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600th post and a giveaway of handmade cards!

The last time I had done a handmade card giveaway on this blog, there was an amazing response! This my SIX HUNDREDTH post!! I cannot believe the places my blog has taken me and the amazing friendships I have made through my blog in different countries. To celebrate my 600th post, I have made these five cards. Four of them are quilled. (My latest fascination. I learnt how to quill recently)

I would be giving away all these five cards to five different people. If you want me to sign it, I can sign it for you, else I can leave the inside blank so that you have a handmade card to sent to anyone special in your life who deserves it! You just have to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. I shall just use a random number generator to pick five numbers--so when you leave a comment, just begin the comment with your comment number. (Person who comments first is No.1, next one No.2 and so on)

You like them?  Want them?

You know what to do! :)
And FB comments are not eligible for this card giveaway! This one is for all those who take the trouble to write me such lovely comments!

I shall announce the five names on 10th December!

ps: You can interact with me on my Facebook page if you have something to say and don't want to comment here!


  1. Absolutely love the cards... Beautifully made :-)

    Congrats on completing the 600 posts

  2. 2. Beauuuutiful cards. really lovely work.

  3. Lovely cards Preeti:)

    Was just thinking about you...and you came up with this post:)
    This is my giveaway for you

    Quilling is fun...even I njoy it:)
    Take care

  4. Oh I like the Just to say card.. Nice concept.. If I don't get the card, Can i copy the concept?

  5. Hi Preeti...those were lovely cards. i've seen a quilling kit with my daughter. want to know how u got those flowers shaped in the yellow card...the last but one

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  7. 7)Exquisite card!!! Loved it :-)

  8. 8. just love the cards:)they are so pretty:):) like the 1st card a lot:) Congrats on your 600th post:):)

  9. 10. I love the cards as much as I love your blog... I would love to receive a card signed by you :)

  10. 9.awwwesome nd lovely cards.u get 'feel good' sense at the instant u c them.congrats for ur 600 th post.:-):-)

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  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. 10. Ahh Preeti the moment I saw some lovely art & craft on your blog, I was happy I had some new idea for my little princess who is a 24x7 lover of art-drawing/painting. As I read your post I am more glad that my comment gives me a probable chance of actually winning this card physically for her! and so is my daughter going to be.

  14. 11 . Got to be my lucky number ...
    i was born on 11 of 11 yayyyyyy

    congrats on the 600th post ..
    all the cards are beautiful ..


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  16. 12. Absolutely adore these cards. Oh yes I want them. Would like to make such cards too. Any links that you can share or maybe a video post on how to make such cards.

    Awesometastic Preeti! Kudos

  17. Congratulations Preeti. 600 is simply an amazing total. The amount of work that went into writing these posts must have been huge. Thank you for lighting up this space.

  18. 14. Heartiest Congratulations Preeti on your 600th post... and yes I so do want that lovely handmade card from you...
    Thank you for bringing a smile on our faces by your beautiful posts...
    Lots of Love and Best Wishes

  19. 15. Really beautiful and lovely cards...
    Congrats for 600th post, it is really very big milestone, Thank you for sharing moments and learnings of you life with us.

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  21. 16. Best wishes Preeti on this milestone. Wish you many many more to come. All the best!
    And I would like my card to be signed by you :-)
    (if I get one, that is!)

  22. 17. 600?! Cheers to that and someday I'll get there myself:) You inspire me to keep at it.

    The cards look lovely and my Mommy's birthday is coming up, I'm hoping I can get one to make my specially thought out present all the more special:)


  23. 18] wow!!! 600th post???? it's ain't so easy...:) keep up the work :)and the cards are amazing.i loved it...:) :)

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. 19. Beautiful portrayal of an artistic mind. The intrinsic beauty of your mind seeks creative expressions and these cards are one of those remarkable outpours of creativity.

  26. 20. Congrats on the 600the post..very lovely cards.

  27. 21. Woohoo! I already have one of these cards, I feel speshull :D

    Though I wouldn't mind another one. And a few more :P

    Hehe. Visiting this space after such a long time, I feel like I've been cut off from civilization. Love the new look of the blog. Love the look of the cards. But what is quilling? *sheepish*

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. 22.
    600th post! my god! me thinks it will take me a lifetime to get there :)) m still at 85
    congratulations :)

  30. 24. lovely! Would certainly consider myself lucky, if i get one of them, of course with your signature!:-)

  31. 25. I think my number should be 26, nevertheless I would LOVE to receive one of these cards; I hope your random number generator picks my number :)

    Btw, congratulations on thee 600-post milestone! You are a very creative person and it shows all aspects.

  32. 25. Quilling looks beautiful. Let me have a look at youtube videos too :) Would love to win a card to gift a dear friend on her wedding :)

  33. 26. Superb Preeti!
    Just love reading you blog, keep going..
    Seeing this post reminded me of my younger sister who loves quilling..She likes doing earrings too, which are just amazing! :)

  34. 27. Amazing cards... call me selfish.. as I have been reading your blog for more than a year silently ..but never commented...

    I loved the cards so much ... trying out my luck here .. :):)Hope luck favours me :):)

    congrats on 600th post... keep writing..waiting for your 3rd book :)

  35. 28.Ur cards are awesome as u are..n yet again It made one of your silent admirer to open.I wud love to have a card signed by U..

  36. 40. They are so beautiful, Preeti! Trust me I have never seen such mesmerizing hand made work. Thanks for this exemplary post and many congratulations for your 600th post.

    I'd like to say here that I get to talk with you through your every post! It's like a private interaction with you! There's a lot to learn from you and I'm so glad that you have this blog. As an avid blogger myself, this blog and your books serve many inspirational purposes of mine. Keep going and smiling like that. :D

  37. 41.
    congrats preeti....way to go...!

  38. 42.

    Congratulations on your 600th post. The cards are beautiful and you continue to inspire so many souls who have long forgot their creative streak and I am one of them. Thank You. Best Wishes!

  39. Those designs and crafts are splendid..:-)
    Simply awesome!!!

  40. 44. Very Elegant and Graceful cards! I have never seen such an appealing hand made cards.
    Congratulations on your 600th Post !!
    Thank You for your continuous Inspiration. Sending love & Blessings to your way!!

  41. 45. Lovely lovely cards.

    Your creativity at its best once again!

  42. 46.The cards are great...Hope I get lucky :)

  43. 47. Heartily congratulations on the 600th post!! And who doesn't want such beautiful handmade cards!!!! I was lucky last time to receive the bookmarks and desperately hoping to get this one too ;)

    God bless u!


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  45. 48. LOVED the cards - totally digging the lime green one....and 600th Post - wonderful! Kudos to your Preeti!

  46. 50: Loved how 40 came right after 29 (in the comments) & glad I wasn't late for reading this post.. I have been on a mission to read thru all posts that happened while I was away..
    Very happy to see the quilled cards. the last one is pretty too..
    Will chk who gets lucky.. 10th is my husband's bday.. I am keeping my fingers crossed..

    & Big Congratulations for the 6 100's :)


  47. ooops, by last I meant the no quilled second last card. hope I got that right now. & I used 50 intentionally :) was hoping someone will post a comment just before me & take the 49th no. ;)

  48. Love the cards...

  49. 53. Lovely cards...esp 3rd one... simple and elegant!!

  50. it's really today's era...people hardly try to make these kind of cards except those who love it...sure it will promote people to come forward with their art that they have left it miles away....

  51. 55. They are so so so cute..Hats off to your creativity :)

  52. Congrats on 600th post, PS :)

  53. Congrats on the 600th post!!!!

    The cards are soo beautiful, imagined you sitting down and painstakingly making them.

    Bond....ummm I mean 57....the number is 57;-D

    ps: tagged ya;-)

  54. 58...58....58...58

    Vazhthukkal. Happy to be a part of your journey here.

    Shall I name you "Sachin of blogs".

    I just followed the number from Nancy above. There are numbers skipped in between. Guess you may end up doing the old time..Writing names and ask Purvi to pick 5 from the lot. ...PURVI...A bar of choc in advance for you.

  55. Aww..these are the bestest cards ever! So so creative. I want! Congrats on your 600th post. :)

  56. Congratulations on your 600th!! Ur blogs are an inspiration!! Ur one of the sunniest people I know! Keep it up and keep bringing joy and cheer to our lives:)

  57. 61 I Really Love Those cards..... And I am waiting for your 3rd Book

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. 62. Hi, Preeti.. Congrats!! Good going!!

    It should be this way. Actually it would have been our pleasure to send you cards for your 600th post.

    On the contrary, U have planned to send it to 5 of us.Really nice on your part.. Thanks for your idea:)

    Congrats again Preeti and all the very best for your posts to cross 1000:)

  60. 63. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Really wondeful to see the marvellous work and eager to feel it with my own hands

    KUDOS for the excellent work and congrats for achieving the milestone of 600th post


  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. 64. Congratulation ma'am.
    Thank you for inspiring us by 600
    sweet moments of your life.
    Keep going :-)

  64. beautiful cards :)

  65. 66.Super, I like all the cards and also I want one. :-) :-)

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. 67.Love those cards.. wish the random number generator says 67 .!!! :)

  68. 68 congrats on ur 600th post preeti.. and generator baba .. u see 68.. u stop there ok.. please..:) :)

  69. Oh man... I am late... still trying my luck... I want them and want to learn this technique too... as i too love making and giving handmade cards :D give me one plzzzz

  70. 70: I am not very lucky person but will try my luck here.

  71. 72. When there are such beautiful cards to win, I can't lurk around :)
    Loved all of them, esp. the quilled ones :)

    And congrats on the 600th :)

  72. 73. Those gorgoeus cards are just screaming "Drop a comment and you can have me":) Lovely cards. I have been an ardent reader and lurker on your blog for the past 2 months. And ofcourse the cards prompted me to leave my first comment.
    Quilling is fun and takes loads of patience. I had made some cards in the past.
    Btw, lovely blog by a lovely, warm person.
    I read in your previous posts that you got married in April end and that you went to Kodai for your honeymoon. Your name starts with P and your spouse's with S. Well, my name starts with S, hubby's with P. We too got married in April end and had gone to Kodai for HM:)

  73. 74. Woohooooo!! Congos on the 600th post.
    Pretty and awesome cards. :)
    Lots of wishes to you and may you reach 1000s soon..
    All your posts are nice and interesting to read.


  74. 65.

    hey!!! Where did my comment go???

    Mine was number 65!!!!!!
    I posted a comment n I am wondering where my comment vanished!!!(Now, i deserve the card coz I posted two comments)!!!! :(

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  76. 75. The cards look very professional and on looking at it one would definitely want to make something similar or get hold of them :-) Congrats on your 600th post, I've found many of them inspiring :-) Glad to know your third book is out in February! :-)

  77. Its really nice...

  78. 76.
    Hope I m able to grab one too....:))

  79. 77. Extremely lovely cards..many congrats on 600th post and waiting eagerly on the 3rd book :)

  80. 78.beautiful..:) congrats on 600 post and hope that I am able to grab one...:)

  81. 79- They look cute =D Hmm I should learn how to quill too.

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. Hi Preeti,

    Though I missed out on the giveaway.. but still would like to appreciate your creativity... simply loved them.. in fact it has inspired me to prepare hand made christmas cards - even my son (aged 9)loved them. :)


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