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Cherish Life!

People react to personal tragedies in different ways. Some fight back, some accept, some get defeated and some withdraw into a shell. I know--as I did all of it.

This morning I was searching for something on my laptop and I came across this photo of Satish and me, clicked  in UK, at the Tower of London in October 2007. This  was before my first book was published. It was one of the toughest times in my life. I had short hair back then and I remember how I had told the hair-dresser to crop my hair real short--like in the army. I  was so down and going through such a bad phase, I did not care about how I looked. Even the smile in the photo is so painfully forced and sad.

I had lost my father all of a sudden in 2006. I have blogged about my father in several posts and here are a few such:

Looking at the picture above, and comparing it to where I am today, I have come such a long way. Back then, I was just a broken person, trying to pick up the pieces of my life. There are days when I have cried and wept the whole day and done nothing else. I was too shattered, too shocked and bristling so much at the unfairness of it all. It was too soon that he was snatched.

I am now an author of three best-sellers (the photo below was clicked on 14th February 2012 at the launch of  'Tea for two and a piece of cake' ). My new book  The Secret Wishlist will be out in December. I still sometimes cannot believe it. I have chronicled the journey in my 500th post.

 Now, I get hundreds of mails  from people who tell me they find me inspiring. Most of them ask me the secret of my success (it's just hard work and a bit of luck--nothing else)  and most ask how I manage to stay so positive always (and that is a deliberate choice).

The fact is, life is indeed very short. I cannot emphasize this enough. One of my closest friends recently told me that a very good friend of hers passed away on his 40th birthday. They were waiting to celebrate it. He just collapsed and died leaving behind a wife and a very young child. My cousin lost his wife all of a sudden last year. She was just 36 and she left behind two small children, aged 7 and 5.

People who have seen sudden death at close quarters and who have been through the experience of losing someone very dear, realise how futile petty grudges are and how very precious time really is. The person you see today may no longer exist tomorrow, except in your memories. It is so darn important to forgive, to not hold silly grudges, to live each moment and to CHERISH life.

Here are a few things that one can do to ensure this. (and I follow these)

1. Call your parents : I used to speak to my dad, almost every single day when he was alive. Now I ensure that I do the same with my mother. If you live away from your parents, call them today! No--call them now. They will love you for it.

2. Make time for friends: Connections these days become limited to Facebook and whatsapp. Go and meet your friend for a cup of coffee. Make the time. A good friend of mine just came over and we have been meaning to meet for ages. We live very close to each other but yet so busy in our lives. Today felt wonderful. Nothing can substitute a face to face meeting and a warm genuine hug.

3.Spend time with your children/loved ones: My children are 14 (to be 15 in four days!) and 11 and yet I spend at least half an hour each night with both. (by turns as they have separate bedrooms now). I still read to them (History and philosophy and poetry) and we talk. Both love it. I think it is important to switch off things like blackberries and i-phones after 7.30 pm, every day. The world will not collapse until the next morning. It's ok! :) (Of course not applicable for those who have overseas calls--but I am guessing these calls will not be on a daily basis)

4.Tell the special people in your life that they matter: Many people are not comfortable expressing their affection. Why is it important to say it? Don't action speak louder than words? I think it is very important to express it. I had written a post some time back about it and I still stick to it. Here is why:

5. Be impulsive!
Go watch that movie! The washing can wait. :) The tidying the cupboard can wait.
Go do whatever it is that you meant to do but kept putting off.
Go! Go! Go! :)

Have a great weekend.
May there be peace in your weekend, a smile on your lips and may happiness envelop your soul and may you spread joy everywhere you go.

These are my wishes for you today :)

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  1. wonderful.. i wud love u to chk this too

  2. love your positive thoughts and vibes!
    and I noticed, Satish holds you with the same style :) locked fingers.. & I liked you in short hair too..

  3. First of all A Big thank you to u for posting on your blog so regularly!!
    I actually wait for it..I am a quite happy-go-lucky kind of a person..but these days I m very dull and low...Reading your posts actually brightens my moments..n I feel like "hey even I have always spoken like this to ppl around me"...thank you once again for ur lovely posts!!

  4. these lines are really keep positive attitude during hard times is very difficult.....
    your 5 ways to cherish life are really goood.....i just called my mom after reading that...

  5. Hi Preeti - I try to drop by, and don't always leave a comment I know.

    I really love this post - it means so much to spend time with your loved ones before it's too late.
    I especially like that we should switch off our phones at 7:30 :o) I try my best to do that. Or check it at 10pm after my son is in bed :P

    I like your hair long Preeti - maybe cos I had a boy cut all my life and have now decided (in my 30s) to start wearing more dresses/skirts and GROW my hair.
    I love how your personal tragedy has transformed you into the person you are today. Your children will grasp how awesome their grandpa was because of it. Take care. Peace to you and yours.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi Preethi,

    You have maintained an amazing figure at this age too. Can u pls share the secretof your fitness. How long you work out and how did you manage when your children were small like 2-3yrs old?Did you have any help/ live-in maid or so?


  8. What a lovely post preeti!!!
    Coultnt help, but comment :)

    Such deep wisdom!!!!
    I have been following ur blog for almost 5 years now(!!!!) but that first pic of urs is the saddest one(and the only saddest pic of urs) that I have seen,, It shows obviously that u were on ur lowest period in life..

    Good to u in ur usual positive pose in the second pic..

    this post, surely spreads a positive vibe.. thanks preeti..

  9. Awesome post Preeti!! You are a true ispiration!!


  10. Now, its posts like this that make me come visit your blog even on a busy and stressful day !
    Love you Preeti :)

  11. So true! Little things that we value are often the ones that are taken for granted. Love everything you write!! Thank u 4 writing!! :-)
    PS: u looked cool in a short crop too!!:-) minus the sadness in your eyes.

  12. Anonymous9:43 PM

    How inspiring. Thanks.

  13. I really have to THANK YOU for making this post Preeti. It was something I really needed, as I feeling a bit low. I'm all happy now!! :)

    And the pictures have so much to convey in them. I was just observing the two pictures, both are taken with a similar hug pose, but there's still so much difference in them. The first is like your husband is holding you the "Oh my baby, I'm always there for you, no matter what happens" way and the second one is like "She's the confident woman I've always been in love with, then and now. I'm so proud of her!" way. :)

    Everyone deserve a steady hand like that. You're a truly lucky lady Preeti, and you DESERVE each and every bit of it! :)
    God bless.


  14. Lovely post as always Preeti. Every time!!!
    Thank you for all the warm, motivational thoughts you pen that keeps me going!!!

  15. Agree totally especially on spending time with your loved and actually saying those word out aloud.

  16. Such a lovely post...I liked what you said about not holding petty grudges. Thanks for such a positive post!

  17. lovely made my ur pictures..u look really smart in short hair..waiting for ur nxt book..ur writing is a true inspiration to carry on life..through all ups and downs..hats off..

  18. Very good post ....a motivational one ....

    I have already pre ordered "The Secret Wish List"


    Waiting for the release....

  19. Go Go Go indeed.

    Did you notice that just as you are so different in the two photos, so is S. Happy families need happy everybody.

    Go Preeti Go.

  20. A hearty congrats on all ur achievements...and a big share of it goes to ur dear husband... I wish and pray that my life-partner, whoever he is , to be like ur one***blushing***.. u r a real darling..just like the characters of ur books... lots of luv..<3 <3

  21. Just what I needed to read, now when its a working weekend and I am still in office.

    Thanks Preeti!

  22. Hi Preeti, I met you in 2007 when you had those short hair. I didn't know I wud grow to love ur blog so much or even ur books so much. Thanks for sharing this post wid us and many Congrats to u for making it to this place. I really liked the pics u put up, with ur husband holding u the exact same way - very sweet! God Bless U Both! :)

  23. Anonymous11:09 AM

    what a coincidence~! just the day I wrote about pain and pondered about how to deal with it - You have written this! Yes inspiring it was!for me!

  24. Hi Preeti, Thank you for being there. Your blogs are amazing and the positivity they radiate is addictive. Any time I feel a bit down, I come to your blog and in a jiffy I am all happy and glowing.

  25. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Very Inspiring .. Indeed!

  26. Hi Preethi,
    Nice post..
    But as Deepins said... Could u pls share the secret of your fitness. Although you have written a article regarding that long back, write about in an elobrate way

  27. Deepika: Have written several posts on fitness! Just use the search tab on the right? If unable to find, mail me please and i will share the links.


    sgpt88:Happy to help!

    Verbivorehere: Nice! :)

  28. Rudraprayaga:Thank you!

    thinker: what is your name and where have we met? please enlighten!

    Naina:Hope you had a good weekend.

    Pickled tongue: ha ha! I hope you do! But be warned I present only his best side on the blog :p :D

    Ramesh: So darn true that. Happy families do need happy all. Thanks Ramesh. you are such a huge source of support.

    Rohit:Thank you!

  29. Bobby:Thank you!

    Mini:Thanks !

    Wanderlust: At least spending time, even if not saying the words aloud!

    Gayu:Thanks and speedy recovery!

  30. Dhriti: lots of love! :)

    Jilted genius;Thank you!

    Krupa: true about taking for granted and thanks!


  31. Hunter:Thank you! What is your name please?

    Deepins: will blog about it!

    Jane: A big hug and thank you for that lovely long comment. Yeah! Grow your hair. one can always cut whenever one wants!

  32. Diptiraj:Thank you!
    Shilpi:Thank you!

    Tara:Thanks! yes s's pose is the same!


  33. I loved this post Preeti!!!

    U are beautiful inside and out:-))!!!!

    I really don't have anything else to say;-(

  34. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Love the positiveness you spread here. :-)

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. i can totally relate to this as i myself lost my dad this august in a car accident... and more then anything the suddeness pinches a lot... there was so much to tell him n now he is not there... just a void in our life...

    i also tried sharing my feelings through blogs...

    letting them know

    ofcourse am not a professional yet but just a blog i wrote aftr dad passed away...


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