Poker Face: The Inspiration behind the short story by Preeti Shenoy

Hello there,
Time flies. It's been a while since I have written here. My last posts were in May, when I did the blog marathon, where there were 30 new posts, each day.
After a two month hiatus, I am back here! (yay!)  I haven't been idling these two months though. I have been working--- and this time I have a short story for you: Poker Face.
It was published a few days ago and it has been getting some rave reviews.

I am happy because this is a very unusual story. It has a surrealist  element to it. It is the story of a young girl, fresh off a break-up who keeps finding playing cards in her path.

I want to tell you the inspiration behind this story.
Some time back, I had blogged about how I kept finding hearts in my path.
This phenomenon continues to this day. I keep coming across random heart patterns. I  thank the Universe and consider myself blessed.
I am sharing with you a few photos that I clicked:

These are all photos that I clicked whenever these hearts popped up in my path.Mostly they happen on my walks with my dog--and I walk her twice or sometimes thrice a day.  I have many more such photos! A ginger peel, which I peeled was a perfect heart. A oil drop that splashed on my napkin from my essential oil diffuser was a perfect heart. They have started popping up with such regularity that I am not suprised anymore.
I take it as a sign that I have to give back the tremendous amount of genuine, sincere love that I receive from my readers on a daily basis, and I try to do that through my instagram handle. People who follow me there know that I reply to all messages, and I share a lot of my day, my reading lists etc.

Just as I had made peace with the fact that Universe has blessed me with hearts, playing cards started popping up in my path! It was the most bizzare thing I have ever experienced.

One card was a ten of hearts, another was a nine...and one more card that popped up, I shall not reveal as that would be the spoiler to my short story. I wondered what the cards were telling me to do. I had always been fascinated by  Tarot, and had got several Tarot cards four years back. But somehow I never got to doing anything about them. (Click on the word Tarot if you want to know what tarot is about)

When the playing cards turned up, I began doing Tarot courses, I began reading up about them, and I devoted myself completely to learning the Tarot. I have been practising and am getting some eerily accurate readings.  I have read the cards for many of my friends, and the friends of my children. (At some point I plan to do it professionally when I am  between writing my books)

The same day that I found one of the playing cards, something happened to me, which was related to the cards! (Again not giving away what it is, as it would be a spoiler to the story).

I  knew now for certain that the cards were asking me to take action. So, I wrote the short story, and I learnt Tarot. After I did that the cards stopped appearing.

So, this was the inspiration behind the short story, which you can read on Google Play as well as on Kindle app. You don't need a kindle to read the story. You can simply read it on the app.

Here are the links:


Google Play:

So now you know the inspiration behind the story. If you do read the story, do remember to leave me a review on the site; It helps others discover the story, and it helps me too.

I shall blog again soon.
Till then, stay blessed, stay grateful and connect with me on my Instagram :)
And as always, I would love to hear what you have to say; So tell me your thoughts in my comment box.



  1. I am so thankful to God to have found you Mam! ���� Excited to read Poker Face.

    1. Thank you so much Usha. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. I was super interested in reading Poker Face. Therefore, I immediately downloaded it after seeing your Insta Post last week. Loved the book. It was very interesting and different. Wrote a review on it too. Thanks for constantly keeping in touch with your readers on Instagram. I look forward to checking Insta on a daily basis and especially hearing your voice saying, Wake Up, Life Is Calling! Have a beautiful day!:-)

    1. Thank you so much! Loved reading your review, and you are very encouraging! <3

  3. Sorry to drop in here when I haven't read your latest addition to the world of fiction. I have read two of your earlier books, 'It happens for a Reason' & 'It's all in the Planets' and well... they are amazing, particularly your writing style in fact is superb.
    Well I am here for a quick question and would be glad if your could answer the same as I too am interested in starting a blog.
    So, where is your website hosted? And do you manage everything by yourself or someone else manages it?

    1. Thank you. Why so curious? :)

    2. Dearest madam... you too seem to be an nocturnal being like me, else I am mistaken and you're the early bird. Anyway coming to the question, does curiosity has it's limits? I have asked about just .00something of the amount of things that goes on in my head.
      I know its located in one of amazon aws servers but I found Amazon aws complicated and just wanted to know. Anyway if you don't want to divulge anything I understand...

  4. Wow Mam so happy to see your post again after so many months. I am definitely going to read thjs short story and leave my reviews.

  5. This is quite an interesting pickup for a short story. I enjoyed reading it, "as always"
    Much love❤️


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