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Hi there,

Is it possible to feel very happy and very sad both at the same time? I have discovered it perfectly is possible!

The  very happy news is I am relocating back to India. ( Phoren country desi dil was a post I wrote some time back. I do love my country totally ) The  sad news is I will be leaving UK. ( The saddest thing for me was that I had to give away my pet-- Sparkle. ( Yeah, I know I will get over it and I know I will be fine, but it is still hard )

A friend  asked how it is possible to feel sad and happy. It is. Moving two houses in the same city  or even moving to a different city within a country, is just not the same as moving countries. Moving from your home country to another which is a completely different world, adapting to a completely new way of life  and then making that  new country your home--well, you understand it when you have done it.(and it is not easy at all). The experience has indeed  been an eye opener in many ways.

It has been nearly two years now since I moved to the UK. A part of me has indeed accepted it as 'home'. I have some glorious memories here and Norfolk is really an outstanding place in terms of unmatched scenic beauty, miles of wonderful coastlines, old ancient cathedrals that reach out to heaven, the marvellous English countryside, the greenery, the flowers, the daffodils, the seasons, the Norfolk broads, the best library in the whole of UK, a very vibrant art community--I simply love it all.I would be lying if I say I will not miss it. Even yesterday we went to a really beautiful place called Southwold.(Pictures perhaps in another post?)


 I also now have a National level UK qualification in Portraiture, something which I could never have done in India. My Art has taken off in a huge leap in UK. I am happy I got that opportunity here and I do feel a bit sad to leave all that behind.

We will be moving back to Bangalore (yay! It is my most favourite city in India) by 16th October! I am delighted that I am moving to Bangalore. It is where my daughter was born and it is also a place where I have a LOT of friends. One of my book launches happened in Bangalore and it is a place where I feel completely at home.

After we move, we will be school-hunting, house-hunting and then setting up a home from a scratch .(as we had sold almost all of our stuff when we moved here) I am looking forward to a number of  very exciting things I can  and will do while in Bangalore. If you  are curious and really want to know  what it is,  please  see my latest portrait  by clicking  here  and read the comments  which will tell you what I am planning ;-)

And so many of you, who have written to me saying you want to meet me, let us meet! :-) But give me two months or so while I get my life and house in order.

I would surely be posting here, as soon as I can :)
Until then, wish me luck please. I need it.

Till then in the true British spirit I am going to keep calm and carry on. (but I still need all the luck)

Love and Sunshine,


  1. hey preeti...i know how it feels. i hv lived in australia for 7 years before i moved back to india/pune. i had a well settled life in oz, and i still feel homesick for it. my daughter was also born there. at the same time, i rejoice in the things that india has to offer. anyways, i've said it to you on twitter too..when u come down to pune..would love to meet with you :-). and lots of good luck for your move.. i guess you're an expert at it by now :-)

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    wish you and your family a smooth relocation... great to see that you already have plans of things to do once back home.. wish u all the best!

  3. Welcome home Preeti ! I know what leaving a country you love feels like .. has happened to me as well :)
    Art courses sound like such a fantasic idea ! I dont think anybody else in India is doing that !
    Good Luck for everything
    Cheers !

  4. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Awww, lovely!!! I know exactly how it must feel to leave a part of you behind... but lots of people who have relocated back to India have raved about how much more fulfilling life there is. ATB!!

  5. Hey that's nice :)
    ALl the best for the packign and moving and settling :)

  6. wow! you coming to bangalore... :)
    but yes changing houses is a big big job, not easy at all. Best of luck for that :)

  7. Preeti,

    All the very best on your move. I know the feeling you describe about. Here's to new adventures. Cheers!

    Would love to meet you in Bangalore sometime.


  8. i fully understand...not many realise there is a lot to moving countries. i've done it twice now, and going to do it yet again.

    happy yet sad, sad but happy, life goes on but is never the same...

    smooth moving and send those 'destressing' vibes my way please...i'll need them soon :))

  9. All the very best for your move, Preeti! I am sure you have become a pro at it by now. And the art workshops sound amazing; I have a friend who organizes corporate workshops - you might want to get in touch with him at


  10. Moving to a new country and adapting to it is indeed a herculean task. The saddest and heart-wrenching part is leaving behind all the friendships you have built during that adaptation process.
    Wish you luck in your move!

  11. Best of luck...I know you'll soon start enjoying in India too...and for opportunities, you can create it for yourself now that you know a lot about them ...

  12. Here's wishing you lots and lots of luck.

    Bengaloorige Suswagata!

  13. Varun: Bhega bharthini! :) Thank u thank u :)

    Ashish: yes I can create different kind of opportunities but fact is Art is still is its infancy in india. when compared to what it is in UK. I don't think Life drawing workshops (I did one in UK recently) are offered in India.Thanks a lot for your wishes and comment too.

    Jyoti: thank you :)

    Sheila: Yes--it is indeed heart wrenching but it is good to hav friends in a different country too!Thanks Sheila for your wishes.

    Palsworld: thanks a lot for a very interesting and useful link. Will get in touch with them once I settle down. Thanks!

    Suma: i know you completely understand. Good luck!

  14. Laksh: we will meet:) Replied to your mail. Add me on Gtalk.

    Sweta: I do need it! You in bangalore? :) Yeah I am coming to Blr :)

    Meira;Thank you m'am. :)
    I do need it.

    Writerzblock: life can be fulfilling anywhere I guess. Thanks a lot!

    Ruch: Portraiture is not offered in India, as far as I know. I tried a lot to do one in India. Thanks :)

    Tara: thanks so much. Much appreciate.

    Aparna; Yeah--you understand perfectly then as you too have been through it! yes we will meet in Pune. Will be coming there for launch of my 2nd book

  15. All the best :)
    Moving from a place always brings about these mixed feelings. Here, you are really taking a giant leap switching countries!

    It'll all turn out great and you'll do more amazing things back home :D

  16. Hi Preeti:
    Wish you a very safe trip back home. I am sure all your friends in the UK will miss you. Good luck on everything. xx Chitra

  17. Welcome back . Yes, I know the feeling, being sad and happy - its a very good sign that your expat stint was a great one.

    Wishing you a very happy time back in Bangalore.

  18. what I was trying to say was you offereing art courses is such a cool idea :)

  19. Hi Preeti, Indeed it would be a mix bag of feeling for you....

    In some older post or in your first book i remember back in India when you moved place... you happen to carry Book and Flower pot with you...
    So what special that you would be carrying along back from UK (your portraits would be one of it)

    So u will be celebrating Dipawali back in India...

    I wish you settle down with no problem and celebrate festival of lights.

    Cheers and take care

  20. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Hey Preeti,

    All the very best to you and your family on your relocation to India .. :) Wishing you much joy and happiness on your new project! I read the comments of the post you linked to and felt really happy for you!

  21. Hey P.S,
    As soon as I read the title of the post I knew what exactly is it abt..I swear..!!Coz thats the way I felt when v came back. Moving within the country itself makes me feel sad :( Well, you can be happy n proud that you utilised your stay there to the fullest. Such a prestigious certificate, and a new bunch of friends etc etc.

    I just want to give you a slight warning abt the traffic n pollution here..Nothing could ever make me ready for it..Take care n Best Wishes.

  22. Best of luck in every step.

  23. Thats nice you are moving to Bangalore!! Welcome!! Would love to meet you sometime!!
    As the wording goes..."All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves..."
    I felt this way too when i relocated back to India after a 2 year stint in US!:-) That day was a happy and sad one for mee too! Check out my stream on flickr when you get a chance relating to this!!

  24. And here's wishing you a safe relocation! All the very best!!

  25. wow...really great post you have.. i love the creativity..


  26. Preeti, all the very best for the packing and getting everything back in order once in Bangalore.

    I loved your workshop idea so much, that I am thinking of doing a course in painting first and then followed by your workshop :) I feel its been so long I did something which truly made me happy.

  27. Hi Preeti, My name is sangeetha, I have been following you since past few weeks, and also got a chance to read your first book. It was nice and relaxing read, I enjoyed it. I also enjoy reading your posts... I am glad to read this post of yours especially since you are relocating to Bangalore, I am hoping that you settle down at some place near Koramangala and I would be joining the classes that you plan to conduct :) I do a bit of painting now and then, never done a proper course, just met some enthusiastic person like you and spend some time with her getting some tips to improve.... was so impressed to hear about the course you have done and about your plans to teach. Keep up the good work and have a smooth relocation process... Bangalore awaits you.!!looking forward to meeting you in person some day!

  28. Wishing you all the luck, strength and support for a swift relocation :)

  29. Preeti, this is really a surprise. Relocating is heart-wrenching not to mention a lot of hard work. U tek care!!!!!!

    Moving to B'lore is great I know we are surely going to meet one day;-D

  30. Best Of luck girl--u can manage it just fine...Would love to meet you in India for another of your book launch :) --Seema

  31. Good luck - you are one amazing family....we moved quite a bit while growing up but after I came to US, I have only lived in one place and have gotten so used to it. I have moved apartments 7 times so thankfully have not accumulated junk :).

  32. Hi Preeti! I have been a silent lover of your blog for a year since now. But then it is just this post, which made my fingers to just go and keyboard this comment.

    All I want to tell you is, "All z Well...Dont worry...You are gonna have more wonders and more friends here. Your life will be more marvelous henceforth. Come back soon!"

  33. WOW back to Bangalore n Art workshops? That's really nice.I've already enrolled.. ;) Bega banni :)

  34. It is always tough to move...either from house 2 house r from countries to countries..all the frens we make at each plaace..we'll have to leave them behind and the story starts over again at the new place.. but the good part for u is u r coming back to the place where u already hv a lots of frens wish U ALL THE BEST with the move and settling back in ur fav Indian City...Cheerios

  35. Welcome to Bangalore Preeti:)

  36. swadeshakke sus-swagatha :-)

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Hi preeti, its been a long time i have been here, loved reading you after so long. Wish you a very happy and hassle free relocation, I can understand your 'sad and happy at the same time' situation. Wish you good luck dear.. and looking forward to reading your book soon.
    take care

  39. Preeti, good luck, happiness, health and fresh starts in Bangalore!!!
    xoxo Wishing you a happy move.

    When you have five minutes and a tea in hand, do go read the time travel tag, I posted it.
    love you! Gillian

  40. It's great news for us............ welcome back.... let you have great time here and tons of moments of enjoyment.... yeah its very saddening to leave some place where we lived happily for a long time.... bt anyway this is the nature of life; it always moves on...

  41. Welcome to India!
    101010 has brought changes in many people's lives. and coincidentally this post is also dated 10.10.10.

    Btw, blogrolled u :) hope thts ok..

  42. Hi Preeti, can understand totally, was a tough change for me and my family moving to US and then returning. We stayed there only for a year and a half, still I miss the place but I missed India terribly too while I was there.
    Still glad to see the plans you have in mind once you settle down. Take care, Welcome back home :)

  43. hey...preeti..shalaka here...jus loved ur blog....cnt stop reading..i wish i had checkd dis out b4...anyways..nw im readin ur blog..n will read d oldest of posts..btw..u r lookin soo superb in ur pic wid swt 16...i wish i was a male..wud propose immdiately..hehehe..jus jokin..AALL TTHHEE BBESTESTTT..4 shifting plans..keep in touch~:-))

  44. hey Preethi,

    I've been a regular reader of your blog and i started reading from when you moved to UK and i moved to bangalore, next month I'll be moving to UK and you to bangalore, weird :)!
    I can so relate to this particular post-- mixed emotions!
    Keep up the good work! love them!

  45. Hi,

    Not sure how I came through your blog, but I read almost all your posts.amazing writing :)

    Feels great to be back..right??change is good.. hope the kids get adjusted to the motherland my best wishes to Purvi n Athul:):)

    Welcome to Bengaluru :):)

  46. such mixed emotion. it is indeed possible, i feel it too sometimes. when it hurts yet you should still be happy inspite of the pain. goodluck to your journey back home!

    have a great day Preeti!

  47. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Welcome back, Preeti! Here's offering a "White Diamond" welcome from God's Own Country.

    I've been a regular at your blog while in US. Came back home after a long long time. Now enjoying life in God's Own Country.

    Good luck with your new book. Enjoyed the first one!


  48. Wishing you a happy re-settlement! I hope you enjoy your stay in bangalore! :)

  49. Welcome Home and Welcome to Bangalore!

  50. I don't read your blog for sometime and then read this! Wow, you have relocated back.. that is very very nice. Hope you are settling down nicely and the kids are adjusting to the new school. You are just in time for Diwali too :)

    Have fun setting up the new place. Hope to meet you in Bangalore when I travel down this month end.


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