Always hard to end a relationship

Its always hard to end a relationship..There is no easy way...And most of all you need an iron will and rock hard determination.
The best way to do it is cold heartedly.Block the mail id so that the person you want to break off from, cannot mail you..Delete the phone numbers..Destroy photographs..or any sentimental gifts received..Do not look back and do not falter..
That is the only way.
Oh, it hurts like hell..but with time, the pain eases.The first day is always the hardest..Then, as the days go by, the pain eases and it becomes easier to remember the good times..a bit like facing death..Except that what is dead here is the relationship.
One has to take action if one feels that one's self respect is being compromised..Do you endlessly wait for the phone to ring, hoping it will be your love?Do you obsess about that person?Does it affect your whole the sense,does your whole life revolve around that one person?If so, it is time to end it..
And in the end you will be richer,though it doesnt seem so at first...Eventually you will be glad you reclaimed your life and you will be glad that you can survive and be happy.Despite everything.


  1. You also write beautifully and I'm in love with your kids! (in a completely non-stalker-ish way don't worry!!)

  2. Hi sunshine,
    Am amazed you found this old old post of mine. I havent published your other comment as you didnt want me to.
    But anyway--your profile doesnt list your blog--so even i could reach it!!

    Yes it is very hard. But believe me, this too shall pass.It seems that way NOW.But with time it will heal provided you do not nurture the relationship by holding on to even small memories (physical--such as ticket stubs from a movie you saw together--or SMS from this person that you have saved)
    When you are older, it becomes much easier to cope.
    When you are younger there is so MUCH of INTENSITY in the relationship.Age does mellow you down--you becomes more accepting.
    All the very best.
    I wanted to mail this to you--but I dont have your email id.Mine is in my profile on my blog.
    And thanks for the compliements about my kids--am presuming that you read many of my posts and so saw their pics! I'm honoured.
    Rememebr always--"this too shall pass"

  3. Hi! I came about your blog randomly and got hooked onto your posts - yes saw your children's pics but more than that I think its what they have said which you have put up which makes me fall in love with them...

    Getting over someone - I don't know...I feel like I will never have the courage to live alone...Ive always been so dependant on scared to sit alone at home on a weekend evening wondering what to do...have this need to surround myself with people...I do have amazing friends...but somehow they don't get it...none of them are that needy for company I think...I'm too insecure in my life (I have no idea why considering ive had a perfectly secure upbringing!) to stay at home alone with just my thoughts!

  4. Even I feel like that many a time.I do need my solitude but there are times when I am so needy for company.My ow two children have helped SO MUCH.If i tell them that i am feeling down they will immediately come to 'cheer me up'.It is amazing.
    Sunshine, when you are younger, it SEEMS that way.When you push yourself then you discover your strengths--something even you weren't aware you were capable of.I usually write in my journal and that has helped a lot.I dont know your hobbies--to me, art has come as a great release.
    If you discover a passion that is so intenese then i guess, it will become easier for you to cope.
    I am presuming you are still a student--or are you working?
    Either ways,have a happy day!

  5. I just graduated a couple of months back. Have recently started working.

    I must seem awfully childish to you, but I couldnt help myself from commenting on that particular post. The fact is I KNOW I'm strong enough to get past this...eventually! Its just the present which is scary. The far future doesn't bother me so much. Its the immediate future. Like sitting in office and thinking what to do for dinner and realizing that there is no one I can completely depend on to give me company. My friends have their own life and somehow I guess only a partner can be that someone always there in your life.
    Saying goodnight to someone before going to sleep, telling someone what a complete bore your boss is, talking about the amazing cookie you indulged in for lunch today, etc. You get my gist. Its the small things which you miss.

    So what do you do about today?

  6. Very rightly said, it has happened with me, and I realize that there is probably no nice way to end a relationship. Still, even after years I keep wondering what makes people do that.

  7. Hi Preeti,
    This s the first post, that I read and I luv the way u write. Yeah, I'm finding it difficult to get-over her and I'm gonna try the things u hav said. Will keep you posted, if this works.

  8. hii preeti...dn't know what made me go back to your past posts but i am glad i this post ...true its very hard to run away from smething which is within related it so well

    keep ur posts....

  9. Hi Preeti,

    Really very hard to end that special relationship and forget that person who just dont need us anymore :( it hurts.

  10. I just now finished ur new novel "Life is what we make it". It is so damn interesting that i finished in one go. you really posses a great writing skills. And after finishing that novel.. i read abt you and then i read ur blog. You blogs are amazing.. and i agree it is hard to end the relationship and it takes lot of time to come out of it.

    BTW i feel connected with you in the way that i also did BTECH then i worked as Computer Engg for 5 yrs. Then i left my job to pursue my interest of photography and scriptwriting. I m doing PGDM in Advertising Mass comm. And i realised that u also have done PGDM in advertising.

    I am sure i will definitely have lot of things to learn from you and ur writings.

    Keep up the gud work and wish you luck for ur future.


  11. Hey
    what you say is true, but even that is hard to be done,
    Btw just finished reading your book- Life is what you make it.
    Believe me, it was exactly what I needed right now.
    I am an aspiring writer. If you have some time, please drop by my story blog and give some advice

  12. The FB wall post today forced me to come to the blog and scan all your blog write ups and I decided to start with your first ever post :) :) ... The view expressed here is so true. We need to realize that Life doesnt stop for anyone. If there is something that is hurting one's Self - respect like sharpnels,it's better to break free- Even if it means putting an end to relationships.. Its only then that we realize how strong we can be!!!

  13. I tried too to let someone go out of my thoughts and my life but it isn't that easy, even I know the distance making me sick, I'm just becoming bad in my academics, leaving my friends behind thinking too much.. ahhh... but in spite of everything I didn't leave that person, and you cannot believe, that person is with me, in my life, not in same position where "that person" should be, but its perfectly fine as long as "that person" and I'm happy. I think if you love some, never let "that someone" go away, try your best to stop and if that wouldn't work too.... Follow this post. hahaa... Believe me I would have tried this way, if I had read your this post earlier. thanx for sharing this ma'am.


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