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Hello my blogger family!

Today, it's with great pleasure and excitement  that I am writing this post on the eve of the release of my new book A Place Called Home . It is a milestone of sorts, as my FIFTEENTH book will soon be out in the world!

I am totally in love with the world I created, and the characters. I'd like to introduce you to them.

The book has an unconventional protagonist, Alka. She is the daughter of a maid who has studied really hard to transform herself completely. Yet, she always feels like an outsider, because of the trauma she faced while she was growing up. She was made fun of, she never felt she fit in and a lot of nasty things happened to her. But hey–I am not giving any spoilers!

Alka is married to Subbu who owns a 400 acre coffee plantation.He was born and raised at a coffee estate. He is a fifth generation coffee grower. His great grandfather had bought the Plantation from the British in the 1800’s

As a boy he accompanied his father and grandfather everywhere, and learnt all about coffee cultivation.

Growing coffee is in his genes!

Then we have Krish, who is Subbu’s brother. He is very different from Subbu.He is extremely successful at his career. He is on the fast track to success, with his 22nd floor sea facing home at Bandra, Mumbai.

He is charming ,has a way with words and everyone thinks Krish is cool, and has it all figured out. He is the kind of a man who women are drawn to, like magnets.

But there’s something sad 😞 in his life. No matter how much he fights it he feels helpless.

Interesting people, aren’t they?

You can see more of their world in this book trailer:

Get to know their stories in my new book. If you have already placed an order for it, thank you! You will be receiving a limited edition signed copy.

If you haven’t yet got it, do use this link:


 Today is the last day to get a limited edition signed copy!

Also a big thank you for all the support you've been rendering--I'm always grateful.

More soon!
Till then take care.

Preeti Shenoy.


  1. Hi Preeti. I'm eagerly waiting to receive my hard copy of your new book. The characters sound very interesting and I'm sure each of them are special in their own way. Normally, whenever I read your books, I can put myself in the shoes of one or more of the characters. It is a pleasure to read your books because I will learn something or the other. Once again, wishing you all the best for the release of your 15th Book. Take care! 📙☺🔖


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