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Touch Thursday No.3 (and results!)

And here it is..TOUCH (The One You Cannot Have) Thursday Number 3.

If you are new and want to know what TOUCH Thursdays are, read this post which has all the details.

First the winner of Touch Thursday Number 2..

The winner is

Sumanth Naik.

Here is the winning entry:

Sumanth gets the TOUCH mug which can be personalised with your picture. Please send me your e-mail and  Westland will get in touch with you.

Special mentions (the people who came very close to winning)

Aayush Goyal (he heft his entry as a comment on the post)

 Ruminating Optimist:

Kavya Mysore:

Thank you all for taking part. I really enjoyed reading ALL the entries. (I even left a comment on a few)

Here is the writing Prompt for TOUCH Thursday Number 3.

Anjali is a character in the book. She has dated 6 men and rejected all of them. She is still looking for Mr.Right. She feels it is hard to get what she is looking for.

Her friend Sriram Surve, would say the same about women--that it is hard to understand women.

If you are a guy, write  3 things (or more!) that you really want from women.

If you are a woman, write 3 things (or more)  that you really want from men.

Please carry the TOUCH banner if you want Westland to consider your entry.

Results will be declared next Thursday.

Leave your entries in the widget below. (Link only the specific post, not the whole blog)

If you don't have a blog, leave your entry as a comment in this post.

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Good luck! I so look forward to reading your entries :) ____________________________________________________________________
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  1. Congrats to Sumanth Naik, and the special mentions! :)

    1. I enjoyed your post too Gunjan. Thank you for taking part!

  2. Congrats to Sumanth Naik and all the special mentions. Down with eye infection will post about the three things I really want from men a bit late this time.


    1. Thank You so much for the well wishes. My husband had threatened me with Murder if he found me online with one eye badly swollen. Otherwise I would have posted sooner.

  3. Yay!! A special mention is as good as winning :) Thank you so much!

    Preeti, the URL you have pasted next to my name , KAVYA MYSORE is from the other blog :) Please try changing that :) Thank you!

    Mine is :

    1. So sorry about that. Thank you for bringing it to my notice..Now corrected! :)

  4. Thank You mam, for the opportunity. I have already confirmed my participation. I am loving it :)

  5. TOUCH Thursday No:3, Awesome :)

  6. I am taking part in this one to! I have found writing to be my passion with this it only has emerged to a new height and thank you ma'am for leaving a comment on my blog! That was very generous of you :)

  7. Thank You for the opportunity. Touch Thursday No.3

  8. Really loved doing this prompt! :)

  9. No blog posting here.. plz do read it..
    Heyy Anjali see if these small tips come handy and im sure your 7th one will be "THE ONE YOU CAN HAVE"!
    3 things or more i really want from men:-
    1)He should miss me as if i was the one he could not have..
    2)TOUCH me like i was a newborn or a flower of spring or a butterfly's wing..
    3)THE feeling of love should be like maybe one of us is going to die tomorrow .
    4)ONE fight or ONE day of not meeting or anyONE should not come in between us.
    5)YOU & I should not be the case..It should always be "WE".
    6)CANNOT should'nt be the word between us. Everytime it should be CAN do(anything) for YOU.
    7)HAVE friendship,understanding,honesty,trust and attraction even at the age of 70 between us...
    dying for that preety mug.. cheers!

  10. Nice Blog Preeti!

    3 things i want in my man are:

    1) He should be caring
    2) He should accept me with all my faults
    3) honesty

  11. Hi Preeti..Loving the TOUCH thurdays. Heres my link:

  12. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Continuing the tradition of posting every week!!! :)


    Loving TOUCH already!

  13. I am back... kicking the eye infection on its face with some good rest and medicine. Posted for the things I want from my Mr. Right.

  14. Thanks for the special mention Preeti!

  15. I made sure I linked my entry this time after writing and not linking for the first TOUCH Thursday prompt!! Yay!!! :)

  16. Touch Thursday No.3

    The three things I want are

    1. Should be a Respectful person in the society because the one who gives respect gets respect.
    2. should accept me whatever I am. I have come in this world with a name and a fame, and its worth more than anything.
    3. Should listen to me and try to understand what I m trying to explain. Should not take decisions in a single go and try to understand the circumstances.

  17. Posted :-)

  18. Fun to post on the age old, ongoing discussion.. As John Gray says, Indeed, "Men are from Mars Women are from Venus"..

  19. posted---feeling great--- :) :)

  20. Hello mam following are the things ,which I want that my Mr Right should possess…..
    First of all I want that he should respect his ownself,because the person who respect & love his ownself can only give this things to others that’s what I believe.He should respect me for what I am, he should respect my thoughts,my opinion,& most important thing is that he should respect my parents & treat them with lots of love and affection,because whatever I am today is because of them and they are the first priority in my life & I really love them like any other mama’s & dyada’s girl. 
    2) Trust:-
    The relationship of any two persons is like a rubber band,holded by two of them,if any of them ignore or give up to balance it then that rubber band quickly will hurt the other trust play a very important role in any relationship to balance it from both the sides.In future I know I will never face such situation but suppose if the time comes where no one will believe or trust me for my certain dids or because of some misunderstanding then that time I want him to seat in front of me,hold my hands,look into my eyes & say that’’I trust you,I believe in you,& I don’t want any kind of explanation from you,just get one thing that I don’t know weither your shadow will remain forever with you or not ,but I will always be there for you in every situation of your life,our life.
    I think no one can describe this word perfectly as our heart feels.Its something wonderful,its something unbelievable,its something magical,its something beautiful.Don’t know how to describe it,but I heard that various kind of people do various kind of things to show their love to their love ones,but for me in love I want only one thing from my lifepartner that’s his precious time rather than any other expensive gifts or various kind of mug-up love speeches. 
    He should give his time or make himself available for me to take a long walk at night,to enjoy the drops of first rain in monsoon,to cook surprisedly when he want to make me smile, to share a cup of coffee with me & rather speaking mug-up love lines I just want him to say that’’ I genuinely care for you and love you,don’t ever leave me alone ‘’
    This kind of love I want from my Mr.Right 

    Thank you preeti mam for making us think about such a important topic It was a nice promt and had great time while writing.




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