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How to transform your balcony into a lovely garden

The last few days, I have been doing some interesting stuff apart from writing my fourth book. What started as a small idea soon grew into a project and I started reading up and watching videos on Balcony gardens.

Even though I am very fortunate to have  a fairly large garden with a lush green lovely lawn, hibiscus bushes , creepers, jasmine and even a pomegranate tree, I still wanted to make a Balcony garden, because the idea of transforming a neglected space and converting it into something beautiful fascinates me.

I was so pleased with what I managed to do  that I thought I'd share it with you. If you have even a small little space, an unused balcony cluttered with junk, you can still transform it into a small haven, where you can retreat and relax with a nice cup of tea at the end of a hard day.

Let me show you how I did it.

This is what my balcony corner looked like, before the makeover.

It was bare and slightly muddy. I gave it a good sweep and washed it with water and cleaned it up. My balcony gets a lot of sunlight and so the next step was to go to the nursery and buy plants which love sunlight.
I went to Lalbagh  and the lady there pointed out all the plants which would thrive in direct sunlight.
I bought a lot of plants.
The next step was to plan the garden.

I arranged the taller plants at the back. Like this:

But of course three plants dont make a cozy nook.
So I went shopping for some garden pebbles. I bought white garden pebbles  which cost me Rs.25/- a kilo. I bought about 10 kilos.

Next I wanted some lovely accessories for my garden. I searched online and found some nice garden stores in Bangalore. I spent a day shopping.

Then I arranged them together and spread out the pebbles.
And Voila!

 I had a lovely little garden.

Here is another picture where my doggie decided to inspect the pebbles and came into the frame :)

Can you see the wine bottles in the back ground? You can easily grow money plants in your empty wine bottles. All you need to do is rinse them thoroughly and top them up with water. Now place cuttings of money plants (take care to remove the leaves from the bottom of the stem that goes into the water) into the bottles and keep the water topped up every three or four days. (Hold it under running water till the water flows out and gets filled with fresh water. Also wash the leaves).

They make a lovely garden accessory. Here is a close up.

Next I plan to add seating to my balcony (its a fairly big one) and I also plan to add a water body. The sound of falling water is one of the most soothing sounds. I shall keep you posted on how my project develops.

Meanwhile, try transforming your space. This balcony makeover is really not that hard to do. If you are a man with no green thumb you can still do it and impress the woman in your life :) Or do it just for yourself too!

And if you are a woman looking to transform your space--just go ahead and indulge.

Your space and you, both deserve it.

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I too need some  incentives to share, right? :)


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  1. Another lovely project, this one's closest to my heart.. N you know there are endless ways one can experiment with. Hanging some pots, wind chimes, bird feeder, terracotta stuff that has options to put a candle inside n it creates beautiful shadows when the candle is lit. I can go on and on ...

  2. this is simply superb preeti...a complete transformation of the space.u make it sound so easy too.i'm sooo inspired.i fortunately have a good space in my backyard..but its infested with mites and ants and i would hate to use chemical insecticides.sadly no other alternative seems to be had totally put me off then;but i think i will seriously do something about it now.keep it coming dear.u rock.

  3. Lovely Project Preety...
    I have also goggled on this... and will apply all this in my new home :)

  4. vow!! its really very beautiful.. I especially like the coloured pots :) :)

  5. Now it will feel like sitting there whole evening I guess !!! Great IDEA

  6. wow!! it looks really good!!

  7. this is really nice ma' the colored pots,the pebbles and of course the plats.:)about listening to flowing or falling water,don't know how to put it to words;but soothing would be an understatement.wind chimes might really be lovely as well like mindspace said there. one more thing is,if you don't get me to be crazy :D,Talk to your's really something.SO,Goodluck with the garden ma'am. :)

  8. and by the way,forgot to are really inspiring.:)

  9. wow...this is really nice Preeti!! I also brought some plants recently, and you have given me great ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!! Love your little green corner!!:-)

  10. This is wonderful!! Really beautiful (Especially those coloured pots) and very creative!:)

  11. Beautiful makeover :)

  12. Wow preeti .. I am going to share this with my mom ,as we would soon move to our new home which has a pretty big balcony which I am sure she would want to decorate just like the way you did.. :)
    Thank you for so much of added information ..It makes things look so simple and doable ,though I am sure I needs lots of patience and hard work to get a makeover like this.U brought life to balcony as you do to the characters in your book..*bow in respect*


  13. The transformation of the balcony into that beautiful little corner was amazing. The feeling of satisfaction you get by creating something that beautiful is something you must be cherishing right now.

    Simply Superb!

  14. Loved it Preeti...such a beautiful makeover..... truly inspiring!

  15. This is beautiful... Very pleasing to the eyes. Love your new project. U always inspire in so many different ways!

  16. Beautiful!!!! :)Kudos to you !!!!

  17. They look absolutely lovely Preeti. I love the bright colored pots , they just cheer you up instantly. :)

  18. Swetha: Thank you!

    Anusha:Thank you so much! :)

    Krupa: feels good to hear!

    Me:Thank you!

    Horizon:Thank you!

  19. Nitu: It wasn't too hard really! It was done in a couple of days! Good lucj with the move!

    Aabha:Thank you!

    Tarang: i did not paint them. I bought them--mixed and matched the colours!


  20. Mahi: Thank you! :)

    Beyond:Thank you!

    Afshan: have to add seating.

    Sai:Thank you!


  21. Sweta: Please do! Thanks :)

    Smita: I guess there are herbal repllants. (neem oil mixed with a little soapy water and garlic I am told works wonders) But if nothing works, one has to use chemicals I guess, at least initially.

    tara:Thanks so much!

  22. Hv tried neem oil and ash already.Will try the concoction u told else i think i will have to resort to chemicals.thanks for letting me the way i completely forgot to mention the last time that those wine bottles look great and make absolutely green use of the junk lying around.i'm on my way to empty a few myself.cya.hic!!!!

  23. Hello !!!

    First of all, i know this blog is about the garden and although i love plants;
    i am going to post about something else here as i see you arent replying in the other blogs...

    I have 2 things to ask you:

    Firstly, are you writing any other novels ? I am seriously running out of books of yours as there are just 3 main ones.... If yes, then please tell me the "title" and launch date or an approximate launch date.....

    Secondly, just out of curiosity;
    are the characters in "Wish List" based on real people ? and real life experience ??
    Like Ankit, Diksha, and that crappy husband of Disha ??

  24. Hi. I am new to gardening. I have just started planning my little garden in my balcony. You make it sound so easy. Its a lovely garden you got. Could you tell me where i can find these pebbles in Bangalore. I have shortlisted some shops for colorful pots from the internet, if you have some favs just let me know so that i dont miss out on good stuff. Waiting for your post on how to add a water body to the garden. Thanks! Budding Gardner- Sujatha


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