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The Roaring twenties??


TS’s comment and a friend’s post prompted me to write this post.

When you are in your twenties, getting older is probably the last thing you worry about. There are so many more things that are confusing enough, without adding to it, what seems a certain but distant probability of being in your thirties, or forties or fifties.

You want to get rich. You want to find your partner. You want someone to come home to. You want to get married. You want that cool job paying big bucks. If you are still studying, you can’t wait to start earning. If you are earning, you want to have a lovely house and lovelier person to spend your days with. Maybe kids. Some day. You are not sure if he or she is THE one for you.You are perhaps, spoilt for choices. Every single person (more so if that person is a ‘cutie’) seems a prospective partner, till you discover that they are not. There always seems to be something that is missing.

You try to discover your identity. Maybe even your sexuality. Nothing that you want seems impossible. You are beginning to discover what it is like, to be responsible for the choices you make.

Somewhere along living this chasing-the-dream-life, you forget to take care of your body. Where is the time? You don’t exercise, you drink too much at too many late night parties. Smoke like there is no tomorrow. (heck—you are young only once, you might as well live it up or maybe you are just plain addicted to what you think is ‘the good life’) A proper diet is probably the last thing on your mind.

Slowly you discover that there always was a price to pay. It manifests itself in that slightly visibly paunch which you hide with well designed clothes. The few extra pounds are beginning to show around your waistline. Your face is beginning to have that slightly older look.

And suddenly, you are not as young and ‘cool’ as you thought you were. It is going to take a hell of a lot of effort to get back those six pack abs (if you had them or aspired to have them) or anything remotely like it.

Thirties and forties are different. But I’ll leave that for another day.

I don't know about you, but I'm sure glad that my twenties are over!! :-)


  1. Me too!

    The twenties was very much a time of growing into myself. Trying to work out who I was. Now I'm working on something completely different, but thta's another story as you say :-)

  2. Thanks. Now I'm depressed Twenty Something :)

  3. Who was it who said "Youth is wasted on the young"?..I too am very glad to have passed my twenties..but I'm still wondering when I'll 'grow up'!

  4. a very optimistic post :)

  5. Bob-kat: its not another story--its a whole book!!

    Freelance Cynic : This too shall pass, if that is any consolation!! Ha ha.

    Niall: May we all never grow up!!

    Diya: Heh Heh!Feeling very optimistic these days.Just reflects in my writing :-) :-)

  6. the 1st part is sooo true you have no ida how much. 2nd part is so scary coz this thought has been running on my mind in infinte loops for the past one year.

  7. the 1st part is sooo true you have no ida how much. 2nd part is so scary coz this thought has been running on my mind in infinte loops for the past one year.

  8. Nithya: You are so young.Dont get scared about the second part.It depends on you, right? Not on what I wrote!!
    A friend of mine says"If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger" (I agree)
    Thanks so much for dropping by.

  9. wrote this for me or what?

    chalo then..lets analyze this post from my POV..which is technically essential here coz I am in my twenties right now...

    well, we do worry about getting older...atleast I do...we worry about it once a year...when we were born...
    rest of the time we are pretty much involved in the things you mentioned...getting rich..or dreaming of it, finding the perfect girl, realizing she was not that perfect and finding a new perfect girl...
    sigh..something is ALWAYS missing...granted...but why can;t they fill up the missing pieces when we tell them..ah well..the joy of being in your 20s..find your love, find out it wasn't love, go to find new love.

    believe me...I am very much finding out what its like to make your own choices...and what it feels like? in a

    I beg to differ... while we maynot exercise in a gym, we definitely stay you have any idea how fast you have to run to avoid being caught by the principal... or how strong you have to be to grab the assignment paper out of some geek's hand so you can quickly copy it down...or worse.. sitting in the class with no electricity..equivalent to your steam rooms...
    Pizza and gingerale is a good diet. Pizza toppings are completely veggies..good for health. Try thin crust pizzas..very good for health.

    HOW DID YOU KNOW!!!!...
    well...I couldn't help it...I eat more if I stay at home all day...smartly wear shirts that are one size more than my usual..I DO NOT LOOK OLD.

    will forever remain cool and young..paunch or no paunch.. but yea..gotta have those abs before july...if not..then I am in trouble..big big trouble..

    I don't know about you..but twenties are fun... regardless the chaos surrounding them...

    oh btw...I am back..but I am sure you noticed that...
    have a surprise for you on my blog...

  10. Well, I'm in my early twenties and I can assure you that my life isn't remotely like that! And ageing is already an issue. Not ageing in physical terms but social're not a teenager anymore.
    But yes, there are many issues around...identity issues are the main ones, I suppose.

  11. I wish I appreciated my 20's when I had them.

    I was lucky enough to find the right man for me back when I was 17.

    The paunch I thought I had in my 20's turned out to be svelte compared to now!

    I remember being a little girl looking at the beauty queens in Ms. America pageants and wondering when I would look like that...
    ... I never did...
    (Just not in the genes, actually!)

  12. I agree with you being way away form the twenties.I know myself better and I like myself more.

  13. I only want life upto my 45 th year :):)

  14. Hershey:Of course I know.I've been there, done that.And also i'm a mother of two--remember?;-)
    You will be forever cool--but only in the SS mode. LOL LOL.

    DM: Yes--this was a grim picture painted, i guess :-)Largely true for an Indian youth-- But universally too,it rings a bell somewhere.

    Sue:I found the right guy when i was 23.Got married within less than 40 days of meeting:-).We are lucky I guess.

    Bharathi: Of course, we have more fun now!!!!! Koi shak?!!

    Deepak: What!!I thought i was the only one!I keep saying to my husband that i only want to live till 40..and he gets annoyed :-)

  15. So true, i cant wait to be 30 now, which i am sure has its own share of troubles :-)

  16. This post... is nice.. I suppose.

  17. "This post... is nice.. I suppose."

    I don't know how old Mr. J is, but he says it better than I ever could have.

    The post serves as an inspiration to all of us fat 20-somethings to get off our butts and exercise and to quit smoking and to take care of our bodies and to... oh who are we kidding here?

    Look sista, your twenties are over and now its my turn to ruin mine... so phbttt!!

  18. Misti: U'll get there soon :-)Meanwhile i'd have written a post about being in 40's :-)

    Mr.J:How old are you?Let me guess--early twenties--24 or 23?

    Tyler: What phbbttt? You go to Cornell and do some soul docta business there.

  19. It depends on how you look at it. Am young at heart still. When in the 20's was trying to get established in life. Now wish I could be in the 20's with the current perks and job. That would have been the ideal situation. Yes, but it was a time when one searched for an identity of your own and were kind of lost. In fact when one sees the people in their 20's one finds they are so different from what we are. So much more immature and kiddish. Guess that is how older people looked at us when we were there...

  20. Satish: Thank you darling!

  21. I'm in my late twenties n must agree with you coz its a verrrryyy confusing a crisis...


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