Happy Birthday Satish

There are many views on birthdays. One school of thought thinks that a birthday is like any other day of the year—each day comes only once a year; So what is the big deal about a birthday? After all, it makes you a year older, and after one becomes an adult, I think most people dread birthdays.

The second school of thought believes that birthdays are truly special. We do not usually go all mushy over the ones we love or even tell them that they matter, on a daily basis. We are so busy leading our hectic lives, that expressing things like these are pushed aside. A birthday is one day that you can really tell the person how much that person matters to you. It is a celebration because that person is special. Birthdays are only as special as the people who have them!

I belong to the second school of thought. If a person is important to me, I usually make a BIG effort to make the day truly special for them. Tomorrow is very special to me. It’s the birthday of the most important guy in my life—Satish.

I met him in 1995. This is the 14th birthday of his that we will be celebrating together. Each year I have done something really different and unique for him. One time I bought him a guitar and arranged for guitar lessons (Something he always wanted to do but was never getting the time for).Another time, I got him really professional art supplies and he loved it, as he used to be very good at pencil sketching but the rigorous demands of his career had made this talent of his take a back seat. He has made some wonderful sketches since then. Another time I made an entire book for him, replete with photos, paintings and happy memories that we shared together. Yet another time (it was his 32nd birthday) I sent him 32 handmade cards—I had made each card. We couldn’t be together that year, as he was overseas on work, and I was expecting our first child. He was delighted when he got 32 cards, all painted by me.

This is the first time in 14 years that I have not done a single thing for his birthday (apart from buying a book and cards, which really isn’t anything special—at least not good enough for a person who means the world to me). Last one week has been very difficult. Satish was travelling on a business trip. I was working on a very important project. Both kids were ill. My daughter recovered and began going to school since Thursday—but my son is still not fully okay. The only time I got to do my work, has been the nights, and most nights I have stayed up till 1:30 am. Single parenting and managing everything on my own (especially two sick children) has left me stuck at home, unable to go out to buy anything.

So I am writing this post, to tell him how very special he is to me.

As I was typing this, he called from the airport, saying that he is just waiting to be back home again. He asked me what I was doing and I said “Ummm—nothing” :-)

And as for the gifts that will make the day memorable, I plan to bake a lovely chocolate cake for him, get the kids to make cards and from my side I plan to give him some really naughty redeemable vouchers which I am going to print out just now.Heh heh. There is a lot you can do with some imagination.

Yeah—I know he will like that!

Happy birthday Satish ! I am certain it will be happy . Really really happy. ;-)

PS:That’s a snap of Satish that I clicked without his knowledge—He hates it—but I love it!


  1. was really touching ps...
    ...as far as not making a big effort for him this year...I think you ARE..without realizing...

    many many happy returns to satish from me...

  2. Many Happy Returns of the day Satish. I hope you have a wonderful day and a great year ahead. And preeti, you really are very thoughtful and am sure he appreciates it.

  3. Harish: thanks---will surely wish him.

    Ranjini: Yes he does--Thanks so much.

  4. lovely...my greeting and wishes on the special day...For Satish i think he value the efforts you take to take to make him happy and the sacrfices you do as parent the best gift he can get!!Sometimes the best of gifts are just knowing each other!

  5. Happy Birthday Satish!!
    You both are lucky to have each other :)
    God bless u with many lifetimes of togetherness.

  6. This post is a more a gift to your hubby. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday, Satish!

  8. Oh you are priceless, Preeti. Remind me to tell you about my birthday in advance, I'd like to know what you have in store for me ;)

    Happy birthday Satish and thanks for making PS such a happy woman :)

  9. Oh that's such a touching post, and indeed such a wonderful idea. I hope you guys have the most wonderful day ahead, a really HAPPY day.

  10. Hi Preeti,
    That was a very nice post from you.
    I also intend to write a blog to my wife on our marriage anniversary next week. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Wish Satish belated wishes from my end.

  11. Thats a very inspiring post! Just in time for me to read it. Someone's bday is approaching on my side as well. And i just can't wait to plan up a really special day to tell her how much she means to me. And your post was such an inspiration and reminds me that its work making a big effort.

    Thank you PS.

    And Happy Birthday to Satish.


  12. What more can one expect,a wonderful post full of thoughts on and for him..
    May God shower the best things on your family and wishes to your hubby satish on this day

  13. Ok first of all....My best wishes for Satish!!

    Second, I think all those things were pretty wonderful.

    Third, I belong to the first category but I will make sure either I or the one I find or both will attend a workshop by you on unique and thoughtful birthday
    gifts...;) Guess it will take care of the lived happily ever after part....

    And Lastly, If any further reiteration was needed, "Satish, you are indeed very special to Preeti." :)

  14. Preethi...this is so touching. You make it sound so easy when you talk about gifts for your husband. I find it the toughest thing on earth. Every time I want to get Arjun something I wonder what to get him. Any suggestions, besides the usual clothes, books, accessories & perfumes cuz he has all that. he has all the latest gadgets too.

    And Happy Birthday Satish :)

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  16. Ps u r the sweetest!!! Hope the b'day went off well as u wished.

    P.s: let me knw how the choclate cake came out. If it came out well, I want the recipe & if it didnt then I'll give u mine;-P

    p.p.s: That was me who deleted the msg on top.

  17. Thats so sweet... I started reading your blog since one of my friends forward me the link about how to find a perfect wife....

    and you know as you mentioned in one of your earlier posts that a relative of yours said you have a perfect marriage. You know what after reading this one even i think so...

    and yes Happy Birthday Satish!!!

  18. Wishing satish a very happy birthday! Indeed, I believe birthdays are very special...both of you are very lucky to have each other! God bless...

  19. Happy Happy Birthday to Satish. You guys are made for each other. Stay blessed.

  20. Happy Birthday Satish :)
    n PS: A friend always tells me that its intentions that matter...not what actually gets done. Now he is a lazy bugger, but I agree, he's got a point :D.
    You're doing great :)

  21. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and thanks PS for putting my birthday on the blogosphere - yet another of her surprises sprung on me and where I find myself plastered across the net.

    A few comments though.
    a) yes I hate that picture.
    b) PS is a bit weak in maths. Don't know where she came up with those figures of 32 and stuff like that - am still in my teens for those of you who dont know.
    c) she got confused regarding the cards bit. It was for my 16th birthday where she sent me two cards for each year and not 1 for each of the 32 years - again the weak math point.
    d) I am not the most important man in her life - there is another guy called Atul a 10 year old guy who wins miles ahead of me in currying her favours. Actually he and a little girl called Purvi win when it concerns me too I must say in all honesty.
    And I must admit that what I enjoy more than any gift (which does matter too when they are such interesting things) is the time I get to spend just with the three of them. Just got back last night from Sri Lanka and am loving just having them around (and making big of me - and i am not referring to my expanding waist line btw).
    A special thanks to PS for everything as also to all of you for the wishes.

  22. hey thats so sweet...even i belive in making birthdays of cared ones special....its really so sweet of u to do all that..heheh i can imagine wat all the redemable vouchers r for....

    my birthday wishes to him

  23. Happy Birthday Satish:-)
    Hope it turns out to be a gr8 day!

  24. Happy Birthday Satish:-)
    Hope it turns out to be a gr8 day!

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SATISH!!!(I think the photo is great..!)...

    I know how important it is to you to show Satish how much you love and value him..you've done some wonderful things on birthdays past..but..(and I know Satish will agree) there could be NO better birthday gift in a Man's eyes than to return home from a business trip away, to one's beautiful loving partner and children in the place that is home...!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hap Hap Happy Bday Satish! Rock on!

  28. Happy Birthday Satish. Wishing both of you perpetual joy and happiness :)

    And Preeti, I don't know why but reading this post has brought tears to my eyes and I thought I was one tough cookie.

    Have a fabulous day today :D

  29. Preeti,

    Kindly wish him MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY from my side.

    I am sure he will understand and I need not say it but a good hug wishing him will be welcome by him at any time.

    How are the children now?

    Take care

  30. This couldn't have been more special....you have such lovely thoughts, preethi, that no card or gift can match it. I'm sure your love is going to fill that space...
    Wishing Satish a belated birthdya....and happiness for all of you all life through!!

  31. thats really sweet what u have got for him! many happy returns to him!

  32. loved the post and satish's comments


    most of the suprises i spring spring right back at me....so am looking for new things to do.your post gives me food for thought.

    happy birthday satish

  33. Many more happy returns of the day,Satish!.. Hope you have a blast :-)

  34. belated wishes and wish ur family good luck:)

  35. Happy Birthday Satish!!!

  36. Happy Birthday , Satish...

    There , you have got more people wishing you and finding hope in your togetherness than your age...

    Lighting a lamp for your family.

  37. Happy B'day Satish. I liked the post and your comment was even lovely.. You are really lucky to have these 3 jems in your life :)
    Enjoy the day and have a great year ahead..

  38. Hey..I just thought...with reference to Satish's comment regarding your alleged mathmatical shortcomings, i think it's very plain to see that you both add up to the perfect sum!

  39. Like all the 38 comments above, congrats to you, Satish! Reading PS's blog has made us readers realize that you are *THE* PERFECT husband! PS is pretty lucky to get you, I guess...

    Have a great time!

  40. Happy Birthday Satish...You are one lucky man :)

    Hope you enjoyed your day...

    Great post and great gift PS!!

  41. awesum postin ps..

    and btw,b'day wishes to ur man!! :)

  42. Satish,

    I read your comment later. A mother will always give priority to children over everybody else. This is the truth almost universaly.

    Take care

  43. hey nice post. My first visit here. hope the bday went well and satish liked his gift :)

  44. Anonymous1:22 AM

    You inspire faith in marriage :-)
    I somehow had a feeling all those heart felt strong feelings stopped being heart-felt or strong few years into marriage!

    Great going and absolutely fantastic choice of gifts! Especially the 32 self-made cards!

  45. Well, belated b'day wishes to the hubby. Fantastic post. Again. Don't know if u have read any of the comments I've posted after being de-lurked. lol.
    Was lead here by Guru. So now I have 2 heros - u and Tys (thnx to Guru again) who's blogs I'm avidly following.

  46. Di...
    Thats sooo romantic!! and pls post a pic of that choclate cake too..yummy!!:)
    :)Birthday s are special times and
    Hope both the kids will be perfectly fine soon..
    Have a great time!!
    And Happy Birthday Satish!

  47. P.S.BTW Satish, that pic of your s really nice.. :)

  48. You are so different PS. This is such a lovely post and a great gift to him.

    Sorry yaar! Was busy and couldn't go through the post early. So


  49. happy budday and a lifetime of happiness wished for you Satish!



  50. Belated birthday wishes, Satish, sorry I missed the actual day - hope a late wish from across the pond still counts?


  51. Awwww!!! May God bless you both!! I hope he had a HAPPY birthday!!

  52. lucky chap, i say!!
    anywyz, writing a post isn't a bad idea at all... though you are hard pressed with time, but just goes to show, wot's on ur mind despite all that which keeps you completely occupied!!

  53. Hey that is so thoughtful :) Hey I saw that your book is out ..just to think I suggested you write one not knowing that the project had already begun :) Also I found that we have three mutual friends on Orkut.. wat are the odds of that :) Hope to read your book soon.. Hope you have a Happy and Wonderful time celebrating the Birthday!!

  54. PS your book's out?

  55. Hi Preethi,
    I have recently started reading ur blog. It is seriously cool. Touches one and all.. and u manage to write on different genre of topics pretty nicely. Keep it up. This Article in particular was awesome. I know it takes a lot to tell ur loved ones that they matter.. :-) ..

  56. Umamaheshwaran: Thank you so much.

    SMM: In Press.Will blog about it soon.

    Inolongeram:Thanks!! :) Who are these mutual friends--and may i know your name please?!

    Sam:well--lots of other things keep me occupied too!;-)

    Solitaire:Thank you!!

  57. Scotty: Of course it counts! Thank you from satish!

    Mama-Mia;Thank you!!

    Karthik:hey--no problem at all.Thanks!

    Swathy;yeah!!Thats what i keep telling him! :)

    Mia-adam:Well--thanks for that--and I paid you a visit too :)

  58. Amcris:Glad it reached out to you in some way.making those 32 cards was difficult as I was expecting and could not sit for long bent over drawing board--still managed so i was happy.

    Deeplydip: he did :)

    Jack:Very true.

    Multi-menon:Thanks a lot!

  59. awww...how SWEEET of ya! i belong to the 2nd category too..i love plenty of fuss over B'days...of near n dear one's or myself :P!

    Here is wishing SAtish a Very very Happpy B'day!May God Bless him!

  60. awww...how SWEEET of ya! i belong to the 2nd category too..i love plenty of fuss over B'days...of near n dear one's or myself :P!

    Here is wishing SAtish a Very very Happpy B'day!May God Bless him!

  61. Varun:Thank you!!

    Hari:Ask him--he will say he is the luckiest man on earth :) :)I guess both have to put in effort in a marriage and feel that one is lucky!

    Niall:What a lovely thing to say!!

    Dhanya:I too feel lucky--thanks!

    Tys: Thank you!

    Wannabe:Thank you!

    Broca:Thank you!

  62. Balu:Thanks!

    Gazal:Glad it did!

    Vinny:thanks :)

    Prats:Thank you!

    Jack:Thank you!

    Still-thinking:Wonder why it moved you..But hey--thanks.

  63. Smokin Joe:Thanks!!


    Enigma :heh heh--yeah--even I like to make them special.

    Satish :-) Shut up and enjoy your gifts

    Meira: ok!! if you say so :-)

  64. Chitra;thanks!

    Pretty woman;Thanks

    Prats: You know there is another bloger by the name Prats--she writes Retrospections emotional ecology.Now mentally I have to file you as Boy-prats and girl-prats :-) and hey--thanks for following my posts!

    Reflections:It came out well--but do send me your recipe as well.

    SMM: Eevry year i rck my brains too!! All my suggestion are in the post itself!!

    Pranay: if you naturally belong to first category, then you'll be happier that way! :-)

    CU:Thank you!

    Sweet sticky:Glad you found it inspiring

  65. Salil:anniversary wishes in advance and hope you make it really special for her.

    Goofy Mumma:Thank you!!

    Devil Mood:Yours is in April right? :-)



    Life begins:Thanks!

    Mathew:True! The best gift is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in one another! :-)

  66. Pavi: yes--I too believe in making the day special..thank you for the wishes.

  67. Beautiful post! My best wishes to Satish!
    Btw lovely new profile pic! U look reeeaally nice! :)

  68. I am Shwetha. Mutual friends being Dimpu, Chandini and Gayathri

  69. Wow!! You are very creative! I will be stealing some of your ideas!
    Convey my Birthday wishes to Satish!

  70. sunshine: Thanks!!:-)

    Inolongeram:Oh!! Will look for you :)

    Sri: pls do :)

  71. its a gr8 snap...i love taking candids too :)


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