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Chances are that if you speak English, no matter which country you live in currently, you have read at least one copy of Readers Digest. (Or at the very least flipped through it)
Although Reader's Digest was founded in the U.S, its international editions have made it the best-selling monthly magazine in the world. The magazine's worldwide circulation including all editions has reached 21 million copies and over 100 million readers.
Reader's Digest is currently published in 50 editions and 21 languages and is available in over 61 countries. It also happens to be India’s largest selling English magazine.

It is a monthly general interest family magazine that stands for quality writing and has been around since 1922. For me memories of it are indelible as they are associated with my childhood.

It was in 1981, when I was about nine that I first stumbled upon Readers Digest. My dad had a huge collection which he had hard bound. He had issues from 1971 to about 1978. It was great to find them and see products advertised that no longer existed! It was like going back in a time capsule. I read them all. I devoured each word. I laughed at some jokes which I didn’t understand (I was only nine, remember) because I felt very important reading them.

Some of the stories inspired me. I marvelled at the way some people wrote—the language, the wit, the clever puns, and the style. I soaked it all in. There was one underlying thread in almost all the articles—values. Readers digest stood for values like honesty, courage, positive attitude, generosity, kindness and a human spirit of love and understanding and strong family bonds.

I never thought that one day I would be writing for them. The latest issue of Readers Digest Joy which piggy backs with Readers Digest is now on the news stands in India and Nepal—and it has an article that I wrote—“Five fun ways to foster family bonds.”
It was one piece that I truly enjoyed writing and had worked hard at it. Even though I write regularly for Times of India’ s edition in my city and also for a few other magazines (so seeing my name in print is not exactly new) I was still delighted to be associated with Readers Digest.

I wished my dad was alive to share my joy. He would have understood what it meant and would have been so proud. Somehow when people tell me that he is watching wherever he is, he is with you in spirit etc, it just doesn’t work. It is also ironical because I had first started writing, to get over the grief of losing him. I so miss him. I so miss talking to him.
The unchanging fact is he is gone, and there is nothing I can do to bring him back.


  1. Wow..preeti. Hearty hearty congratulations. Am sure your dad is so proud of you. He is watching you from wherever he is. Stay blessed.

    My best as always....

  2. Its great to see ur writing in RD. As you said...I love this magazine for its values and thought provoking articles. Will get a copy and write more after reading it. Keep going. Wish u all success.

    PS: I hope your father will be watching you & ur success. He will be really proud of you.

    Cheers :-)

  3. Hey Congrats!...very true.. there is a sense of nostalgia wid Readers Digest !

    Memories are what makes these moments special.

  4. Hey me a hardcore RD fan. Got mags from several years. Anyways...Congratulations...Gonna lay my hands on that book with your article.

  5. WOW writing in RD? A VERY BIG CONGRATS.. :) I can understand how it feels when someone who matters to you so much is missing.. He will surely be watching over you and will be feeling so proud of you..

  6. wow... congrats on producing a superb piece! :-)

  7. woah! so you're a celebrity :)

    sorry about ur pa. its scary to think some of the most loved ones will not be around someday. alas - the certainty of death that we come with!

  8. hugs to you! :)

    RD indeed has been a staple for years together! and like you said it always underlined values in every relationship and action.

    congrats on the new beginning! :)



  9. woohoo...so i knw a celebrity author :)
    can i get an autographed copy plz? :P

  10. A huge congratulations to you!

    I simply adore RD and to know someone who has written in it is truly amazing :)

  11. Preeti,

    You know what I felt while reading ur post? That Readers Digest is like a common thread that is somewhere in the flashback of a writer's life... invariably. Like you, even I had once found my inspiration in Readers Digest. I had also subscribed to it, and it was my friend during the lonely hours. I especially loved reading inspiring real life stories, and some used to scare me too, esp. those about serial killers and the like.

    That you have written for this magazine is a matter of prestige that I can comprehend so well, so a hundred congratulations to you.. for achieving this.

    I am going to buy this issue without fail.

    Congrats again!

  12. Heey... this truly is a BIG achievement.. Congratulations!!


  13. ohh!!...congrats!..:)...and will definitely buy it this time:D....lets see what u have written...[family snap is really good]

  14. I just read ur article. Its just wonderful. Really really fantastic.
    You have done a great job.

    Well structured...perfect ideas and examples... I really loved the little ones saying..."I'll report at the next family meeting"

    Weekly meetings..book of memories..,family calendar...bulletin board...are simple to do and easlily followable !!!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  15. Fantastic seeing your work in print..you do realise that R.D books survive decades?..Doctors/Dentist surgeries are full of them...people will be able to read your article probably longer than we shall live for!


  16. Wow preeti That's a huge accomplishment it is not easy to get in there. I love the beautiful picture and I go quickly read the article

  17. When your dreams start becoming a reality...it gives you lots more to dream of.
    Congrats on this wonderful achievement...and I understand the excitement on seeing the name printed in the most esteemed publication.

  18. Prats : Thanks :)

    Marja: the full article is not there as it would not be fair to RD joy.Have uploaded the front page.

    Niall: My work shall be preserved for eternity in the offices of dentists :)

    Karthik: thank you thank you and thank you--If you can say that to RD joy it would help me :)

  19. Brocasarea:Hope you realise that it is not my family and is used for illustration purposes only!! The article is for people with kids mostly--dont know if you will find it useful.


    Punam: A heartfelt thanks!

    Aathira:Thanks!! :)

    SMM: of course! anytime! :)

  20. Mama-mia: thanks!

    Dharmabum: thanks! True--thought is scary.

    Raaji:Thanks so much!

    Dhanya:I know you can totally relate.Thanks.

    psedonym: thanks!

    Prakhar:First time you have left a comemnt.thanks!


  21. Awesome to see you in RD! We always get it because the local school kids sell magazines as a fundraiser and they get extra for RD sales, so that's what I order. I hope your dad is smiling on your from above - Bet he is!

  22. Preethi,
    congrats. I have blogged on a related topic. Please let me know your thoughts. I really need to know.

  23. hey congrats!!!

    in ur previous post u had given link to ur painting and stuff...... was willing to post a comment there but it was asking to fill some form......so said forget it..........anyways the point is........ gosh u are very good at it, when i went through the newspaper cutting..........i was like man... some people are so talented........ :)

  24. Congrats!!! very happy for u:-)

  25. PS !!!

    Got your article only today.. and I'm amazed at the research you've done for it!! This is truly commendable!!

    Few months back when I wrote to you that I'd definitely buy your book when you write one,I never quite expected this would come along so soon, and I'm thrilled about it!! .. Thou you are yet to author a book as such, it feels great to type to you as I see your name in print .. in the book just by the side of my keyboard!!

    Great work ..I really enjoyed those 'five ways' ..Keep them coming :-)


  26. Way to go, Preeti, and a hearty congrats to you; your writing is taking off in leaps and bounds it seems.


  27. GREAT WRITE UP MAM! Loved it. You must be feeling like the daughter of a proud father mam.

  28. Congrats! Hope you get to write more and more!
    Reader's Digest is really nostalgic. I still remember during my teens when my parents used to read those articles on how to handle your teenager and behave accordingly. Only, I also used to read the same articles and knew what they were upto. But of course, I was lucky to have parents like that. And I know what you mean about your dad. My Dad was my best friend too and I lost him when I was 19. I still miss him at every point in life.

  29. OMG! u wrote for RD! wooooooooow! u rock! Congrats!!!

    RD has been my fav mag. Have copies since 88 i think...

    Will read this one sooon! Gosh! u must be so happy!M glad for ya:)

    n as corny as this sounds...Ur Dads blessings is alwez wit u!

  30. Dear Preethi,
    Couldn't wait to get my hands on that copy of RD ,and to my great luck ,that particular issue found its way to me the very same day that i read your post here!The article in RD had some useful tips and made for fun read .Keep up the good work and congrats for being published in RD (the greatest mag of em all..)(oh!i have been boasting to all and sundry:-my blogspot-mate got publishded in RD!!!:-) )

  31. yeah....wat i meant to say that i usually like reading abt relationship..and yeah realized that that snap is not urs:)

  32. Sure sure!! Will send a mail to them.

  33. Congrats.Now you can enjoy reading yourself on Readers Digest.

  34. I always belive that all our wishes will come true..only thing is you need to have wishes!!!Your success is based on your wishes!Gr8 start in RD, wish you see in Times?Forbes? wh else??!!!

  35. A big thank you to all who left encouraging comments.I began writing to each one individually--then realised it was all the same--so here it is:
    Thanks a lot!!

  36. I love readers digest...my uncle had a huge collection of it n whenever i went to his place for the summer vacation i used the whole yrs copies at once...i loved the quotes n jokes too...


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