Five Most Interesting Things at a Book Event!


We've all experienced this. We scroll through social media and we come across a book event. The details are there in the invite, but we aren't sure about whether we can actually go in there. What happens at these book events? They look a little intimidating, especially if we have never attended one before. What if it's boring? What if someone asks us something and we don't know what to do? (*nervous chuckle*)

Before I wrote books, these were the questions which ran through my mind.  So I thought I'd write about the things to watch out for at a book event, and what actually happens in them. (Now that I have  written about 15 books have had over a hundred book even  in different countries, I've some insights to share to make your experience at a book event, a memorable one)

Typically book events are held at a bookstore. In foreign countries, the people who want to attend the event have to purchase tickets in advance. This helps the bookstore to cover costs. (like hiring chairs, serving refreshments , cost of setting up the stage etc).

In India these events are FREE. This is mainly because the publisher or the bookstore picks up the cost of this event.

On the day of the event, the author comes to the bookstore. The audience (you) is seated, The author is then introduced, and the person they are in conversation with is also introduced. After that it's like a 'talk show' where the moderator or the interviewer asks the author questions about the book, about their writing and so on. The conversation is free flowing.
Then the moderator opens up the floor to the audience for questions. The audience gets a chance to ask questions to the author.

After this the author signs the copies. These are usually copies purchased at the store. (Although I personally don't mind if you bring your old copies too. But please do buy at least one copy from the store, as you are then supporting your local bookstore)

So now that you know  what are the five most INTERESTING things about a book event?

1. You get to MEET the author:

For me this is the best part about a book event. The fact that I get to see the author in person. I remember attending a book event at a literary festival where I got a chance to listen to Amy Chua ( Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mom). I loved that I got to meet her.

2. You can get your copy PERSONALISED

I love having copies of books where the author has signed my name! How cool is that? At book events you can request the author to write your name, and you get to take home a personalised copy. Anyone can buy an unsigned copy. But a signed copy? Well, that's precious. And a personalized signed copy with your name? That's priceless! This is one of my signed copies.


3. You can ask 'behind the scenes' questions

It's hard to get a chance to meet an author , listen to them speak, and then get an opportunity to ask questions to them. If the conversation you've listened to hasn't covered something that is on your mind, you get to ask the author yourself!


4. You can get PHOTOS!

 Boasting rights! Who doesn't love them?  You can get photos with your favourite author. Not only is this a cherished memory, but it's also great material if you are on social media. Even if you aren't, it's lovely  to just keep the photo for yourself! It will make you smile many years later too :)


5. You can make NEW FRIENDS

This is a picture from the book launch I had at Delhi. I met many people who I only knew through their Instagram handle!
It was wonderful to meet them in person.

Many were familiar with each other , again through instagram handle, as we communicate a lot on Instagram. Example: I met  Siddarth from 'Sid Reviews'.

Meeting in person truly is joyful! It's a very different feeling altogether, and you meet 'your tribe'!

If you are in Bangalore tomorrow (27th August 2022, Saturday) then please do come over for my book event. Here's the invite:

I look forward to seeing you there!