The perfect pet

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. Wow...I am the first...That has never happened...Anyway, great post...I knew there had to be some twist at the end :)

  2. Ain't this cool. And let me tell you, my mom is just exactly the same for me. Yeah she is my pet :). Guess all mommys are for their kids.

  3. I think my mom was like this - but I don't think she should have been. When I first moved to hostel and when I first came here to US, some things were extremely painful and tough on me - had she made me more independent, I would have been better off...someday u have to move out and I think parents should prepare us somewhat for that day, rather than being hit hard like in my case.

    Now I'm not a mom yet so I don't know how easy or difficult it is to do so I give all moms the benefit of experience :)

  4. Shachi: It was a humorous post :-) We all learn don't we? My mom was opposite of your mom--but I dont think i 'became a better person' because of that, in anyway at all. I guess you'll know when you become a mom :-)

    Anusha: Not all mothers are :-) Ones who have are lucky :-)

    Plas world: Yes you are!

  5. Ahahaha!! So cute n funny ! :D

    but the only place I lost u is…. When u say that they got a new pet when you/they moved to Uk?? Haven’t they had this pet ALWAYS, like even before they actually arrived into this world?! :)

  6. Pavi: :-)Thanks![ Finally someone saw the humour--hooray!] Oh no--only after we moved to UK did this pet arrive..In India there were maids and stray cats to do all that :-)

  7. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Hey that's really coool didn't get that "Mommy" hint..only towards the end of the post I got it :)

    My mom is too the same way as how it is described in here...she gets up early, prepares breakfast, packs lunch and till we all go to Office/College, she never rests...

    Nice post btw :)

  8. Anonymous11:22 PM

    & forgot 2 tell u this...ur new theme luks neat and clean !! :)

  9. That was so sweet.Really...I was wondering and guessing what it must be...and a nice twist in the end.
    I am still smiling :)

  10. A really good one..i kept on wondering until the last moment,what sort of a pet it was,that could multitask..

  11. Anonymous1:30 AM

    That is a good one Preeti. Everyone would love this pet :)

  12. Very cute post!! What about all the Hugs and Kisses that the pet is showered with?? Totally priceless!!!

  13. Nice and cute post,Preeti. Loved the guesswork till the end of the line.
    I am having a sweet "aah moment" just as I type this very comment. A big kiss from my 2 and a half year old. Hehehe

  14. Preeti you really need a Holiday!!

  15. I was reading and wondering where in the world do we get such a wonderfullllllllllllll pet :) the twist was gud :D:D lol

  16. enjoyed the post,maitained suspense till the end is very beautiful

  17. Very cute!! :-) Forgive me, I kept thinking throughout it was eventually the kids` dad.. :-D But I guess, that would make another special post in itself.

    Liked the doggy pics!

  18. Awww.........and hehehehe.....

    Those are the two reactions for your post..... Funny, sweet and suspense till the do u manage to do that.......Great post and your website's new look is very nice too.......

    Best Wishes

  19. ROFL!!! I know :-)

  20. Too cute! (and true!)
    Olivia wrote a school essay about her favourite pet, her sister. LOL

    Enjoy the weekend! xo

  21. I do hope you manage to get taken for walkies every now and then...and I assume you're house trained :-)

  22. ha ha expected the twist when the pet became multi talented :P So do they take good care of their pet?

  23. Anonymous5:56 AM

    I had a good idea the pet will turn out to be you! :D Hee hee ... good PS! :-)

  24. hahaha...

    i knew it the minute i read the line 'The pet is really an outstanding and unique one." and yes it happened the minute i stepped out of india too..:)

    aren't we truly outstanding!

  25. Nice one Preeti

    I think you have discovered one more new facet of a mother - who is a friend, a companion, a punching bag, ------- the list goes one.

  26. Sandhya: true..Add to it driver, maid, nurse, cook :-) the list does go on.

    Suma: u bet we are :-)

    Thoughtful train: Clever thoughtful train :)

    Dhanya: the pet takes care of them! :-)

    Niall: Oh no--this pet walks itself too--isnt it amazing!

    Gillian: You too!


  27. Rujuta:Thanks so much :-)

    Lostworld:The childrens dad would be by MY pet ;-)

    Jyotiajay:Thank you :)

    Sundari: :-) Thanks

    Rohit: U bet i do :-)

    Gayu: A delighted thanks :-)

    AD: Those are the ONLY things that keeps the pet going--else it would have run away long back :-)

    Inevitable now: Thank you :-)

    Chitz: now u know :-)

    Anu: :-)

    Kalyan: Thank U!

  28. That was a good one...had a good laugh :) I seem to be moving in the same direction these days.

  29. nice one...

    just wonder what made u end up writing this one up

  30. Dear Preethi,

    Such a Sweet Post and Yes I cud guess it halfway thru that it has to be MOMMY , Nobody else is as perfect and as nice.



  31. Nice post!!!!

    I knew this is wat s gonna come at the end!!! ;)

    Who else can be this picture perfect!!!! :)

  32. I was seriously thinking that this pet existed and i was seriously thinking to adopt a pet like that as I am very fond of pets and dont have time to take care of that, Ah, you ditched me Preethi, Ha Ha Ha :-)

    Anyway, it was a nice post.

  33. ha..ha..ha...
    Guess what, I have been reading your blog silently since a few months, always enjoyed them and even voted for you as my favorite blogger but never felt like leaving a comment.
    This one moved me since I share the same feelings and am in a way the favorite pet of my two little girls :-) Needless to say I knew the answer before reaching the end...


  34. :D all smiles.. am too used to being pampered...

  35. was that a self-bashing or taking credit. LOL. I dont mean any of those, I know a mother works more than a Honey Bee and gets less compliments or recognition than a honey bee. I came to know you are talking about yourself(or your hubby) in the first few line. But just to make sure i had to read the whole of the blog. Kudos to mommies, including you, for making the world such a lovely place.

  36. Heheh i figured the pet has to be mommy...LOL very funny and well written post... :) lucky kids heheh...
    Ohh i love the new look of ur blog, very cute and intresting....
    And have a wonderful trip to India, enjoy urselves... Hey wen is ur birthday? My wishes to u :)
    me waiting for my little one to arrive this month, ya a december baby....

  37. great one brought a also a guilt for all those times i scream at my mummy for throwing my clothes into the machine,cooking things i dont like. Asking me my departure date the the same date i reach home (i took that otherwise)Getting cuddly whe i am at the worst of my moods. FOr useless things. For waking meup early in the mornig so as to drop her at the office.I luv u mum....Miss u pch. Tnx di....

  38. LOL

    A pet that write and speak in differnt dilects , now thats a bonus!

  39. Srivtas: yes :-) Multilingual walking talking pet :)

    Kuunal: Pch=? Not well versed with sms lingo :-) Glad it brought back happy memories.

    Enigma: wishing you the very best for YOUR SPECIAL DELIVERY THIS DECEMBER :)

    Santosh: I leave it to you to decide what it was :-)

    Shantharam: do you have any siblings? Or are u an only child?

    Shobha: Finally you broke your silence!--and hey thanks for voting :)

    Never ending memories: LOL :) Yeah the pet does exist but it belongs to these two children :) They wont part with it :)

    Hunter: heh heh thanks.

    Inder: Yeah :-)

    Mihir: What do you think? :-)

    Mini: Yeah--inwired in mothers i think. :)

  40. Mihir: Oh no!! It was totally in jest :)

  41. love your sense of humor preeti, this one made me grin like an idiot :)

  42. Ruch: :-)

    Only one: :-) thank u ..U should read Prashant Dhanke's blog. He is hilarious :-)

  43. Make way here come the super duper Mummy power... mighter then spiderman or lady croft... it never say no to its kids and is always their for defense...

    way to go super super mummy :-0


  44. LOL!!!!
    Fabulous! OMG! You totally had me fooled, am serious! Gosh! Am so gullible.

    I loved this post so much! And I can't stop laughing!

    Oh you moms are sooo generous! :)

  45. Interesting post! Didn't get the hint , till I read the last one - was wondering, what kind of pet you have -- finishing off children's meals !! Great writing..

  46. I knew what was coming. What I was waiting for was was it the dad or the mom :-) Very very nicely written!


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