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The Gift.(Writers Island 1)

Writers Island is a wonderful site that I discovered from Blue’s blog. Every Tuesday they give a prompt. You have to write a story, poem essay or anything you feel apt, on the topic.The topic this time is “The gift”. This is my entry. And hey—it is a true story!
Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. Hahaha.This reminds me of my own little escapades to do with little kiddy bribery between my bro and me juz so mummy won't know. hehehe..:P

    Its different now though. We are there for each other if he has something to share that is not time for mummy to know. I am his keeper.:P *giggles*

    a beautiful story. And a precious gift given away.

    While i was reading ya story i was like thinking. I have a feeling Mrs Rao Is gonna call ya mum. And true enough she did. Ya brother surely did have a trade in mind!:DSmart!


  2. Great story and so full of irony.

  3. hey... Good story, but bad luck wit ur stamp!

  4. That brought back memories..i used to collect stamps too...had an album full of them...all the different kinds and different countries...dont know where it is now.:-(
    Bribing brothers to get away with mischiefs!!!:-) Wonderful post i must say!!! U Rock!!!!

  5. Ah!!, the joys of Philately. Takes me back to my school days. I still have my stamp collection but it's a lot easier to deal with 15 yr olds when you are 15, so currently my stamp collection only collects dust.... ;-))

  6. Lol!!! LOLOLOL!!!

    You're bro is soooooooooo smart.. tch tch tch.. well you gave it away to your bro. Could've been worse ;)

  7. Hi! Fancy finding you on Writers Island!

    I loved your story, but then I always enjoy everything you write. When we were kids it was appples we took from people's gardens. Scrumping we call it! And it still goes on today!

    See you on the beach!

  8. Sweetsticky:Oh yes, the childhood trades.Idiotic Mrs.Rao! :-)

    Nessa:Thank you.

    Keith:Hi there!"scrumping"sounds so much better than staeling! Yep--see you on the beach!

    J:yeah--my bro is damn smart.And he is a big man in the corporate world now.

    Aprameya:I am jealous that you still have it.I have no idea where mine went.My kids keep asking.We moved countless times.Somewhere in te melee, it vanished.

    Akanksha:Thanks!!I too lost my collection,sadly.

    Pointblank: That time it seemed so important.But now I can laugh at it.

  9. O'Henry eat your heart out! Rofl! There's a lesson in there some where. But I'm glad the story unfolded just that way. ,oD

  10. Your story tastes as delicious as the "stolen" fruit!

    I used to love green raw mangoes when I was a kid but now I prefer the yellow juicy rape ones only.

    Once I went with my grandparents to their friend's house in a small town somewhere. There was a huge yard where plenty of mango trees were crowded with the fruit. So I just climbed up one of them and sat there eating as many as possible. Sweet gramma called out to me to come and have lunch and I replied: oh no, thanks! I'm having mine right here!

    Do you think your brother still keeps the triangular stamp?

    It's been lovely reading this post, dear :)

  11. ..and what became of the Mango?..they say forbidden fruit is the sweetest..or should that be sourest?

    Great little story!

  12. I flew over here from Nessa's Place because I noticed in your comment that your were from India. I don't think I've ever visited with anyone from India, so here I am.
    Love the "notebook" paper. Makes me want to find a notebook and write in it instead of typing at a keyboard.
    I've never had a green mango but they must be delicious to take the risk.
    So, when do we get the "rest of the story?" I'll be back.

    I have to sign in with my old Blogger account, but my new place is:
    I don't know how to link you directly to my place, but I hope you'll come for a visit sometime.

  13. Great story. I am always collecting
    stories to tell to the children.
    They learn more from it than if you just say, don't do that. Thanks for that

  14. Hahahaha..great one! But sigh..the bribe went a waste!!

  15. omg PS i was a stamp collector too!

    And I love raw mangoes...

    very sweet nostalgic post!


  16. Joe: Welcome! Honored to see you here.And while you are here ,can i offer you a er...raw mango?!! :-)

    Jonice: No idea what happened to our stamp collection.Later, my brother and I compromised and made it OUR collection! :-)I still have a marked preference for raw mangoes, compared to ripe!

    Niall:We ate it all up--my friend and I.My friend to carry little packets of salt! So much planning!!And you are so right about the forbidden fruit!;-)

    Swampwitch:Welcome! I shall drop by soon.

    Marja:I read this out to my children too!

  17. Nm: ha ha --later i convinved him to make it a 'joint' collection!So it wsnt really a waste!

    Dame's diary:My pleasure!

    Keshi:We do seem to have similar tastes and thinking in a lot of things!!

  18. :) nice...enjoyed tht read...keep writing...

  19. o yes! i was a philatelist too..and i had a triangular stamp too of berlin i guess..i dont remember the country but i do remember the shape..and i too was famous among my peers...i so loved the attention i used to get...i used to have 3 stamp mom gifted it to some kiddo cousin of mine...

    well, i could not actually figure out your state of mind in this post..i mean were you happy at the end of the day that you gifted your brother something or were you helpless considering he was pestering you with the warning? and what happened after the phone call? did your mom eventually got to know about you stealing the mangoes? you remember this day as some bad day or just another day?

  20. RE: Your question about Multiple Intelligences...
    At my blog on the side bar are several categories about the different Multiple Intelligences. Some of them have actual lesson plans there. Later today, I will direct you to them.
    But, if you 'google' Howard Gardner MI or Thomas Armstrong MI, you will find a plethora of topics about the subject.
    I will also find some of the better sites with lesson plans for you as soon as 'my chores' are completed. (Basically, cleaning off this desk.)
    Thanks for the visit.

  21. Swampwitch:Yes I have heard of howrd gardner.Thank you!Will definitely chceck out your blog in detail.

    Wacko:It was a story--YOU were supposed to enjoy it and be amused by it :-)

  22. Oh, no! You gave up your stamp and you got caught anyways.
    I just found Writer's Island yesterday and was very impressed with.
    I am sorry I have been gone so long. Things have not been going well.

  23. You are a great story-teller, but your brother was meeaaaan ;)
    I may as well join that group. I need prompts, that's for sure :)

  24. Anonymous12:48 PM

    HI ps,
    An extremly innocent story from childhood. Liked it a lot. Specially because as a student studying in Chandigarh, I have been upto many such mischiefs (mangoes, Guavas etc)

    Indian Express last sunday published my travalogue about Pune. See my latest Blog post.

  25. oh aight..i didnt mean to offend you or could have told me in a much tempered tone! but anyways tis ok! tc!

  26. It is posts like this that suddenly take me back in time and think about the funky stuff that I did with my brothers. Brothers are fairly "wicked" aren't they? :D


  27. Wacko: I'm really sorry if i sounded rude or ill tempered!!There was a smiley at the end of my earlier comment.Of course not-- I wasn't offended at all--merely amused and found it very sweet the way you dissected it.

  28. Vidya:yep--Wicked with a capital W.LOL

  29. Rayne: Am sorry to hear that--but welcome back!Yes- Writers island i though was a great idea.

    Kulpreet: thats great! How does one make submissions to newspapers?Can you guide me?

  30. Oh my word, you got caught out. And you lost the stamp. Poo.
    (Been there! Great Story)

  31. Great story and love the way you wrote it!

  32. hey extremely well written story, I could almost picture a mischievous bro :)

  33. Tumblewords:Thanks so much.Shall visit you soon.

    Rambler: Yep--mischievous all right! Later I convinced him to make it a joint collection.So you see--I was equally clever!

  34. Haha, lovely story! I too collected stamps as a child, but then after a few years I got tired of it and gave my collection to a friend I liked very much. He was sooo happy with the gift!

    I've never eaten green mangoes, only ripe ones, but in my country some people like them, with a pinch of salt.


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