

  35. Preeti I need My 34 Bubblegums and Candies to be signed.... :P .... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  36. Would love to meet u, if possible...And obviously get your book signed as well :)

  37. I hope Atul and Purvi can always converse in Hindi if the need arises :-)

    When I came in here, I did a double check! Was so used to the notebook! But I must say, this looks so very professional and neat!

    Congratulations on the nomination. Shall vote right after I publish this comment! :) Wishing you and your family loads of happiness and here's wishing you a safe journey

  38. Yes that very much true, once i am ouit of Pune i do start missing it more and more.

    And this time while travlleing back to NY i was did not want to leave Pune for various reason, but had to...

    But on long run i am totally i will be staying for good in Pune.

    Cheers and you have a nice and lovely day.


  39. had voted the day u mentioned it in facebook :)
    n nice new template :)

  40. The new header looks nice yea… n now its easier to read ur blog @ work coz the background is white…phir bhi I miss ur ol’ template 
    Will vote, once I’m done commenting. All the Very Best for the contest!
    N shopping for India trip…I know how much fun n crazzy that can get! I usually have a list prepared in excel and check off each name as I buy a gift for them.n then pick up few random xtra gifts for ppl who may have slipped my mind.n I also give my mom and naani a list of things they must cook for me and the list of things I want to eat from outside :D
    N yaa..we going to put up our christmas tree this wknd! This season gets me so happy !

  41. Absolutely LOVE the look! Have fun back home!

  42. I can completely understand the excitement of visiting India.. I am just back from my trip.. :D Advanced wishes for your birthday :) I just voted for you :D Missed a lot of posts during my absence.. will make up for it .. soon

  43. You would LAUGH so hard if you saw my front lawn...we are sporting two penguins that light up!
    "Dos penguinos" we dubbed them. :)

    I love the new look of your blog ANDDD....I shall go vote too.

  44. Congrats Preethi .. I voted for u too :) U deserve to win!
    Love the new look .. very cute :)
    Waiting for that interview :)

    Happy Birthday in advance and have a nice trip!

  45. hey.. first time i got a chance to explore this "new-look".. have to say it is really nice...there is a clear demarcation(hope its the correct word!! pardon me for if it is not!!) between the end of post and start of each comment, also there is a good breakup between the widgets, a few pointers:
    1) the image of ur book can be centered
    2) Ur Image can be centered too

    this is because there is too much white-space on one side and not much on the other.

    3) The subscribe text-box is shade too big(give a width of 120px rather than 140px)
    4) so is the width of the widget The Inner Circle!(reduce width from 206px to some 130px)

    This can also be changed by increasing the width of the sidebar and correspondingly the width of the main wrapper

    5) the links just below the header are having a bit more height and overlaps the header image(the right hand border) but is not much of a problem.

    Sorry for being a pakka-pain-in-the-back-geek here.. but just thought will share it with you.

    I have already voted for you.. and hope you win..

    P.S: Autograph Please!!

  46. Voted already !!! :) .... hey I too love december,It the most happening month of the year...and me too born on december...:)

  47. I used to love your notepad...but then, you do need change now and then! The new look is cute! Hapy holidays!

  48. Prabodh: Thanks! The best people in the world are born in december :-) When is ur b'day?

    Wannabe writer: yes--but it did not have the tabs to everything I do :) This one does.

    Shantharam: All the points you said are valid! But i really don't know how to do it!! :-) As it is you know how much I struggled with this one :) Thanks so much fotr all your help..I have now mentioned it as addendum-apologies for not mentioning earlier.

    Swaram:Thanks so much!

    Gillian: Lit up penguins sound cute! Thanks!

    UJ: Thanks a lot!

    EM;Thank you!

    Pavi: Lucky you to have naani. Excel sheets are such a superb idea. I must thank you for that. Thanks for voting too!

    Dhanya:Thank you and thank you :)

    Anish: Yes--I used to like Pune too. It grew on me :)

    Tranquility speaks:Thanks so much! Amen to the kids not forgeting hindi :)

    Palsworld and Rohit: Would happily sign. :-)

  49. Jyotiajay:Thank you!

    Guru:Thank you!

    Shruti: Good idea you've given to change it every season :)Thanks for voting

    Suma : Yes :) i am sure you can relate :)

    Srivtas:Thank U :)

  50. Hey I too agree on that "The best people in the world are born in december"...:P .....well I am on 20th and U..

  51. Hi ..

    did notice new template. background picture is eye catching.. just wondering if it is a hint for to be "mother of three" :P. Liked the earlier description below blog title. I see the reason why so many boxes on right hand side... but could have been bit neat and appropriately prioritised.
    dunno why, i felt all of the personal touch was lost in this post of "personal note".
    read ur blog yesterday and had that feelings. thought might be due to my mental state i would be feeling the same. on a fresh new day i felt the same so thought of conveying.

    with regards to voting.. i am undecided at the moment if i should vote or not!

    on a different note - m also a december born!

    (sorry if i this comment leaves a unpleasent taste in ur mouth)

  52. Anonymous9:21 PM

    I like the new look. And I had already voted for you when I went over to indibloggies to vote and saw your nomination. Best!

  53. Mihir: *shrug* I cannot please everybody! :-) The note is as personal as it will ever get--so that is that. :-) And hey no unpleasant taste at all and it's ok if u dont vote too as many have already voted :) The biggest penguin is mama penguin and smaller two are her babies--so it is still just a mother of two :-)

    Prabodh: 21st :)

  54. Inevitable: Thank U!!Much appreciate it!

  55. I like the new look!...I imagine you are in India mode already as you're off soon?..I can't imagine what it will be like for you...I bet you'll find it hot there after these few months of English gloom?

  56. Hey it was not that big for mentioning and all... am kind a blushing!! thanks for the mention though!! :D

  57. wow
    nice to read about your latest updates..

    and u got such a sweet look here with this new template..
    and "welcome back to india" (in advance)
    have a gr8 time


  58. Swetha: thank you!

    Shantharam: :-) Thank you for the help!

    Niall: Yes--I am sure i will find it hot. Have got acclimatised to UK now.

  59. hey preeti! I have fallen in love with your writing!Will love to get the book when I got to India(I stay in Singapore). kee writing preeti


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