Friday, December 11, 2009

In India soon :)

Hi all,

Apologies if I have not responded to anyone who has written to me and asked me my travel dates--it is pure oversight. Making amends through this blog post, because I know you would read it for sure! :-)

Many of you wanted to meet me and wanted me to sign your copy of the book. I am reaching Mumbai  on 13th(yes! day after tomorrow!)  noon (Hooray!). I would be leaving on 15th. I am meeting Guru and Shru at this lovely place  (thanks to Guru's suggestion) at  Juhu, Mumbai on 14th (December) morning.  If anyone wants to join us, please let Guru or Shru, know. :-)

I would be in Bangalore from  18th to 22nd. A few of us are planning to meet on 20th (December) morning, at Cafe Coffee Day, Indiranagar, 100 feet road. Prashant  (he won the Royal Challengers Contest and is the Chief blogger of RCB), Prats  and  Varun will be there and Gazal  too. If  you want to join us, please let Prashant or Prats know.

I would be having limited Internet access and so there may be delay in responding to comments. I'd be coordinating about time of meeting with Guru & Shru,(In mumbai) and  Prashant & Prats (In Bangalore).

It is about ten months now since I have been away from India. I am so eagerly looking forward to meeting a few very good friends  and also my lovely niece Gia who just turned 3.

I'm coming home and it feels mighty marvellous! 

This is probably my last post for this year.

So here is wishing you a very merry Christmas and a Happy Happy new year! And if I don't see you in Mumbai or Bangalore, I'll see you here in Jan! :-) 

Oh--and one more thing..Thank you so much for the wonderful support I have been getting here. :-)


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Blue Chrysanthemums (Wordless wednesday no.17)

I stumbled upon this wonderful poem,
I just had to mail it to him.

He slipped away from work at lunch time,
Hiding these blue chrysanthemums
Behind his back.
And he rang the bell.

I laughed in delight
At the unexpected surprise
And he looked at me with a kind of look that comes
Only when love burns with an intense depth

No words were needed
His eyes said it all
But still he said them to me,
"For the most beautiful woman, in my eyes,"

I smiled to hide my bashfulness, my joy
And asked him to have lunch
But my heart had already begun to hum
And it was hard to drown the song.

I still hear the music.
And I smile.
I feel Cherished and loved
The best feeling to have.

© 2009 Preeti Shenoy

For more poems click here. Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.

Photo clicked by Atul Shenoy.
Initially was going to post only the photo for Wordless Wednesday. But the flowers and the feelings associated with it were so beautiful that I had to put it in a poem.

Friday, December 04, 2009

The perfect pet

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A personal note from me to you

What amazing and loyal readers I have! No wonder I keep posting so regularly despite having such a crazily hectic schedule. I also gave my blog a new makeover. It now has all the links right on top, to all the stuff I do, which was missing earlier. I really like the new look and I am sure you will too. The notebook was getting a bit too cluttered and one could not find the tabs. This one is so much simpler, neater and cuter too :-) [New improved like the adverts go] I even managed to fit my 'current mood video' in a tiny box--do listen to it for an instant 'perk me up' feel :-)
So many of you discovered that my blog has been nominated for 'Best personal Blog' by Indibloggies and you wrote to me saying you have already voted for me--even before I asked! I was really surprised by the number of mails I got--A big thank you to all of you who wrote to me and voted for me too.

And if you have been a silent reader it would take you only a minute of your time to make amends. Hold on,Relax! Take a deep breath--I am not asking you to comment :-) You can continue to read silently but please vote for me by clicking here. (and do it right now please) You can scroll down to No.16. You would need to conform your e-mail id and click on the link which is mailed to you and Voila--it is done! It would take you less time to do this, than it takes you to finish reading this post. :-) And you do enjoy reading my blog, don't you? So it is really not too much to ask for. :-)

A writer from Femina is interviewing me and she sent me a few questions mostly about my book. I had completely forgotten about it till she sent me a reminder mail this morning. So you can imagine how I really need to carve time and gather every precious second like digging for diamonds in a mine :-)

The India-visit hormones are working overtime in my system. This is the first time after moving to UK (and it has been 9 months now) that I would be visiting India. (Yes--I will be in India from December 13th to January 2nd) My bedroom is really beginning to resemble a large gift store as I keep buying stuff to give as gifts to my good friends whom I can't wait to meet. I have no idea how I will lug it there and my overworked brain is thinking of amazing solutions like disposable carry cartons.

The children keep asking how many days are left to visit India. I am happy at their eagerness and I push aside the little voice that persistently cheeps saying that their eagerness probably stems up from their desire to eat paani-puri on the roadside rather than any deep patriotism. :-) But hey--as long as they don't lose their Indianness I am happy. (Both have already lost the Indian accents and now talk like Brits when they speak to their friends) They still speak Hindi well, thanks to Bheegi billi and bakwaas bandh kar of 9xM and also all the Hindi movies which a good friend sweetly sent.

My human portraiture course is going really well and I am now able to sketch live models and my pictures are beginning to get better and better.

The month of December has started today and there is such a cold nip in the air! The temperature here this morning was 4 degrees! Despite the cold, it is my favourite month of the year (Of course I was born in December). There are Christmas lights everywhere. There is such mirth and laughter. There is warmth and so much festivity. The whole city is shimmering and a tree measuring 60 feet has been put up in the city centre. Shops are done up marvellously well.

So--this is all the news from my end, folks!

And now I must run to pick up my daughter from her school and see what 'surprise' she has made for me today.



I must mention a big Thanks to Shantharam Shenoy who helped me so patiently to make the tabs open in new windows!