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fare·well Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[fair-wel]

1.goodbye; may you fare well: Farewell, and may we meet again in happier times.
–noun expression of good wishes at parting: They made their farewells and left.
3.leave-taking; departure: a fond farewell.
4.a party given to a person who is about to embark on a long journey, retire, leave an organization, etc.

5.parting; valedictory; final: a farewell performance.

Farewells seem to be the order of this week. TS blogged about it.So did Misti .

My turn now. Because in a few hours from now, a good friend is leaving for the US of A. Some months back another good friend did.But he will be coming back in a few months. The best thing about farewells is that, there is always something to look forward to!

That is why farewells do not affect me anymore. Not much anyway.

Maybe I have seen too many. Maybe it is because, I feel that distances are only in the head. Or maybe it is simply because I have moved every four years, my whole life and I know that there is always a farewell, lurking there, waiting to emerge. And it just means that you now have friends in more places than you did earlier.

Meeting and Parting. That is the only way of life that I have known. Orson Welles said We are born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.” It might seem like a pessimistic view. But I tend to agree. It makes you want to cherish those moments of love.Of friendship. Of long meaningless chats. Of laughter. Of fun. Of serious discussions and the silly fights.

In 1992, a friend of mine wrote in my book (yes, I had a book of friendship,back then.I used to ask the really special friends to write in it, when we parted. I still have the book.But now I don’t ask people to write in it anymore.)
“We meet to part and part to meet”. We are still in touch—and we are still good friends.

There is something to look forward to, when you part—the hope of meeting. The waiting. And finally reunions. The love and friendship reinforced—emphatic and strong. It knows the pain of being away.

Maybe I should take out my book again. And ask the special people to write. It helps so much.
Especially if farewells do not affect you.


  1. Ahh, farewells...
    Sometimes I miss more the people that are closer to me than those that have parted and are further away. Maybe because I've prepared myself for them to be away and time flies...and then we're together again.
    But I can't say that they don't scare me.

  2. That was an interesting insight--about missing people closer to you.
    I dont like farewells, but they dont scare me--maybe its just that I learnt to cope.

  3. Ohhhhh Peeee Essssssss!!!! Another nail hit squarely on the head, driven home into the board of truth and beauty.

    Nothing like a good farewell. It is loaded with the promise of being thought of by another while afar, and of promises to meet again when it is right to do so.

    Nine thirty at night here. Just got home a bit ago from my last work night and will hopefully chat with you on my days off!


  4. Another day another Poetic insight.

    Farewells to me just mean new beginings. Perhaps because alone is my base state.

  5. More than farewells, the best way to honor ur friends is to stay in touch with the long as u stay in touch, there is no need for farewells as they remind u more of ur friends' departure...i liked ur post...quite well-composed and if u wanna check out some interesting stuffs on drop by my blog and dont forget to drop a line..have a good day :)

  6. Farewells are always sad. It is also ironic in this day and age where keeping in touch is easier via email, msn etc. that people actually lose touch because their lives are too busy. I have reluctantly given up on a couple of friends after a couple of years of hearing nothing in return for my letters, emails and cards.

    However, life is cylical and new friends are made as old ones are lost. As ever, a thoughtful and insightful post.

  7. Gawpo: Oh .GAAAAAAW POOOOOOO :-) looking forward to it!!

    Freelance cynic:You speak for me too.

    Robert:Thanks for dropping by.Will do.

    Bob-Kat:I'm like that too.If someone doesnt respond,even after trying to be in touch, i just go and make new friends.Lucky to have that ability.

  8. Very interesting subject! It made me think of when one person wants to say farewell and the other doesn't. For example, as you grow and change over the years, sometimes you don't feel as close to someone for whatever reason, and you feel it's time to say farewell. But the other person isn't's a hard situation.

  9. bharathi11:55 PM

    this made good reading .Looking forward to more posts of yours.

  10. Having never met you, I feel close to you in the words you write and the pictures you post..the images created inside my head..I cannot say farewell for where ever we go ..we shall always stand under the same Sun,the same Moon..the sea will flow around the globe to each and every shore..the air is the same ...I just can't see you because the Earth is bent.

  11. Wow! Another amazing yet simple post. I loved Niall’s statement; “I just can't see you because the Earth is bent.” However, we can always see them in our memories and our dreams. It’s up to us how we keep the friendship going, whether we want them to be the part of our lives. People say that they are busy with their lives, but all one need to talk to a friend is 5 minutes. Granted, our lives are becoming hectic these days, but we can always remember our friends on special days like their birthdays, anniversaries.

    Coming back to the post, P you made my day, lovely post, loved it. Thanks :-)

  12. We are born alone,
    We die alone,
    We DO NOT live alone.

    'No man is an island' my sister used to tell me at the time when my arrogance forced me to look condescendingly upon everyone around me. It seemed so utilitarian then, this friendship business.

    Not until you experience it though, in its entirety, until you give it the time, the attention, the space that you see what it truly is. Without love, without friendship, you're not really living. Love for the job, for your dog, for your music, for the streets of Delhi, for the DTC buses.

    Our love, our friendship is no illusion - it's what life is all about. The only illusion here is that "We meet to part and part to meet"

    You leave a part of yourself behind and it hurts, it stings like hell, and things will never be the same, you will never have it back and you'll spend the rest of your lives looking for something to fill up that void.

    But you made that choice when you left.

  13. Katherine: Yes, it is a hard situation.Thats why break ups happen.

    Bharathi: Thank you.Your words encourage.

    Niall:What a lovely thing to say.I'm smiling.

    Misti:happy that you are happy.

    Tyler: Sometimes, even when we are surrounded by people, we are still alone.
    As regards looking for something to fill up your life, it snot love and friendship you are seeking.Trust me.
    Yes, it hurts, but when you have been through it,what sems like a thousand times,
    it stops hurting.Your threshold of pain increases.You learn to bear it and you are amazed you can take more and more of it.A bit like alcohol--where you need larger and larger doses to get high,because your body conditions itself.
    Its a funny thing--this love.(And friendship)

    But it helps you live.

  14. Hmmm... I'll have to agree with you. But I tend to miss those people more with whom I've hung around and done a whole lot of nothing with.

    I guess being 23 has its limitations... ;)

    Well written, as always!

    Hang on to that book.

  15. TS: Being 24 too!! LOL

    Yes, I do value that book.Took it out after so many years.Thank you.

  16. Congratulations on your 100th post. Glad to hear that you aren't saying farewell to blogging.

    In answer to your requests for pics of Bob and my car the reason there are no pics on my posts is this:

    After having my laptop stolen I am currently using a borrowed computer and don't want to load the wizard and the pics onto it. Also, the cable to download pics still needs to be replaced when I have time to go and get one. I promise there will be pics of them in the near future though! :-) Thanks for the well wishes for my essay. I am a bit stressed as work is frantic too!

  17. hey ps,
    i have a similar book too :) n yes farewells r painfull. but u can always look fwd to meeting him/her again:)

  18. I really felt lonliness,everything rest is an illusion.


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