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TOUCH (The One You Cannot Have) Thursday No.1

As promised in my last post, here it is,  *drum rolls and bugles please* :)

 TOUCH (The One YoU Cannot Have)Thursdays  in association with my publishers Westland Limited.

In case you are new and don't know what I am talking about, starting today, for the next 6 weeks, every Thursday, I will be putting up an interesting, quirky and a fun writing prompt.

What do you have to do to take part?

You just have to answer the prompts on your blogs, and leave a link (linking the specific post), in the widget at the end of this post. (Do not link your whole blog, link only the relevant post. Any irrelevant links will be promptly deleted).

 If you do not have a blog, but still want to take part, please leave the answer as a comment in my comment box

Westland will pick one entry every week, and will send them an AWESOME personalised 'The One You Cannot Have' mug, like the one you see here ! (The reverse side can be personalised with any picture you want!)

Westland will also tweet the winning entries  plus mention the names of the winners, with links to the winning entries,  on the official Westland blog, at the end of 6 weeks.

If you want your entry to be considered by Westland, please include the TOUCH banner (given below) in your posts, and please link to this post or the Facebook page of the book.

 Here is the prompt for  TOUCH Thursday no.1:

If I could have anyone I choose as my 'forever friend'/ 'life partner' , I would choose..................................................

(To help you get started---Who , according to you would make a PERFECT partner or a perfect friend? Describe him/her. What are the qualities you would want? What makes them special?)

You don't have to name that person. You can even make up an imaginary person.

Write as much as you want or as little as you want.

So put on your thinking hats, get out your creative pens (or keyboards) and join the fun!

 I  sure would love to read :)

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  1. Hi ma'm :)

    That's a nice beginning, and a nice prompt !!
    Could you please tell us how long the linky is open for posting ?

    Thanks !

  2. Anonymous8:55 PM

    My life partner: He is a celeb (My sweet diary) and out of reach. End of story.

  3. My unconditional Love.... :)

  4. Anonymous10:24 PM

    im on....
    where can i leave my answer? i dont have a blog??

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Your teacher is really understanding and sweet!
      I shall be forwarding your entry to Westland. Good luck! and thank you so much for sharing!

  6. A person who understands me even if i dont explain :)

  7. Done :)
    Now waiting for results.....

  8. If I could have anyone I choose as my 'forever friend'/ 'life partner', I would choose a person who is understanding, genuine, sweet, caring, respectful to women, honest, down to earth, smart and has their head on their shoulders. This person would be like a gem out of a handful of jewels. I know that they would always be there when I need a shoulder to cry on; or come with me for a lovely candlelight dinner, or accompany me for a walk on the beach! All these adjectives would make the person very special and last but not the least, this person would ensure that the relationship grows stronger and stronger as the years go by and mold it with lots of love, trust, and happiness!

  9. It would be Aarav. The guy I met over two years ago at a friend's birthday party, and who has not missed a single chance to mesmerize me. With all the efforts that he has been putting all these years and the best part, the efforts aren't just for me but he also tries to make all those around me special. Yes all those people are the one's who mean to me and who are special to me. The best thing that he has done till date is given me space and a chance to grow in the relationship and as a person. Handled my tantrums and loved me all the way. No I am not talking about an imaginary figure from any of the books that I have read recently but its Aarav from the love story of my life. There is nothing in him that I want to change about him.

  10. Hello Preeti ! I linked and will you let me know if you can open the link :)

  11. Life would become much simpler if we could choose the people we want in it.
    Krishna and Radha loved each other unconditionally. They were not married , they were lovers , in fact Radha was already married when she met Krishna for the first time. Krishna was the almighty King , an incarnation of Vishnu , whereas Radha was a commoner ( a strikingly beautiful one though!). When Krishna left Vrindavan, that was the last time he saw Radha , they did not meet after that. So , did their story end there...? No , every moment she ( Radha ) spent on earth she remembered Krishna . Radha's unconditional love for Krishna gave her God's status. We never say the name Krishna without remembering Radha . No idol / painting of Krishna is ever complete without Radha.
    So , if we have the power of loving someone unconditionally then we are closest to God as one can ever be.
    The biggest irony of life is that we run after all the things which can never be ours.
    We cant ever own a person . We should only learn to love a person unconditionally , because love is all about giving , love is about trying to find the depths of your soul and realising that you dont.

    1. Wow! I had never thought of this perspective.
      Good luck! Will be forwarding your entry to Westland.

    2. This is really beautiful and brought tears to my eyes! Very nice Aayush!

    3. Thanks Prathima ! Bless You !

    4. @Aayush Goyal, I really appreciate the perspective that you try to bring in. a very realistic take on love. But I would like to mention here that Radha was not married to anyone at any time. Moreover, she was not elder to Lord Krishna; neither by a few years nor was she His mom's age. These are the false versions. @Preeti, SORRY for having brought in a different topic here. I just wanted to make the facts clear :) Touch thursdays are gonna be a big hit:)

    5. @Pollyanna: Thanks for that--but I don't think Ayush mentioned anywhere in his post that she was his mom's age! Also all the texts that I have read, do mention that she was married to someone else.
      In any case, I will be forwarding the entry to westland :)

    6. Pollyanna , Preeti has said it all for me ( Thanks so much Preeti ! ).
      Everyone has a right to have their own perspective.
      I respect yours and expect you to extend the courtesy to mine.
      Good Day !

    7. @Preeti: Oh I never meant his entry was not to be sent. I definitely liked the perspective brought in. it deserves appreciation. And the mother's age part--I mentioned it coz I've heard many saying so, not Mr. Aayush. @Aayush: definitely, I do respect your opinions too.

    8. @Ayush,
      Wow, Wonderful example for unconditional love. Thanks for it. :-)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I dont need to express blog expressed my feelings for perfect life partner . My blog:

  14. wrote the post and added the link.. :)

  15. I am on... Excited to be part of this contest. My first time in any online contest. So special.

  16. I am In. But by mistake I have linked my blog instead of only linking the post! I hope that will do...

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Great made me think! Thank you..

  19. I wld lyk my lyf partner 2 b my bst frnd, d king f hearts bt his heart beating nly mee vid uncondional n true love!

  20. I wld lyk my lyf partner 2 b my bst frnd, d king f hearts bt his heart beating nly mee vid uncondional n true love!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hey, this is the blog for the above prompt.. won't say whom I chose can go on read it there..I hope it's good enough as the deep root of the words are true..! :)

  23. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Hey Preeti!! Posted the link!

    and I am more than glad to have participated!!! Thanks

  24. Hi Preeti,
    Thanks for the prompt ... I've posted the link:

    Glad to participate :-)

  25. I would choose someone whose character and approach to life is the exact opposite to mine. I would choose that girl who instead of barely accepting what I say, justifies how she not wrong and that she is only different from me. What if we had only type of dish to eat, what if we had the stories based on the same plot. It would be horrendously boring, won't it be! As one of the basic laws in science says "Unlike poles attract each other", I also think that it can become the essence in a relationship!
    So, respect the differences and prioritize accordingly! - this girl will be my life partner!!! :-)

  26. Thanks for the TOUCH thursdays Preeti:) Heres my link

  27. If I could have anyone I choose as my 'forever friend' it would be someone who's a notch or two above me in humanity, empathy, worldly wisdom, wit and grit. Simply put if my friend has a heart of gold, I know that their midas TOUCH will turn all despair into hope. It's all that's needed, the rest just falls in place.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Nice Prompt. I have given my URL. :) Excited n anxious for the new novel Preeti Shenoy :) Here is the link:

  30. Thank u mam for this beautiful way through which everyone can disclose their feeling about their lifepartner or about their would b lifepartner......obviously like every ordinary girl i m also having some expectation about my mr.right,like others i also live with him in my dreamy land.i m 20 years old now but its genuinly true that till date i never fall in love with anybody not bcos there was no one who was good,not bcos i m not attractive,not bcos no one never proposed me.....just bcos i never feel that kind of feeling of love for anyone.I deeply believe in love bt i don't understand that short term bf nd gf concept,like nowdays if u refuse anyones proposal then after few days that girl or guy would find out some other one,i guess this is not love which keep on changes with time nd my generation should understand that there is different between love nd attraction,u can not give name of love to your attraction .....attraction has keep on happening with the age nd the u can not call it"love"...Love is not to get the person to whome u love bt love means to do all the efforts to see the smile on the face of person to whome u love......nd finally if i talk abt the qualities which i wants in my lifepatner r that first of all he should b a honest person,he should have some goal in his life,he should love his family more than me bcos i badly love my own one....he should b a helping person...i don't care whether he is rich or not or whether he look handsome or not but he should love me nd accept me the way i m ...bcos if he want to change me then that means he never loved me....he should support me in my career nd most impotant he should love me unconditional.....:)

    1. Hey good concept. But When some one rejects some one, I feel its 100% best search some one else who may suit and understand instead of troubling the one rejected. Two can only live 2gether with mutual understanding and acceptance. :-)

    2. i think the person who genuinly love someone can never forget that person for the any other one..........atleast for a one whole life........

  31. Thank you preeti mam !! :) I always love the way you select your titles. I have entered my URL. here is the link for it.

    with love.

  32. If I could have anyone I choose as my 'forever friend'/ 'life partner' , I would choose someone who just love himself/herself, because i have lernt something from life that ay person doesn't loves you...he/she loves you because you are partner in fullfilling his/her dream.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.


  35. Preety, I loved all books of yours, Touch thursdays is a great idea and i wanted to be a part of it. More than that i wanted to wright about the one i wish as my forever friend.

  36. Here it goes my entry..

  37. I am not sure if my link got accepted. So just leaving it here as well...

  38. If I had a choice it would be my 11th STD English teacher (as my life partner if i were a boy). I was new to the school after my 10th board exam results. I didn’t know anyone around me but somehow made friends. First hour was English and my English teacher entered the class. I saw her for the first time and I felt like I want to be with her forever. I didn’t know how to tell her. Those days I don’t have any close friends and so I used to go to school regularly only to see her daily. My eyes just get glued at her whenever and wherever I see her. I was waiting for a chance.
    Finally, one day she gave us homework to write a story on either ‘MY FAVORITE TEACHER’ or ‘MY ROLE MODEL’. I thought that was the chance to tell her. I knew that she used to read all the lines one by one and then correct our sheets. So I started writing the story on ‘MY FAVORITE TEACHER’.
    I wrote my feelings about her and at the end I made two questions for her to answer .
    1. Will you be with me as my friend/sister in my life?
    2. Do you love me? (yes/ no)
    I wanted her to answer my questions badly and so I mentioned at the end ‘YOU NEED TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS IF YOU ARE AN ENGLISH TEACHER’ ( I know how crazy I were!).
    And she corrected my note and gave me. I was eagerly waiting to see the answers. I reached home and then opened my note. Guess what PREETI!!!

    She had made a tick on ‘SISTER’ for the 1st question.

    And a ‘BIG YES! ’ for the 2nd one. I was flying. Then we used to speak daily and text each other. Till now she is with me and now I m pursuing my B.E(3RD YEAR). SHE IS LIKE MY OWN SISTER. There is a sad story behind her and I won’t tell you now PREETI. But surely I will tell u someday. Ur books have changed her thoughts and she likes you very much ( but not more than me!)

  39. Thanks for the TOUCH thursdays Preeti:)
    Here's my link

  40. Hi Preeti...
    Thanks for the TOUCH thursdays..
    Preety, I loved have read all books of yours... I wanted to write about the one i wish as my forever friend(that's Margaret (Meg)).
    and I am more than glad to have participated!!!

  41. My life partner is the who makes me feel like a princess....... he may not be good looking but should have a charming personality ... I had a crush on a boy in my school who had a scar on his face...But a. Very attractive personality...He is the first live love of my life...for me he is The One I cannot Have...because we are not touch with each other since farewell...he tried to contact me but I never replied back...C Because I already know he loves someone else...and it hurts to see himhim that girl...when I saw the title of your book it reminded me of him...the qualities that my life partner should posses is humour n courage which I saw my crush...n of course unconditional love...I even gave him a hint that I like him...I am not very sure whether he understood it or not...but I miss him a lot...and just wish that someday I could meet reminds me of a message...The best way to miss someone is to sit right besides him knowing that you cannot have him...This is my state right now...n my half baked love story

  42. Hi Ma'm,

    Just posted my entry :)

    Happy to participate :)

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. enjoy reading!!

  46. Hi Preeti....m a great fan of ur writing.... read all ur books...u actually make us live the characters n the story while reading.... hats off to you.... :-)

  47. The one I cannot stay without is my Pranjal. Somewhere from some distant lands we have met and its been 3 years that we are together. A bond and mix up of North East and South. Much love to Pranjal.

  48. Hey, I had posted twice, Tried deleting the one i posted yesterday, unable to..Kindly consider the one I posted today.


    Hues of Madness

  49. Preeti maam ive posted and linked my blog.It was a bful topic to scribble on .Thanks for stirring my thoughts.If I give you the label 'LIFE SAVIOUR',wl it be too much when you showed me a new path through your LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT and THE SECRET WISH LIST...............I owe you completely for finding the new and vivacious version of me.Honoured to participate in the contest.Dying to preorder your TOUCH :p ........LOL

  50. Anonymous2:23 PM

    If I could have anyone I choose as my 'forever friend’, I would choose Dibbu. It all started in 2007 mid. I came to know about her existence in my class through the results of my Biotechnology exam. Obviously she was the topper. She grabbed my attention. Her innocent face, cute smile and pink flushing cheeks were what I looked in her. She was adorable. But who might think, one fine day we would become friends. The uniqueness of my Dibbu is “she is a mirror to me”. Yes! I can always project myself in that mirror, I always balance myself in do's and don'ts and ups and downs. She is the most intelligent girl I have ever met in my life. Her cute little doubts make me grin. Her blushes make me go mad. Her words hit me at right place with sense.
    They say marriages are made in heaven, but for me friends too. All we have to do is to find them. Thanks to her mom and dad, I found my friend. She is precious. I never seen her crying but heard her whispers. In these six years I didn’t have a conversation with her for a whole 1 year however I felt her thoughts. When you find something that you thought you have lost forever and suddenly when you see it again, the fresh breeze that brushes your cheeks is immortal. She is such a girl where we can easily lock her in a museum. She will give a smiley slap if she sees this article, however I deserve that. We have quite a few similar tastes, if I am not wrong we both like blue, Ilayaraja’s music, few characters, and few persons. She got the habit of reading books recently. I gave her Preeti’s books and she loved them. We both love you Preeti.
    I don’t want to think about future and spoil the present. Sooner or later she will get married and I definitely envy her husband. She is my critic, my well-wisher; she listens to my foolish thoughts, crazy ideas with big heart. She laughs pure, she speaks true, and she teaches her thoughts to the world. She might have eaten magnets when she was a kid. She is a one of her kind.
    Above all she is a true human being perfectly made by god. Only my key board knows my emotions while writing this. I would be happy if one day all of her dreams come true. I am not completing this intentionally. She always says, you got to move on baby, and I am moving on. 
    A small poem I am dedicating for her:
    In amid stones I discovered a pebble,
    At chagrin contexts I endured pain,
    By the inadequacy of words I chanted her name,
    She was in silences that had become so frequent in my heart,
    I broke the pebble, omit the pain and forgot her name!
    And the silence of love remained immortal. Venkatesh

  51. I wrote about this the moment I saw it on the 6th Preeti.. but I forgot to enter this in the widget.. :( :( Here is my entry.



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