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What is the meaning of life?

Apologies if you have come here looking for a post to read. This will soon appear in a book. I had to remove it as making it available online would be very unfair to my publishers who have placed so much trust in me. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding. Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


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  2. Well, it's nothing very special. Uh, try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations....and never forget the answer to all of life's questions: "Because.."

  3. "Meaning of life"..I have often believed there are no meanings of life or rather what we have are aims in our life..To be a good student..To be a good parent..To be a good colleague..And the aims keep evolving as we grow older.

    For me it trickles down to just two questions.

    1) Are you happy about yourself and true to your conscience?
    2) Are you making others happy about what you do?

    I think if we have an YES for both the questions it infact makes the question of our meaning in life irrelevant!!

  4. Life to me is mystery at every step. It feels great to know how people take charge of their life and be big achievers.
    Life is all about being and feeling happy in every situation.

  5. :)

    beautiful post PS! my father told me life isnt fair everytime i whined saying its not fair! but he also always told me that there are MORE good people in this world and thats why it continues to function.

    its upto us to be fair and good to others around and hope that a good turn gets another! :)

    life for me is to share happiness and grief and keeping the wonderment alive for as long as you can! and i firmly believe in keeping it simple. life is indeed as simple as you keep it! :)



  6. The meaning of my life is to be happy and let others be Happy too. To be a good daughter, a good sister, a good wife and a great mom !
    I'm sorry but I'm going to digress here a bit, I want to know what you think... Why is it that India doesn't have a Women's basketball team in the Olympics? Why is it that in India, sports are not encouraged as a career? And academics are given utmost importance? I am sure that even the most intelligent of people admire the best sportsmen, don't you?

  7. To live it to the full...but within limits oxymoron
    Waah, waah Nancy..u r a genius.
    Now coming back to the topic...
    What I said above makes perfect sense to me!!!
    But does it make any sense to u:-)?

  8. as usual Ps I missed an important point.....
    a beautiful post.....

    p.s - U r starting to become my conscience:-(.
    p.p.s - And dont be misled by the emoticon, its supposed to be a compliment

  9. My mantra: We are not here just to survive, but to excel in life :)

  10. I think the points you include at the bottom of your post are great.

    Of course, I was always under the impression that the answer to life the universe and everything was ...42.

  11. The meaning of life... is to make sure it's useful.. to me... and those around me!
    ..the rest is ..well - not so meaningful!!

  12. Hi P your blog left me thinking whether I have lived my life up to its full satisfaction. Yes Preeti. Dad was absolutely right. Living in the present . Living for now & living for others happiness is the sucess mantra in life. God bless Beautiful post.

  13. Meaning of life simplified... Wow! :D

    Check out the 'sunscreen' song by Baz Luhrmann. It's more like an advice for the youth.

  14. Hey PS,

    Seems like a coincidence that I am now reading The Meaning of Life by Viktor Frankl. It's a beautiful book; have you read it? Please do if you haven't; am sure you will love it.

    And beautiful and, more importantly, thought provoking post. As usual!


  15. Hey PS,

    Seems like a coincidence that I am now reading The Meaning of Life by Viktor Frankl. It's a beautiful book; have you read it? Please do if you haven't; am sure you will love it.

    And beautiful and, more importantly, thought provoking post. As usual!


  16. Hey PS,

    Seems like a coincidence that I am now reading The Meaning of Life by Viktor Frankl. It's a beautiful book; have you read it? Please do if you haven't; am sure you will love it.

    And beautiful and, more importantly, thought provoking post. As usual!


  17. I believe the meaning of life is to find a balance between intellect and heart. Really enjoyed reading this post :)

  18. My father never gave me a satisfying answer to this question. I always asked him "Why are we here?" He would say. "For each his own. you have you find out your own purpose or reason. For some there is no reason or purpose." I didn't get it back then, but now it makes perfect sense.

    For me Life is all about the moment. The moment that is NOW. Be your best at that time and things will automatically fall into place.

    has worked for me till now.

  19. to do super specialization and match my fathers education[phd in electronics]..:)

  20. This was a so profound, just as your question to your dad so many years ago was...and he was so right.
    I guess my life would be given a whole lot of meaning when I leave behind footprints which remind people of the honesty with which I lived and thought of. A happy family, content with what they have and smiles at every corner of their lives...I guess life would be complete then

  21. When my girls were young I loved how much they needed me and always used me as a touchstone when things got a little too much for them. As they headed into their teens (one is 18, the other 15) I was joyful that they were such strong and indepenent young women but a part of me was sad that they might not want to use me as that touchstone any more. I am pleased that every night they curl up on the bed with me and tell me about their days, what they have have been doing, what they are hoping to do and all sorts of other bits of their life.
    I am amazed at myself, considering my own upbringing and how distant and abusive my parents were, that I managed to form such a wonderful bond with my daughters.
    For me, the meaning of life has always been a two parter, to take care of one another and to learn from the past but the present and the future is mine to shape.

  22. Preeti,

    Read MEN and What is the meaning of life today. I could not have agreed with you more for categorising Men. Very true picture. For this one, I tried to be more of a friend to our both children - girl & boy who are both parents now, and tried to satisfy their inquisitiveness. You must follow your father for bringing up your children.

    Take care

  23. Good one! Made me think of it anew..Will let you know when I figure it out!

  24. Brief Intro: Am new to blogging. Found ur posts intersting.

    Well this one is thought provoking. I read somewhere "The purpose of life is to live a life with purpose".

    Meaning of life according to me wud be
    1) To do what you love - There are somethings under ur control. For eg choosing ur career, taking up hobbies that interests you, marry the one u love etc. So go all out to get'em.

    2) To love what you do - There are things that you may be forced to do. For eg the job you are in, house u live, pple around you etc. You may not necessarily like them but you may be forced to live with them though they may hv a great influence on ur life. So be thankful to the almighty and love what you are doing.

  25. hey!!! Got to let you know that you've been tagged yet again by me...sounded interesting....I hope you can take it up

  26. If you click this link, it is a really great meaning of life site...
    The Meaning of Life

    ... And I always loved that poem, too.

  27. lovely blog di!!
    I never thought it was so easy to define life if you break it into smaller segments,thus defining each mode of it..
    Makes more sense now,as i never found any better answer than what u ve written..hats off..
    so for me now, life is to do my best managing my new home,new job, life in a new country...
    enjoy new responsibilites and the freedom, be more stronger and independent..this is Life!!my life!!

  28. you are indeed lucky to have a wonderful father who has left the best of himself in regards meaning of life, i never used to think of it before that much, but now as i am much older, i would have to say it would be to have impacted somebody else's life (in a good way) because of my presence

  29. My wife always used to say, be a good human being and make the kids also umderstand that..Well one eternally tries to work towards it..
    nice post,meaning of life emerging as the phase of live changes !

  30. Hi...dropped in from stillthinking

    Wow!!! loved it...the blog layout is too good and ur write-up was nostalgic...the way it was narrated...wonderful..

    P.S: Do visit my blog wen u find time...mine too shud b nostalgic

  31. Lovely thought provoking Post !

    Life has so many different things to achieve that defining it would be in a way stagnating it.

    Change with the flow, appreciate the value of life and you shall be able to define your meaning for those times !

  32. Yes, your dad was rt in giving the answers.Some do it knowingly and some do it without any idea about it.

  33. You father sounds like a very wise guru. I would have liked to met him.

  34. That was so beautifully written. I loved this post. Honestly, I think you should consider writing a book :) You can even make your own illustrations if you choose to.. Ive seen your paintings.. and I think you express yourself really well. I would love to read a book :)

  35. Lovely lovely post! And even lovelier were your dad's wise words! I know what I can answer now if I am ever faced with such questions from my kid

  36. to realise the transience that is built into everything we do.. even success.. :)

  37. Harish: it is indeed special.Living in peace and harmony, especially in these times.

    Mathew: Then i think that is indeed the meaning of life.It is not irrelevant--it is the whole essence!

    Life begins:But how to be ahppy in ALL situations?That is not possible right?


    Priyanka: I could write a whole book to answer that question. I played in college too.There are many many many things involved.Will take pages and ages to discuss it all.

    Reflections: :-)Compliments accepted!

    Manasa: how do you define excel? Good luck!

    Niall: i have to now read Hitch hiker's guide to the glaxy.

    Arjun:That is indeed a tall task, and to accomplish that, accomplishing the rest if the things becomes important.

    Rajashree:Glad it made you think--and hey--thanks.

  38. Hari: yes--have come across that song.Its a really good one.

    Palsworld:Will add it to my list.Thanks!

    Balu: i agree witht the finding balance bit.Thanks!

    Rj: Glad it does. :)

    Broca:good luck!!

  39. Prats:Often one does not realise how much one is doing until others point it out.A happy family,sure is a blessing.

    Sue: its a LOVELY link--thanks for sharing.


    Ranjini:I guess thats true for me too..and yes I do miss my dad.

    CU:Thanks so much!

    Rajesh: thanks so much..Will surely do.

    Aathira:thanks! yes--i each stage different things are important.

  40. Sri: Of course my dad was right.There is no doubt in my mind about that!Some know it and don't do it--that is the saddest thing.

    Freelance: Well i miss him too.Sometimes its still unbearable--and that's when i write posts like these.By the way i updated my blog roll wiht your site.

    Inolongeram: Thans so much..and yes, you shall see it soon :)

    NM:Thanks thanks and thanks! :)

    Manuscrypts: Egg-chactly that i was saying..or trying to say :)

  41. right now, the meaning of my life is connected with my family, about bonding and smiling...about being there for the ones i care about, about open communication...

    lovely post...

  42. What a beautiful post Ps! For me life is precious & there is one Enjoy as if there is no tomorrow :-)

  43. Hi,
    I posted a comment on ur previous post..Wondering if u saw it or not..

  44. Geets: Hi! Yes, after you told me I saw it! :) Later saw it in the mail too.Usually I check only comments for latest post. thank you SO VERY MUCH for your kind words--and glad you decided to de-lurk! :-) At least we connected!

    Chitra:Thanks! And yes--i kow what you mean.

    Suma:Thanks and as usual--same pinch! :-)

  45. My current meaning of life is to save up now that the meaning of my previous life, to get a decent job is accomplished. Hopefully I can satisfy my future meaning of life, which is to be able to provide for my family, which can only come (awhile) after my near future meaning of life, to find a girlfriend.

  46. Sirbarret: really clear and specific goals.I am sure you shall achieve them.Good luck.

  47. Rayne: Indeed it is wonderful that you have been able to form such an emotional connect with them.I hope the same for me too with my kids, when they turn into teenagers.I can relate to what you are saying about your daughters when they were very young as I too felt the same way.It is so wonderful to be needed!

  48. Very Well said, or rather written!
    Going through your post,I remember asking those qns not to anyone else but myself, and getting the answers relevant to that particualr point in life.:-)

    Anyways,Loved the post!

  49. nice post n very nice poem !
    Very inspiring indeed..the post n the poem.

    n btw..i have never wondered abt the meaning of that too bad?

    n now if i were to think of it..ya life to to be an honest manner w/o hurting any1 or anything around u.n to have as many laughs as possible n give our best to everything that matters.

  50. its the meaning that we give it...its unique and its different for each...thts its beauty and its can be given a meaning only thru is not dependent on a will continue nevertheless

  51. btw, i think ur dad got it :)


    the meanings are time bound...its wht u have to do at that present time...the only time u r actually there...yesterday is a memory and tmw is a hope...

  52. Tys: :-) Yes--I too think dad got it :)

    Pavi: no--i don't think everyone needs to ponder! As long as one is content and satisfied with one's life.i guess that is all what matters.

    Akanksha;Thank you!

  53. your post reminds me of the song ke sera sera....

    well,the answer differs as i move ahead in life...but basically it revolves around being true to myself...sounds too philosophical....

  54. Live every moment as if it's my last - that for me is life (unfortunately, I ain't practising) :)

    Nice post Preethi, took me a while to comment.

  55. I don't know frm where the 'h' in Preeti slipped in, sorry for the typo.

  56. Nice post, PS! Hadn't really given it a serious thought before...but the poem does seem to capture what I have been unconsciously trying to do....want to do some social work too...right now it is only in the wishlist...

  57. Gazal:true--meaning of life keeps changing as we grow.

    Still thinking: Thats ok!! :)Yes--i too believe in your motto.

    Wannabe writer: I guess there's still time. I do some social work and derive a LOT of satisfaction from it.

  58. Life is a mystery to be experienced and lived not a problem to be solved. Just being here and now is the key. Life is always calling, let us be aware and alert,

  59. not to judge anyone, stick to my resolutions, DECIDE for myself n not let my circumstances n surroundings do it for me.. this is ht meaning of my life / my goal in it atleast.. :) btw.. what makes a good mother ?? i ve always wanted to kno ! (tho i'm blessed wit one of the best, i ve not been able to unravel her secret )

  60. I learn so much from you!!!!! You are amazing. Heartfelt Thanks....

  61. Very thought provoking..!!

    More than commenting on this post, I would like to say i'm very much inspired....
    Sorry for ur dad, but u've been extremely lucky, i suppose...


  62. for me its waking everyday.. having some fun.. making sure i am creative, cause thats what is productivity for me.. i dont care if i did the job rightly, or if i studies the way people expect from me, all i care is that i was creative in the way i want to see myself.. pretty individualistic i am.. but thats what i am

  63. Indeed. What is life? A rollercoaster. One never knows what twists and turns we will be confronted with. Exhilerating, scary, but never a dull moment.
    A very thought provoking post. Gives me the inspiration I need to answer the profound questions my kids ask me now. Your father sounds like a truly remarkable man.
    Looking forward to reading all your posts.

  64. Dear PS: your blog is where I got introduced to this wonderful poem. I forgot to add the 'ps' to my post the first time due to a late nighter.

    Have done it:

    Thanks SO much :)


  65. its a tough question to answer:"the meaning of ur life!"..actually i always avoid answering tough questions like this,whether it is asked in exams or in real life...
    till now what i have become or rather,am in the process of becoming,(a pediatrician),has occured merely by chance..i never had to think deeply about it..
    but what ever that has happened in my life,i was always comfortable with it..may be not much comfortable when things happened;but really happy that things happened that way,when i turned and looked back..
    i think the meaning of life is to live each day as it comes,to make use of evry second so that at the end of the day u feel as if u have lived only for a second...

  66. That is a beautiful post, Preeti...


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