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Which? Who? Why?

  • Which song is this?
  • Who has sung it?
  • Why have I posted this? (Of course I love the song but that's not why I posted it!)
[If you cannot see the media player click on the yellow bar at the top of the page to temporarily allow pop-ups and active-x controls for IE or wait till it loads]

I am not going to tell you (like those over enthusiastic Television Promos) that you'll have a chance to win a Home theatre or a Skoda--after all I am not that rich or that famous. :) But if you are like me, then I know it's hard to resist a challenge. (The first two questions are easy--its the third one which I think might be a tie breaker.Lets see!)

I shall wait for all your answers and then update this post with the link to all who answered it right. (Please don't spoil the fun for yourself by reading the comments before you before you answer!)

Fret not--if you don't have a blog I shall link whatever page you ask me to link (FB profile, Orkut profile , Twitter--you surely have something!) or mention.

Your time starts now!
Here is the update as promised:

More than 200 people visited my blog yesterday.Yet only two got all the three questions absolutely right! Some cheated, read the comments and answered--never mind :) I accept with grace. But the clear winners are

*drum rolls*

Sumit from 'Thoughts of a confused mind' and
one of my favourite bloggers 'Prats from 'Retrospections! Emotional Ecology

The answers are as follows and thank you to all who answered:

The song is '14 years' by Guns N Roses sung by Izzy Stradlin. I posted it because yesterday was a special day-- our 14th wedding anniversary. (The connection betw
een song and day ends here, although I must say I am tempted to sing the song whenever I have a fight with him--heh heh)

We met on 17th of March 1995, very reluctantly because our parents insisted we meet. I was certain that I would not be getting married at that time (as I was only 23 then) and he too was fairly certain that he would meet me, just to get his dad off his back. But life is strange--it is what happens when you make other plans.

We clicked as soon as we met. The thing they say about love in movies and books--that you just know--it is so true! On 27th April 1995, we were married after a dizzy courtship that saw sky rocketing telephone bills and astronomical courier bills (we were based in two different cities).

Now 14 years and two lovely children later, (Touch wood) my face still lights up at the end of the day when I see him and I am so fortunate that I decided t
o follow my heart and it all worked out. (But please don't tell him I said so--He already thinks he is God) :)

The children made two lovely cards for us. My son has mad
e a three dimensional rose and my daughter has drawn me and my husband in great detail. They really took very long over the cards and the messages inside are very touching. We pretended that we did not know that they were making cards for us.

A recent pic of both of us

Socrates had said
"My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher."

He hasn't become a philosopher.So I must be good :) (He is not the only one who is modest in our family. heh heh heh).


  1. which song ? what song? not able to see any link..perhaps blogger is acting up...will come back in a while

  2. There is no link here at all, were you trying to post a video?
    Will check back in some time!

  3. 14 years, Guns n Roses, Izzy Stradlin sang this song instead of Axl Rose.

  4. has it been 14 years since you found Satish? Just guessing!! :P

  5. I rephrase my answer. Its your 14th marriage anniversary.

  6. Why are only men able to hear the song and not the women?!!! :D

    Will wait for everyone and then tell you the right answers :)

  7. ok...there was some problem with the popup, but finally got to hear it...i don't know who sang this but i can hear 14 years...and i'm guessing...right!

    okay let me not answer this here...chk ure FB ..

    have fun, Preeti... :)

  8. the media player isnt playing ... i have read 34 B&C


    I guess you have forgotten me... i mailed u, a year back asking you abt the nuances of publishing a book

    hope you remember now

    thanks for coming to my page


  9. There seems to be some gender conspiracy Preeti...I see no link

  10. SMM: U looked at the comments! Guess if u allow pop up it will.

    Chriz: After you told me I went and searched my mail and then remembered! My pleasure--and thank you for dropping in. :)

    Suma: Yeah--U guessed it madam! Thaaaank you! :)

  11. Preeti...hee hee you caught me :P

    But then I had to tell you that I couldn't see any links. Btw I have enabled pop-ups, but still don't see any links.

    Anyway congratulations on 14 years :)

  12. SMM: maybe its something to do with your browser then as Suma was able to hear it..Thanks :)

  13. Undefined MIME(its not "MIME" its Multiple Internet Mail Extension in Safari

    Firefox cant download Quicktime plugin doing manual dwnld @ the bac when it is done... Also i try in other 4 browsers that i have ;)

  14. I can't see or hear anything :(

  15. Guns N Roses - 14 years, I dont know exactly who sang this one though!!! To be honest, I did not know this, but got help from my better half;-)
    Now, trying hard to think of why this post too!!!?????

  16. If 14 years of living a divine dream can get you going and singing again...I know its looking up and great ....pray that you have many more years of singing in the rain and dancing on the ceiling...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE LOVELY COUPLE :)
    And when the Guns shoot off and the roses stream down...may you know , no fourteen years of pain...
    Fourteen years of pain- by Guns n Roses


  17. this ofcourse is the great Guns N roses heree...singing 14 years...
    and the lyrics did give the hint that your 14th wedding anniversary is around the corner...
    I really think am right...for sure!

  18. I had no idea who sung it - waiting to see which you pick as the right answer.

  19. Happy 14th years of bliss Preeti :)

    I hope I get s'thing right here :p

  20. Wishing you a very very happy anniversary!! You are such a lovely couple. Wishing you love, tender and wonderful life together.


  21. Hey Preeti

    Congratulations!!..Wishing you many such happy "14s" :)

    Song is awesome!!

  22. Happy Anniversary Preeti.. ! Wish you many more to come..

  23. Hey Happy Anniversary :)

  24. wow....14th wedding anniversary...great!! Congrats and many more happy returns of the day!! Have a great year ahead!

  25. hey belated wishes on your wedding anniversary.. Sorry i could not hear the song earlier due to some error that i told earlier..but thats not what the point is... May you have many many more such happy moments in your life.. and kudos to your kids...

    I like what socrates said..and am in no hurry to be a philosopher.....

  26. Hey wish you a happy anniversary :D, belated-ly though :)

  27. ishing you a very very happy anniversary!!

  28. Happy Anniversary!! On most counts, I could say 'me too', except having kids! :-)

  29. There was no way I could have got answers to those questions. But now that you have given us the answers, a belated anniversary wish to you! Hope you had a wonderful day! Convey my wishes to Satish too. Do post some anniversary pictures. Or is it already online on any of the social networking sites?

  30. best wishes, a day delayed though, for a time future better than today :)
    14 years of happiness is long for some, short for the rest,
    let for you, it be the beginning :)

  31. Happy happy wedding anniversary :-)

  32. Happy anniverasry!! Preeti & satish..& though its a bit belated..who will be happier than me to wish you both..having been there on your D-day...& knowing that you were'made for each other" back then.even before I knew or met Satish until that day!! it the Aquarian Intuition..& even at the cost of sounding vain about that..I must say.." I was right!! "..:)

  33. Hey, Happy Anniversary Preeti - Somehow I could never hear the song :( something wrong with the browser or firewall at work that prevents it from loading....

    Lovely picture of both of you :)

    Be Blessed!


  34. I am seeing the post after the asnwers were given![:(]
    Doesent matter ...
    Wish you both a very Happy Anniversary !!
    Even I assume some read the comments and answered.. Next time hide comments initially.. to avoid cheating! ;);)

  35. o.m.g. Jee whiz! Good golly! Happy anniversary!! :)

    nice cozy picture btw!


  36. EM: thank u :)

    Swathy: i didn't know you could hide comments! :P Will do that next time!

    Shachi:Thank U! Just search fo GNR 14 years on youtube or google..its a nice song.

    SVK: ha ha ha--you are ALWAYS right my friend!

  37. Chitra:Thank you!

    Sumit:What a lovely thing to say!Thanks!

    Varun: I think have put some on FB.But for anniv--it was just four of us--very private.

    Pretty woman: Thank u :) After having kids many things change but love remains the same --in fact it multiplies!:P

    sushobhan:Thank u!

    Chinmayi:Thank U!

  38. Shantaram: you may not become a philosopher after all! :)

    Durga:Thanks a lot!

    Dhanya:Thank you! :)

    Veena: thank U!

    Prakhar: :) Many more 14s? I hope u arent referring to children :P Two are enuff! Jokes apart--thanks!

    Karthik: thank u!

    Still thinking: very right! Thank u!

    Pink dogwood: Done! :)

  39. Praveen: Yes u are!! Thank U :)

    Prats: U are one terrific lady! Hugs and very impressed by your knowledge..Thanks a lot!

  40. :)...

    happy wedding anniversary...

    I didnt even attempt to open the link...iam glad i didnt...sitting in the office and suddenly filling it with the beats of 14 years wud have looked a wee bit unprofessional :)

    have a great life u two..

  41. :)...its gud to be the boss, i guess...

  42. Happy Anniversary Preethi!!!!!!

    Wishing U many, many more:-))!!!!!

  43. was too late in replying.. so I guess I'll just say Happy Anniversary.. wishing you all the happiness life has to offer.

  44. i would hope for that tooo...but am tooo young to even think about marriage and stuff..girlfriend(S) would de perfectly well with me though...

  45. I must say Preeti, that is a really romantic story and so touching to read. Congrats on 14 years of marriage and two amazing is to wishing you another 90 at least :P.

    And btw absolutely love the quote by Socrates...hadn't heard/read that one before!!

    -the other shru

  46. :) Thank you lady!!!! When you are afan of G n R things get easy...
    Hope you had a great celebration...and please tell the kiddos that their card was so lovely...( I'm sure you'll echo what I feel....and you'll treasure it more than anything.)

  47. Congrats on ur 14th year anniversary!!!!

    Ur kids r amazing! n very creative too! cards r just too good!

    n the arranged-turned-love-story s very romantic n touching(Touchwood)!!!

  48. i like when i come across happy stories :)

  49. Sanely insane: Well i like happy stories too :P

    Hunter: thanks so much! :)

    Prats: me too like GNR :)

    Only one:Thanks! Socrates one was a well known quote i thought.

    shantharam: of course! There's a time and place for everything.

    Roshan: Thanks!

    Nanacy:Thaaank u!

    Tys: BJE ;-)

  50. wow...thats probably the fastest return i've ever got to a random visit :)

    will check out your book the next time i visit a book store...(which isnt too often even though i love books :P )

    if u get time...u may like to read the story Rehaana on my'd be interesting to hear your comments on it

  51. the cards are lovely...and i'm sure they added to the specialness of the day :)

  52. Awwww!!THat was cute!! happy anniversary

  53. Awwww!!THat was cute!! happy anniversary

  54. nice song...they are a great band!

    you both look so great together. lOng live!

  55. A very very Happy Wedding Anniversary (belated) to the two of you :D Wish you both all the happiness this world has to offer :)

  56. here are my wishes to the couple for all these years of togetherness and many more to come.. was just wondering if after so many years of knowing each other you guys still fight or argue or silly simple things like newly wed couples usually do? or at this stage what are the things that spices up life for you guys if we were to call them(fights) some spice:) and are you the one who makes up after such fights....u dont hv fights will be too noble an answer but just wondering if u could tell, only if u dont find it rude of me asking...

    I am sure you had a great anniversary!!

  57. Mindspace: of course we fight! :) I think its only couple who are really close that can fight..It proves that the spark/fire is still there in your marriage.And making up after fights is the fun part..whoever is in the wrong makes the first move and then we laugh over it ;-)

    Stillness speaks: thanks a lot!

    Aparna:Thanks so much!

    Prats:Thank u!!

    Suma:Oh yes--they did.thanks!

    sanely insane: if u send me a printout will read--somehow i hate reading long stories on comp! Prefer books or printed matter! Too old fashioned i guess!

  58. Missed this post before! Happy Anniversary and Many Happy Returns!


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