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Laughter is a gift

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. Gosh Preethi....I thot I was a Boo specialist but u turned out to my guruji;-o

    U knw I can startle anybody but never was able to startle my husband....after 10 yrs I got curious & asked him how it was tht he never got surprised.
    After much prodding he told me "When it goes unusually quiet in the house I knw"


    Once again...lovely post!!!!!!

  2. LOL!!! ROFL!!![I read your post at office...trying to suppress laughter...poor insurance agent :P)
    true whats life without laughter :D

    keep it up :P

    cheers and laughter

  3. I was just imagining the look on your husbands face when you frightened the wits out of the insurance man...that must have been worth millions :)

    Yes!!! laughter does creep in , in many forms...its our way of treating it sons still burst the tetra packs and scare the guts out of me...but when they do that in makes me want to scream at them....but hey whats life without humour once in a while

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. ha ha ha ! I can imagine the insurance guys reaction. Hope all is well with you :-)

  6. Ha ha ha..i was in smiles by the end of it.I do this often especially hiding behind the door and Boooo.My 7 year old loves it while my husband thinks i have lost it as usual :D :D
    But yes laughter is the best way to shift energy from sombre to cheerful :)
    lovely post

  7. Booing is fun..i vouch for it too..
    and the post was hilarious...i imagined the insurance agent's face and the entire scene and couldn't help laughing aloud...

  8. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Hi Preeti,
    I have never commented on your blog before, not because i didn’t want to but because i was worried abt what would be the most appropriate thing to write (Like you have mentioned in one of ur earlier posts).
    But this post was so irresistibly good that not commenting on it would be a legal offence.
    I have to tell you i have loved all your posts and intend to read your book too (sorry haven't found the time till now)
    Keep posting.....

  9. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Hi Preeti,
    I have never commented on your blog before, not because i didn’t want to but because i was worried abt what would be the most appropriate thing to write (Like you have mentioned in one of ur earlier posts).
    But this post was so irresistibly good that not commenting on it would be a legal offence.
    I have to tell you i have loved all your posts and intend to read your book too (sorry haven't found the time till now)
    Keep posting.....

  10. ah sounds similar to what happened two days back. husband was coming back from somewhere n asked me to come down so we go together for a walk. he was waiting near the lift when i told him that i cam coming down from the stairway with the garbage bag to be disposed off. so he quickly walked to that side of the bldg, stood in silence with the same intentions as urs. wicked ppl i say! just as i opened the door to step outside the bldg, i see two startled chinese girls doing omg omg omg.. i wondered what happened to them and could only understand the whole scene when i saw the husband standing sheepishly around the corner who had scared the wrong chic thinking it was me :P. The girls saw me n then were relieved a little. else they were gonna feel that man was one crazy mad fellow scaring random strangers...

    hahaha.. i couldnt stop laughing after that.. sorry to take up ur comment space but if i post it on my blog, he will say how mean am i :D


  11. i was just imagining how the reaction will be.I ended with a smile on my face.keep writing


  12. I'm a boo specialist too.... drives my wife nuts!!!

  13. that was atrocious and hilarious... i'm sure the insurance sales guy also must have had a good laugh narrating it to his colleagues... i'm sure incidents like this are stuff that sales legends are made of! :P

  14. youre one talented lady. awesome.

  15. Thank you for giving me something to laugh about. :) Literally laughed out loud at work and now am suppressing giggles. :)

  16. Good post! Reminds me to do the jumping out at my kids more often while we're walking around the corner to the lift!

    As for hubby, I have concluded her is un-boo-able. The guy was born unsurprised!

  17. There are teh "intentionally" provided laughs and then the unintentional the time i went n hugged who-i-thot-was my husband from behind @ a mall..n it hppnd to be a stranger! I could have been "only" embarassed but the scared look on teh guy's face made me laugh...hard!

    n playin peek-a-boo with rishab(sis's 3 yr old)..gosh that makes both of us laugh like we have inhaled laughing gas or sumthing!

  18. lovely post!
    I must say though, my family is definitely the BOO kinda of people. We do it all the time!! Its my mom's favorite way of scaring people!

  19. The poor insurance salesman, he must have got an insurance policy for himself lest he got a heart attacks from clients like you. Lol!!

  20. Hey, this really cracked me up!! I have always been the prankster of the lot (being the eldest, meant I was reprimanded heavily :P).

  21. I guess you ended up pulling a fast on yourself :)

    Great way to keep the humor around!!

  22. good one.. I used to do a lot of booing too :) .. for a long time, my husband would be cautious before entering any quiet room, coz he would wonder where i would spring up from.. :)

  23. I remember the day Atul was punished! And I was so very supportive of his act :D What's life without a little bit of laughter ;)

    A very sweetly written post :) How are you all doing?

  24. I imagine that the insurance policy Satish should have been considering was one insuring against sudden death caused by ...for example, people jumping out unexpectedly and shouting Boo!...

  25. this happens once in a lifetime perhaps :) it will always make you laugh whenever you think of it, right?

  26. Anonymous11:58 PM

    What a delightful story. Laughter certainly does make the world go round.

    I have to admit I've been here for while. Your comment on Facebook was a kind of BOO to me!

    I'll be back for more.

  27. lol! ur post def had me laughing out loud! :)
    the 'boo' was employed by my bro and me to scare each other a lot of times!! and i loove doing the paper bag burst as well!
    its been forever since ive tried such stuff!

  28. heh heh!
    The 'boo' was the bane of my younger brother's existence courtesy yours truly.
    I tried the 'paper bag' on my grandfather once, and the rest of the day was spent running away from him.

    p.s: My first time: hi!!

  29. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Poor insurance chap, I'm sure he would have taken a policy for himself after that ;)

  30. Yet another lovely post, I think we had paper bag only for coffee powder I guess, even we do the same thing. But once I did the boo boo thing with an uncle and he got so angry and shouted at me infront of everyone. The only one who jumped into the air out of the prank was me :)

  31. Lol! gawd! you're naughty (read that in a nice way please) :D

    You know something, I easily get scared with this 'Boo' thing. I still remember my first day of college (that's so long ago, in my 11th grade) a guy played a prank and did the 'boo' as soon as i entered the class. He got an earful from me. We hated each other instantly (I know, I'm weird and mad and no SOH at all! (those days);)). But that in some way broke the ice as well, 2-3 weeks down the line he became my lab!

    P.S: Plz don't try it on me, my heart beats faster! :p

  32. thanks.we too had a good laugh.

  33. your post in office!!! still laughing!! poor sales guy...he must be so embarrassed!!

  34. hahaha...A post that had me laughing out loud while reading. one of my friends thought i had join some kind of laughter therapy sessions. When i told him to read your post he also went into frenzied laugh. Laughing like yawning is infectious.. Surely this post was a delight to read..

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. hahaha....a nice one again preeti, i like to burst out plastic bags and do boos all the time, that sure makes ur day a cheerful one...

  37. ROFL.. Poor insurance agent :)

  38. nice post!! and its sheer coincidence that I am reading it today!! just today afternoon I got a call frm a cousin..and the conversation went hilarious for some silly reason ...and we were laughing uncontrollably..and had to actually disconnect the call abruptly coz we couldn't even manage to say a muffled bye...lolz

  39. hahahah....poor insurance agent!!! I do both the paper bursting and the boooo thing...they are small small things that make life interesting isnt it!!? Beautiful post....bought back some good old memories as well!!

  40. Me and vinu were newly married and decided it was a good idea for vinu to wear a white towel in our dark kitchen and move his hands up and down to scare his sheepish friend. Till date i will not forget the look on the face of his friend who dashed by us like as if his life depended on it. i giggle like crazy when i think of it :) I hope the insurance salesman recovers...

  41. preeti, i've tagged you...see if you want to do it :)

  42. That insurance agent ...poor guy....he must have also tried this on somebody

  43. Hi Priti
    I stumbled upon your blog by chance long back and have been a faithful (albeit a lurking!) reader since then. I simply love the way you write.Havent read your book as yet but hope to do so soon !
    Don’t know you personally but have become your follower on friend connect. Hope u don’t mind!

  44. Ruch: Of course not! In fact thank you! :)

    Ashish: Don't know! But yeah i did feel sory for him.

    Suma: Did see--lovely tag..i think i'd like to do it..My next post!

    Ranjini: ha ha ha I can imagine vineeth doing that!! :D Now whenever i visit u or you visit us, i must be extra careful!

    Durga: hee hee--yep i agree.

    namita: I laughed reading your comment--oh yes--i have also laughed crazily like that!

    Dhanya: :-) Yeah--poor guy.

    Priya: U're my own kind! Delighted to meet a fellow paper bag burster and a boo-er :)

  45. Sushobhan: U know i was laughing like crazy when i was typing it :)

    Chirpy paaro: Actually i was also very embarrassed. i hid in the kitchen and did not come out till he left!

    rm: :-)

    still thinking: Nice to be naughty! :-) and i thought it was quite exciting to get boo-ed on! :)

    Srivats: what a spoil sport of an uncle! :) nd isn't it great fun to burts that bag? :-)

    Rohit: ha ha ha--yeah I am sure!

    Phatsez: LOL..really laughed after reading your comment..I have a grandfather story too--will save that for another post--and yeah--hi!

  46. Sunshine; Oh you must! Life is too short to not burst paper bags or do boo! :)

    Keithsrambling: Well, on facebook, you asked and i answered--thats all! BTW I have relocated to UK now..where in Uk are you?

  47. preeti: makes me laugh many many times!

    Niall: never asked. Was too embarrassed to ever bring it up! lol.

    Stillness speaks: oh--our stuff arrived--and unpacking without help is a nightmare.will try and catch u on skype.

    Veena: heh heh--simple pleasure of life!

    Yogesh: it was worth it! :)

  48. Sumit: i am the older one too--and these younger ones they always get away scot free don't they?

    Prats: He must have! I wasnt his client..satish was! :)

    Only one: I would love to meet your family--i am sure they are a great bunch of fun people.

    Pavi: LOL LOL--i could imagine it..I'd have been very embarrassed!

    Starry eyed: ha ha -your husband reminds me of a friend I have--NOTHING surprises him--not even an electric shock pen (a mild one) that i once tried on him. Like u said he was born unsurprised!

    Laksh: Oh i was laughing too!!

  49. Writer: Thank u!

    Guru: Yeah--i am sure he must ahve told his friends about his nightmare of a sales call. :-)

    Arjun: LOL..Boo-specialist is a nice term.

    Jyoti: only smiled?!! I'd have laughed rolling on the floor :D

    Mind space: ROFL!! LOL!! Laughed and laughed after reading your comment..God! sill laughing..If there was a prize fo comments yours would win hands down! :) :) Do u mind if i mention your comment as a addendum to my post? Pls let me know.

  50. amsko: Glad u decided not to commit the legal offence!! :-) Happy to meet u and thank you for delurking and letting me know.

    Suma: :D we're a lot alike--you and i.

    Jyotsna: U must tell your husband that hiding behind doors and scaring people is extremely essential in life! :-) How boring not to! :)

    Chitra: :-) Yeah--all well!

    prats: my daughter did that today (bursting a tetra pack) and i got a real start and then laughed :)

    Chinmayi: :D :D I laughed so much while typing out that post.

    Nancy: Your comment about me being your guru in boo-ing cracked me up completely! And hey--thanks!

  51. A first timer on your blog!
    Just thinking of the poor insurance agent & giggling to myself!
    Btw, I love boo-ing to.... ;))))
    Will follow you & come back to read more....

  52. Your post brought back my childhood prank into life. I tried to startle my uncle and instead I fell for my own trick or rather failed.

    My uncle who usually drives his car decided to bring a driver along as he had clients with him. I jumped in front of the porch from no where to startle him before he drove to the garage. It so happened the car stopped so obediently and waited oh so patiently. I moved away and watched the car drive to the garage wondering why my uncle dint honk and scream out of the car. I later found out that the driver got yelled at my uncle for stopping the car half way through without any orders :) and he couldnt even explain my crazy act as there were clients sitting behind with my uncle. I was laughing at the poor driver but was also so embarassed to have acted wild in front of a driver who worked for my uncle from there on :).

  53. Was a prankster myself too during my younger days, i guess i should resume it at home and at the workplace, great way to de-stress , how about a post on raising kids, i got a 2 and 3 year old , am at my wits end most of the time

  54. You have just been awarded the "Honest Scrap" award.
    To claim your badge and pass it on, go to
    Considering the popularity of your blog,I know awards won't be new to you. But this is my token of love to one of my favorite blogger who always writes so beautifully and brings a smile to my face :)
    Again, Congratulations on a wonderful blog!

  55. hahahhaha, the poor poor insurance agent...he must almost hav had a heart failure...heheh

  56. Enigma; he was fine till he left my home. I am not responsible for what happened later :-)

    Dhanya: Much appreciate it! Have already visited and collected! Thanks!!

    Acquarius: I guess "This too shall pass" has to be the mantra! h age gap between mine is 3 and a half years--so i am not really qualified to comment!

    Fay:Poor driver! and wickedly i found your narration funny too!

    SGD: Welcome and welcome :)

  57. FUNNY!! u really are a "SURPRISE PACKAGE" Satish hats off... ;) i remember doing lots BHOWWWWS meself but always it was @ intended ppl not any insurance agents... probably one thing we did tht was really funny was to pull down the shorts of one of our relatives in PUBLIC :) ;) when we were playing a game on the day before my "UPANAYANAM"..lots more such incidents...

  58. that was so hillarious...poor insurance agent

  59. Hi Preeti,
    V late to reply to you.. i was away from all modes of communication to attend a meditation course all this while.
    just read ur comment reply n other posts of urs.. loved them. will comment there separately. this one is just to let u know that yes ofcourse you can do so - i still laugh thinking of that moment :D n had myself tempted so much to blog it but them thot let me not be mean. now when u ammend ur blog, i shall send the link to ur post to him to read n lemme see his reaction.. muhahahahaha....
    (I hope mind space meant me only though :P)

  60. hello preeti,
    stumbled upon your blog by chance last week and i've been "lurking" around since...but this one was irresistable...i was laughing so badly that i had tears in my eyes...and i simply couldnt control the laughter...
    been reading through your other posts as well...and i absolutely loved these -
    1. finding the right woman to marry
    2. finding the right man to marry
    3. are you in the life of a child (i also took the liberty to email the post to my husband & a few friend,since you had already approved it for SS)
    I still have a lot more to read in here...
    Love the way you write...keep going!!!



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