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A longing for things that can never be

Longings churn like lazy broth
Bubbling from the depths of my soul
Rising upwards like billowed smoke.

Unable to contain themselves any longer
Tears swell and fall
Make their way down.

At least they know where to go
Unlike me
For I am utterly lost without you.

If a tear drop could speak, this is what it would say
I yearn for a glimpse of you
It would keep me going a long way
I yearn to hear the sound of your laughter
It would give me strength to face another day
I yearn to feel the warmth of your hand in mine.
It would make me believe that nothing else mattered.

I seek out substitutes,
Looking for you in others
Hoping they will take away
A part of the longing, or at least a part of the pain
But none match up to you.

Why did you have to be so perfect?
And why can’t some things ever be?
Why is finality all binding like death?
I know you cannot answer me for you are helpless too
Despite your irrefutable love for me
Or perhaps because of it.

And so, the broth brews
Billowed smoke continues rising
The tears continue falling as an outlet for longing.

A longing for things
That can never be.
© Preeti Shenoy
Kindly do not reproduce without permission


  1. I m speechless Preeti...

    Good luck

  2. Preeti,

    This one is really very touching.

    "Longing for things that can never be"

    That's so true.

    Absolutely loved it

  3. chinmayi: Thank you..

    Prateek: Thanks..some things truly can never be..Depressing but true.

  4. Hi Preeti

    I was sooooooooo happy to see that you updated the blog...:-)
    But my mood changed in just another second as I started reading this poetry.

    It is truly beautiful but I hope this never happens to anyone:(

    Longing for things that can never be would just be like being caught in a deadlock with no way out.

  5. Akanksha: So sorry about that..Maybe I should have put a warning at the beginning! But yeah--sometimes things like these happen..and someone once said that Only unrequited love can be truly romantic.There is beauty in pain too!

  6. Hi , although your posts nowadays are not so frequent they are all worth the wait, guess you are tied up wit much these days, you have inspired me to be more positive in life , thanks and take care

  7. oh no..i wasnt ready to face that...not yet!

  8. Hmm, It's a wonderful poem. But I'm used to your posts lifting me rather than putting me in a sombre mood. Again, taking nothing away from the beauty of the poem, maybe it affects me so much, because it is so good.


  9. Dear Preets

    This is wonderful. Check out mine, and you'll know why :)


  10. And btw, I feel my inspiration rekindling...

  11. beautiful... you still miss him very badly, don't you?

  12. Guru: With all my heart and soul and then some more!

    EM:Thanks..Yes--I did!

    Raouf: Will try and post more often now. Have relocated to UK and was busy settling down. Thank you..Sometimes my posts are sad too.

    Pavi: Hmmmm..What do I say?!

    Aquarius: Thank you and glad they inspire you to be positive. In the end thats all what matters..

  13. Your words always make me strong and inspires me to fight back,but today I realized that author are human being too
    I was looking for a very energetic post(like most of yours).but I find this one total different.
    I don't know it is good or bad.After reading it, I cant decide whether I am happy or sad
    but too emotional.
    It reminds me of a hindi poem(It was in my course when I was in 9th standard)

    अपने ही जब खो बैठे,तो औरों की क्या बात है
    चुप हो सह ले पगले आया जो आघात है
    और बनता तभी प्रपात है

    आघात = a emotional setback
    प्रपात =fountain

    (Sorry I can't translate the above lines)

  14. Preeti - I'm SO feeling that, in different areas of my life than you, but the same feeling.

    I haven't been brave enough to put it in a poem, though... maybe someday...

  15. Preeti, thank you for sharing this. I know its for that one person in your life that you miss everyday and I think he would be so proud of you if he could see you now. And I dont mean this as a cliche.

    But I do believe a part of him lives on in everything you pen down, this was a wonderful piece and it touched my soul.

    God Bless You and may everyone be as strong as you are when that dreaded day arrives for us all.

    -the other shru

  16. Good Try!!!
    Lovely lines...
    All the Best!

  17. Hi Preeti,
    long time! am so glad i checked your blog today. I can relate to every bit of it.
    Am ok so to say. Will write to you in detail.

  18. Who says time is a great just numbs the pain...

    touching beautiful poem...and i just so wish i could turn this virtual hug into a real one...


  19. Preeti, this makes me cry. Tears of joy? or tears of sorrow? Who knows?

  20. Deviating from your ususal mood uplifting posts, this poem surely stands tall in its own niche genre and the essence of each and every word strikes a chord with my soul.
    " There is love in pain nd suffering also"

  21. Very touching. Have the same feeling as I long for my dad.I am sure your inspiration for this poem is also someone like that.

    "Why cant things ever be". A very crude aspect of nature.

  22. very touching and very true

  23. so beautiful, so touching. You have said something that I would like to say to my Ma...if only she was here..if only..

  24. I've no words! This is so very touching.. Extremely poignant and profound.

    Some things can never be. And there are no substitutes either. And no matter how hard you try, at times, the pain refuses to subside. So agree with your thoughts.

  25. Really a poignant poem PS...And one which is true as well...

    Kudos to you for coming up with it & sharing it with us.


  26. Very touching...struck a chord in my heart....

  27. May peace and calm be with you at these times.

  28. Niall: thank you

    Revathi: :-)

    Shachi:Thank you

    Palsworld: Thank you

    Stillness speaks: talk to you soon!

  29. NM : I know...Can relate to that very well indeed.

    UJ:Thank you

    Hari:Thank you

    Marilyn: thank you

    Suma: :-) :-)

    Chitra: Will look forward to your mail


  30. Only one: Hmmmmmm....Well, thank you for your kind words.

    Sue: Do write it! Its a poem after all!

    Anutosh: Authors are very real people!! It would be impossible for anybody to be happy all the time unless of course they were faking it. This is a poem that expresses longing and pain. If it has touched you, then as a writer I feel fulfilled. The lines you shared are beautiful too..I do read Hindi!

  31. Remembering are you? It's always; always good to remember coz then you feel they're not that far after all. But the yearning stifles sometimes, I understand.

    Beautiful poem! Just made me miss my Dad even more coz it's Easter tomorrow.

    TC Preeti and keep well.

  32. lovely lovely lovely.

    you got the message across!

    nice day Pri!

  33. feelings of angst potrayed so well!! words wrung out from deep inside...

  34. Amazes me, how few lines can bring out the entire world in your soul!!
    I've re-read this post a couple of times, but never knew how to react.
    It brought out the emotions stark and clear. Lovely!!

  35. hey.. I like this one. Its almost like u wrote down my thoughts. This one has a tinge of melancholy unlike ur other posts. Good work Preeti :)

  36. Oops, wrong blog...

    Someone hacked your blogger a/c?


  37. Nikhil: Ur H and Ur T and Ur BFB :D

    Pointblank:Thank you..yeah it was intended to be so.

    Prats:Thank u

    Onlooker:Thank u

    Iriz:Happy it managed to capture that.Thanks

    Still thinking: Yes--sometimes outlet is good.Happy Easter and best wishes!

  38. lovely! very moving..

  39. this is happening to me, my BF is not marrying me cos he doesn want to go against his parents, cos we are from diff religion, and i cannot live without him

  40. this is a beautiful poem Ps! really lovely! :)

  41. Preeti,
    Beautiful portrayal!! I know, no one can be replaced and I sincerely hope there is nothing that can take away dear ones from us. Not a single day pass where I do not feel,
    but then world is so:-(
    Your words are truly touching..!!!!

  42. That was beautiful indeed...

    (Its my first visit to your blog. And now you got me hooked :-) )

  43. beautiful:) really touching:P
    love d way u write n express in words.

  44. beautiful!

    but that 'longing' can be what keeps us going...that can be what gives us hope somehow.


  45. Keshi: Yes--that is so true. Profound observation.

    Aashi:Thank you!

    Puja:Thank you!

    Durga: But no matter who is taken away Life/world goes on! Thanks!

  46. Sunshine: Thank you

    Pooja: I hear you..Wishing you luck.

    AV:Thank you

    Winnie:Thank you.

  47. I generally dont read poems nor do I reply to any comments made on my blog. But this poem, as you said, completely encapsulates what I'm feeling right now.

    Can I reproduce your poem on my blog?


  48. OC: Kindly mention my name and link back to this site when you reproduce. In case this poem gets chosen for publication (as many of my poems have been published) then you might have to remove it too. (as I would be removing from my blog)
    And I think not replying to comments is extremely rude.

  49. Touched deeply!!!
    While I was reading it, the image of my mother whom I lost 5 years ago was completely on my mind. I just wish she was here and I could only put my head on her lap and all my fears,anxieties and insecurities would come to an end.. But that longing can never be realized, not at least until I am in this life, in the same body consciousness.


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