My first

My first time.Blogging I mean.Born out a deserate urge to express what i normally supress and to reach out and to also be 'with it'.To be differentor maybe to merge without being different.Shall keep adding more.Now that I have an annonymous identity!


  1. But you ain't anonymous anymore! :)

    I seem to have this habit of zooming in into people's first posts. Curious me.

    It is heartening to see that you came this far and so well that too. Wish you the best! :)

  2. Its really nice to see u at this level Preeti..!U are an inspiration.
    I too couldn't stop myself to see a legends first leap.. way to go!! 1st to 600th kudos to u :)

  3. I have a cheek to cheek smile on my face reading your first post.U R a true inspiration ma'am .Hats off to u.. :)


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