Sometimes you have to look hard.

"Things are not always what they seem.The first appearance deceives many.The intelligence and observation of a few, perceives what has been carefully hidden."

And no, I'm not just talking about snakes. If I were, that would be stating the obvious, wouldnt it?

This picture was clicked by Satish, in Sri Lanka while on a business trip. Luckily, he saw what was not obvious. Luckily.


  1. that's such a beautiful picture. and obviously the unobvous thing is snake right?

  2. Creepy!!! Ughh...I can't look any more lol
    But yes I'm sure you're not stating the obvious, that's not you at all!

  3. Nithya: No!! The unobviuos thing is not the snake.Read the quote without the photo.

    Devil mood:You figured me out quite a bit by now.Not fully--but a lot. LOL.Yeah--i find snakes very creepy too.In fact i refuse to go to snake parks and always wait outside while Satish takes the kids in.For some reason almost all children are fascinated by snakes.

  4. Rhodedendrons/azealias right?...therefore fairly small snake I reckon?...well camouflaged.

  5. In my experience things are hardly ever what they seem. That is why I do not buy newspapers anymore as they give a very biased view of a situation designed to make a story (in order to sell newspapers!). I get my news from the TV and net and then try to read between the lines.

    Of course this phrase applies equally to situations involving people, and to poetry and art! It is so important to read between the lineas, to question what you are being shown or told and to keep an open mind! But then I don't think I need to tell you that!

  6. So true, sometimes we overlook the obvious, maybe because we cloud it with our judgment. We are so busy with ourselves that we just don’t have time to dig deep inside. We are constantly becoming shallow, and judge a person from his/her outer appearance, clothes and the amount of cash/credit cards in his/her wallet. Look beyond and maybe we can find a beautiful person under those designer clothes, just like Satish, who found a snake curled amongst the leaves.

    As for snakes, I don’t like them, the moment I see one, I feel as if it’s creeping under my table. It’s scary.

  7. Of course I haven't figured you out completely. I would be a fool to think so; in fact, I wouldn't dare to even consider it!
    Another new picture! You look like a star there :)

  8. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Oh fiddle! I am pulling my legs up into my chair and shuddering right now. I have an incredibly unhealthy fear of snakes, so the obvious escapes my first glance.

    Oh, I know... It's just a rubber snake, right?



    Okay, so I faced my fear and enlarged the picture for a better look. And I kept repeating in my mind... "It's just a worm, just a worm, just a stupid, ugly, little, tiny rubber worm."

    Bah! It didn't help. I don't have the intelligence to 'perceive what has been carefully hidden'.

    Nope. My intelligence has been usurped by anxiety driven fear. Right now, I only want to find a big stick and then climb to the top of my bookshelves and cry.

    Um, thanks.


  9. Ohmygosh. I would be so scared that I would run back to the car and lock the doors behind me.

    One of the reasons that I like living in the Seattle area is that nature is gentle and benign and there are no poisonous snakes. So you can get very close to nature and not look over your shoulder to guard against some animal that will kill you (but we do have bears and big cats in the mountains that might do a number on you.

    Been soooooo busy. I try to take vacations and get called back in. So tomorrow is another one week attempt. This time I am leaving town as soon as I leave work so that I cannot be called back in..

  10. OK, I'm not freaked by snakes, and I've STARED at that picture, but I don't see what is not obvious... I'm stumped! WHAT???

  11. well..there seem to be quite a few changes here...first, I see something similar to a header on the top of the page..golden patten..but its blocked by your title.

    Your pic has changed(look stunning btw) are a..bit of a tomboy aren't you.. i like that.

    apparently, if I wish to frighten anyone from your comment list, SNAKES is definitely the way to go.

    And no one has yet figured out what is the one hidden thing there...
    am just waiting for the pic to enlarge..let me take a looksie.

    well....the most obvious..there is a snake..pretty creatures snakes..deadly yes, but very agile..wouldn't want one near me..but I do admire them.

    thats a big snake...the thick tree bark on the right not a bark at all..thats still the snake..pretty nice camouflage

    don't see anything else, except for that little lizard like thing in the upper right background

  12. do tell me if I didn't guess it right...

    will go through it again.

    Oh..and it better not be a prank!!!!

  13. Niall: No clue what snake it was.Dont know much about them--in fact i cant even tell a poisonous one from a non-poisonous one.

    Bob-Kat:you said it!

    Misti: You put into words exactly what I meant by the quote.

    Devil Mood: Ps blows flying kisses.Flash bulbs go off as she alights from the Aston Martin wearing a deep red Tao Comme des Garcons ruffled evening dress.LOL LOL..Nice to dream.Whenever i wear my tie up stilletoes (my latest obsession) my kids tell me the same thing "mama, you look like a star". They genuinely mean it--as only kids can--and i laugh in delight.Nice to live in harmless delusions.LOL.

    Sue,Hershey:Sorry if the quote misled you--what i meant is that most people are not what they appear.Delve deepr and maybe you will see a snake inside them where you thought none existed.

    Stacey:This one is a real snake.My husband suddenly saw it and clicked a pic.

    Thunderbird: I live in India.The picture was clicked in Srilanka.Hope you have a great uninterrupted vacation.

    Hershey:Thanks :-)Tom-boy, i guess it depends on how you define it--was always into sports and stuff.Yep--i play cricket well too.

  14. If Adam and Eve were Chineese they would have eaten the snake and spared the apple :):)
    Happy vishu to u & family

  15. aha...i knew you would go all methaphorical(<<< i know thats not a word) on me.

    ofcourse...the personality of a snake can be mirrored in humans too...crafty shady creatures, slithering around waiting to strike.

    I can write more on this but I seriously can't for some reason...feel oddly lazy..summer heat I guess...have a wave of nostalgia scheduled in 10 minutes... bye

  16. This I was told is a water snake - non poisonous. Of all the millions of snake in the world there are only 5 varieties of snakes which are poisonous. Even the snakes one sees and which look really frightening at times may just be a rat snake. However not worth taking the risk I guess. Did see wuite a few of such animals in Sri lanka, including some crocks in the lake where we saw the snake. Not a place one wanted to take a swim though.

  17. I agree :) heheh
    And yeah, I wondering about those shoes in your profile :)

  18. sorry i am late in droppin in here.. but is der sum hidden thing??


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