Friday, October 28, 2016

Blog resolutions! #10yearsOfBlogging

Hey  all, it has been a FANTASTIC blogversary week for me, to celebrate 10 years of blogging, and all of you have chipped in and poured in the comments.

I conclude the celebrations with my blogging resolutions! For those who came in late, do read the previous posts (with some VERY interesting topics) and leave me a comment. 3 comments win a beautiful limited edition mug designed by my team.

Here are my blog resolutions/ mission statement/purpose :


1. I will  try and blog at least once a week.
2. Posting something is better than not posting at all.
3. I will do one blog marathon every year.
4.There has never been and there will  be no negativity on my blog
5. My blog will always be my special place.
6.My blog readers are a very special lot.
7.                  The best way to know someone is by reading their blog!
8. My blog will always remain honest and authentic.

Have a GREAT Diwali folks.
Much love

Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 reasons why you should keep a journal and how it can change your life.

Why should you keep a journal

Most successful people advocate keeping a journal. Right now I am reading a brilliant book by Julia Cameron called ‘The Artists Way’.
One of the quotes  from the book, that stood out for me is :

“In times of pain, when the future is too terrifying to contemplate and the past too painful to remember, I have learned to pay attention to right now. The precise moment I was in was always the only safe place for me.”

A record of now: Keeping a journal is a record of your now. Your present reality. Your goals. Your dreams. Your aspirations.

 Slotting time: Without a journal, one day merges into another, merges into a third. Time is a blur. With a journal, there is a goal, a map, a ‘place to go’.
It is like a blurprint to shape your life.

It is fun: If you feel writing a journal is monotonous, you can make a bullet journal. Or a scrapbook of ‘wishes’. Make it fun. Make it any way you want. There are no hard and fast rules. But do maintain one.

Record of growth: You will see how much you have grown from the time you start it, to a few years from then on.

Clearer though process: When you start writing in a journal, your thought process becomes clearer. You tend to start becoming more assertive. Your dreams materialise.

I have kept a journal ever since I was 10. I don’t write every day, but I do write regularly. From 2005 onwards, I stopped keeping chronological diaries. Instead, I write when I feel like writing, and I put the date.

Try it.
Read up about it.
Then do it.

You only have a lot to gain.

Have you ever kept a journal? Has it helped you? Do you intend to start one?
Tell me in my comments below. 3 comments win a BEAUTIFUL exclusive special edition mug, designed by my team.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The best posts of my blog in ten years.

Over these last ten years, I have written so many posts on so many topics.
Thought I would share some selected posts with you.

Here are the links:

My top posts on marriage:

Marriage and it other implications

Marriage and Freedom

Jealousy in a marrriage/long term relationship

My top personal posts:

 These are posts very close to my heart.

 My special friend

Live like there's no tomorrow

A tribute to one of the coolest people I know 

The shoes fit, but they don't feel right 

My top relationship posts

How to get over someone who does not love you back :

Family versus work—what should you choose?

An open letter to all teens:


Top posts on writing

How to be a better writer

What writing a book involves:

One post I want to highlight

Hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I have enjoyed compiling them. 
Don't forget to leave me comments for a chance to win these fabulous limited edition mugs.

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51 life lessons I learnt from a decade of blogging!

51 life lessons I learnt from a decade of blogging.

Crack a simple puzzle to access this blogpost :) (I promised you this would be fun, didn't I?)

Click HERE

Once you access the content, come back here and tell me which of the life lessons resonated most with you and why! (copy paste it in your comments, so I know that you have indeed cracked the clue and seen the content, and yes, it is a very easy clue :) ) :)

Till tomorrow---keep smiling. (New post tomorrow)

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Monday, October 24, 2016

5 hidden ways in which blogging will help you grow and why you should start one.

So why should you start a blog? Is it going to help you in anyway?
Yes! It will. Here is why:

1.     A platform to express yourself:  Blogging is making a statement. It is telling the world, who you are as a person. Sure, your facebook updates can do that—but often they are about trivial things. Plus they get buried in a deluge of status updates. A blog is a solid body, your very own publishing space, a space where you can be whatever you want to be. How cool is that?!

2.     You make connections with real people : I have met some amazing people from different countries because of my blog. Gillian from Canada who runs a spa,  Jacob Accurso  from Oregon who is a private investigator, a potter and an airplane owner(!), Guto from Sao Paulo, Niall Young from UK whose paintings are all over my house. None of these would have been possible without my blog.

3.     It helps you reflect and think about things: When you write in a blog, you  are thinking and reflecting about what you want to say.  A blog helps you think clearly, examine if your words reflect your thoughts and it helps you grow as a person.

4.     It makes you feel good: Mine does! I feel so good when I blog. Try it—the high you get from your first comment will be something that you will remember forever.

5.     You never know how it can change your life: As you can see, it has completely changed mine. 10 years of blogging. 8 best-sellers.  More than 500 published pieces in various publications like Readers Digest, Times of India and more.  And to think that it started with a single anonymous blogpost!

There are tonnes of articles online on how to start a blog and so I will not elaborate on that. But I would like to say that what is necessary for a successful blog is 3  C’s
Correct grammar!
Pick something you feel passionately about and start writing. It is important to establish a connect and that will come only when you are authentic and genuine. Just be yourself and go!

If you are motivated enough to start a blog, after reading this post I will help you further.  Leave me a link to your blog, once you have ten posts. I will personally visit your blog, and leave a comment(only if you have ten posts and your writing has to follow the rules of grammar please). And not only that I will pick three blogs and I will write a guest post for them! How much more can I give eh? :) 

Now go do it!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

10 years of blogging!! The Celebrations have begun!! :)

Ten years. A decade. A long long time. It was on his day in 2006, that I wrote my first blog post. 
 A hesitant step. Born from extreme pain.  I had no idea what I was getting into then. I was writing mostly for myself.  I was devastated. I had no one to turn to. The  anguish from losing my dad engulfed me day in and day out.  It felt like a noose around my neck. There was anger that he was taken away so quickly, resentment, shock. But mostly grief.
Mind numbing grief. I never knew there could be so much pain.
There was no escaping from the fact that life, as I knew it was over. My days were dark.

I remember I happened to be reading  The Economic Times that morning, and there was a small article buried somewhere in the last pages which talked about a new trend called blogging. I had no idea what a blog even meant till then. (This was a decade back—remember? ) I decided to go online and see for myself.  And then I decided to start one anonymously. That first post I wrote is full of typos and errors which I have left untouched till date, as it reflects my state of mind at that time.

My blog was my constant companion throughout my dark days. I met so many people because of my blog.
You can read my 500th post  HERE.

My blog grew as I grew. I made friends with people from many parts of the world, and later I met them in real life too.

My blog really catapulted me into a different realm, and my life changed in way I never even thought possible even in my wildest dreams.

Imagine going from an anonymous unknown somebody to where I am today. (An author of 8 books that too all bestsellers) . One of the big moments for me was being invited to be a keynote speaker along with Bruce Dickinson ( yes yes, The Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden)
I spoke to him in the green room and he wanted a copy of my book, which he made sure that I signed. Here is a picture:

I was also the keynote speaker and a guest of honour along with Shruti Hassan at an event organised by Madras Management association.  Here is a pic from my Instagram:

Have met and interacted with people like, Prahalad Kakkar, Nandan Nilekani, Shekhar Gupta, Priya Ramani, Vikram Sampath, Amy Chua, Kiran Nagarkar etc. So many writers, editors and publishers are my good friends now.

I have spoken at Ted x events, spoken at IITs, IIMs, and many corporates like Accenture, KPMG, Infosys etc. Have been invited and been a panelist at so many many literary festivals too.

I have also now lost count of the number of times I have been featured in Cosmopolitan, The Hindu, The India Express, Times of India, Femina and many may more publications.  In 2008, When my first media mentions came out, I was super excited. You can read the post HERE.

More than anything, the amount of personal connections that I have been able to make because of my blog (and subsequently my books) is something I feel so good  and grateful about.

One of the most treasured moments was when I got a  beautiful beautiful gift from Brazil.  You can read the post by going here.

Over the years, I have been asked why I don’t monetise my blog ( I refuse to even put google ad sense) . Lots of corporates have offered me lakhs of rupees for a mention of their products on my blog. I have turned each one down.

A blog is where I express myself . It is my own space.
At the moment, I am doing  an international course on  Illustrated journaling, and as a part of my coursework, I had to make a little book, about myself.

What better occasion than this to share it with you? Here it is!

You can see the pages better here:

To me, my blog is the most authentic part of me, that I share with genuine readers. It is my go-to place when I need comforting. It is my blessing. It is my sacred spot.

And I thank you for being with me on my journey so far.  
(The celebrations continue over the next one week. There will be a new post every day. So see you tomorrow! and don't forget to leave me a comment here, for a chance to win this BEAUTIFUL mug that my team designed.)