Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tea for two Tuesday --Number 2

Last Tuesday, I had started hosting a  "Tea for two (and a piece of cake) Tuesdays" as part of promos for my third book 'Tea for two and a piece of cake' which is up for pre-order.
(All pre-ordered copies of the above book, ordered from Flipkart will be signed by me.)

So many of you took part (a big thank you)  and I did enjoy reading all the posts. Very nicely done!

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Here is the prompt for this Tuesday.

" The table is set perfectly, for 'tea for two'. (and the piece of cake is ready too).  I am really looking forward to this. There is still a good half an hour left for my guest to arrive as per the  text  I just got. Suddenly the door bell rings..............  "

Tempting prompt, isn't it? Go on, write! And come back here and link :) And it's always nice visit other participants too to see what they have done with the prompt. Happy Tea for two Tuesday! ___________________________________________________________________________________ ps: Interact with my on my Facebook page. I always reply ;-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tea for two (and a piece of cake) Tuesdays!

Starting today, I am hosting a Tea-for-two (and a piece of cake) Tuesdays. It will run till the end of February. Every Tuesday, there will be a creative prompt.

What do you have to do to take part? You just have to answer the prompt on your blogs and leave a link, linking the specific post where you have answered the prompt in your blog, in the gadget below. That's it!

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Happy Tea-for-two tuesdays! :)
Addendum  made on 30th Jan 2012): Links are now closed.  New prompt  on Tuesdays! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tea for two and a piece of cake --Preeti Shenoy

Tea for two and a piece of cake.  Click, then right click (view image) and click again to enlarge.

Here it is finally! My baby which I mentioned in the previous post :) Pre-orders are now open! You can place your order here and you can pay cash on delivery.

All the pre-ordered copies from Flipkart will be signed by me!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On writing a book

A lot of people write to me asking me where I get the ideas from to write a book. Also,  Satish did a post yesterday which spoke about what it means to be married to an author which generated a lot of interest. So I thought I would do a post on  what it involves to write a book.(giving you a view from my side)

Writing a book is really like giving birth to a baby. At first there is the inception of an idea. Then you carry it around. Then there is labour and finally you give birth (with all the accompanying labour pains) and lo behold--a book is born! After that it is not yours anymore. It is out there. For all to see.

For me, for an idea to take inception,it has to be something which I feel  really enthusiastic about. For all those who have read my books and my blog, you would know that I always do something different.

"34 bubblegums and candies" was  a non-fiction book. It was, to be precise, creative non-fiction. It was a first book straight from the heart. It was a compilation of my very popular blog-posts adapted to suit a book, written with a lot of humour. Many people who read it write to me saying they really laughed out loud and they don't remember when was the last time a book entertained them or moved them so much.

"Life is what  you make it" was  based on a true story which deeply moved me. I did a lot of research to write this book. I spoke to people in the Mental health field. At the time I was living in the U.K where there is a lot of awareness about Bipolar disorder. There are associations for people who are suffering from it as well as support groups. I attended a painting exhibition organised by the Bipolar artists association. The depth of the images they painted, blew me away.  When I traveled to India, I visited NIMHANS and spoke to people there. The real life Ankita of course gave me a lot of inputs too. It took me two years to write this book.
I put myself in the shoes of Ankita and truly lived her life. It showed.  I have got hundreds of mails where people have told me they cried reading the story.
The phenomenal success it has received has taken me by surprise and I am elated about it. The book was in  "Top books of 2011" as per the Nielsen list which is published in Hindustan Times. It was also on Times of India.

Both my books are also among the 'Top selling books of 2011' on flipkart.

Of course, I worked even harder for my third book. I have put in much more effort than I did with the first two.The third book has nothing to do with Mental disorder.  The second book was set in the eighties. But the third book is a story of our times. The closest people to me, who have read it told me that the story was so gripping that they could not put it down. They simply had to know what happens next. The third book is again based loosely on some true incidents. Of course, any identifying details have been changed.

There are many many revisions and changes that happen before a book goes into print. The manuscript flies back and forth. Each and every sentence is dissected, mulled over. Each comma, each full-stop has to be analyzed. Not easy when there are 75000 words! Some days I  truly felt like I had been reading and re-reading till my eyes bled!

In a regular job, you can switch off on weekends and take a break. But when your work lives inside your head, it is hard to switch off. The characters in my books really feel like my long lost friends. One of the places that the book is set in is Pondicherry (a place that I have lived in and loved). After I wrote one particular scene in the book, I was so engrossed in it and I was so carried away myself, I very badly wanted to visit the place! (And we all did. We drove down and took a  holiday there where I also caught up with one of my closest friends who lies there :-))  Pondicherry is indeed a gorgeous place.

As you can see, I really live my stories. I go through everything that the protagonist goes through. For a while, I become a different person. At times,I feel like I am living a double life as of course I have to switch back. I have to do my mummy bit and housewife bit. I am always home when the kids come back from school. I spend a lot of time with them. I read them stories, we talk about stuff. I also tell them about my book and how many words I wrote that day and whether or not it was a good writing day.

But I enjoy it so much. As much as I enjoy my art.

And though it is an awful lot of hard work, I wouldn't have it any other way!

The Author picture for my third book (yes, yes, I will announce details for pre-order soon! Pre-ordered copies will be signed by me too!) was finalised yesterday. This is the photo (clicked yesterday) that will be in the book.

I am really excited about this baby of mine which is going to arrive soon! (Watch this space!)

And yes,  as always, I do need your wishes and support too. You will help, won't you?


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Monday, January 16, 2012

What it is really like to be married to an author. Behind the scenes :) --A guest post by satish

What is it like to be married to an Author. A behind the scenes account
 By Satish Shenoy

 I am an avid reader and collect every book of certain authors whom I like reading. It’s great when an author is recognized and the book becomes a national or international best seller. So when people ask me what does it feel like to be married to an author (a best-selling one at that) there is a lot I have to say. There’s an awful lot that takes place behind the scenes before a book comes out in print. It seems quite simple and straight forward to a layman - write a book, get it published, make a name and earn some money too. Simple eh?!! Not sure why it takes so much time for books to get published.

 Any idea what it takes to write a book? My dark side, the one which suffers in silence, would probably say “A lot of effort, stress and work for the spouse and family”. My other side (the sane one – which is well disguised and does not show up too often) would highlight a few key points which go in to producing a good read:

 1. A sharp brain: High intelligence and tremendous forethought is required to write a book. The reader finishes the book and discards it after a read. But has one ever thought of how difficult it is to come up with the plot and then actually pen it down in a way that would entice a reader and hold someone’s attention? Make no mistakes – you need to have a real sharp brain to be able to write and hold someone’s attention, , apart from of course the literary skills.

 2. Gigantic Effort: Running a home is not an easy task. In fact it a much tougher job than going to office and dealing with all kinds of people, which by itself is bad. No questions about it. Added to that, if you also have to write a book it becomes extremely challenging. The only time available after incessant demands on your time ( I must hasten to add, no demands at all from me on Preeti. I am that proverbial Gem with a perfect halo around my head), is probably late in the night after everyone has slept and you finally find some peace. An author, who manages a home, has to first unwind after more than a full day and then be able to get in to the writing act late in the night, as if the day has just started off.

3. Passion: Responding to each comment on a blog or at the very least reading every comment is very onerous. There are some comments which make you smile, some which make you think and then there are the idiotic ones. I classify idiots as those people who have never written two bits worth in their life (including an essay or a letter in school leave alone a love letter) but whose parents gifted them the right to criticise writing of all and sundry. I am a smoker and I believe it is extremely creditable for a smoker to bring in a ban on smoking. But if you have never smoked a cigarette in your life and bring in a ban then it’s no big deal. So write first and then criticise is what I would say.

 4. Sacrifice: Spending time on writing is a lot of sacrifice, as it does eat into the time you could have spent in the company of your loved ones or whatever gives you kicks in life – it could be just watching a movie, sleeping late on the weekend, going on holidays & not picking up calls, getting unexpectedly licked in the face by this huge black Doberman or just curling up in a hammock and reading a book. Majority of the time as an author you end up sacrificing many little things that bring you joy.

 5. Stress: There is a lot of work to be done and very stiff deadlines. You need to make choices as to what aspects would work best. Most people assume this is a fun and easy job and “what the hell – I can do it too. If you get money for it too, then even better”. Let me tell you – It’s not easy at all. There is so much tension and worry which one goes through that at times it makes you feel it is all not really worth it. And then the book becomes a best seller, people like it and write back some really sweet comments and the smile on the face for your effort makes it all worth it again.

 Having been married to an author and an artist for 16 years, I must tell you I truly deserve a medal. Like Preeti says life has had its fair shares of ups and downs. Artists & authors are quirky (literal translation--insane) and Sagittarians are crazy too and she is both. Would I change any of that? The answer clearly is no.

Preeti has been working non-stop for the last few months on her third book. It’s been a very tough & challenging job, full of stress and hardly any sleep for her. Am glad this is the last stretch – but then I guess there will be book 4 and 5 and …. more to come and life goes on. There are days when we hardly ever speak to each other since she is busy writing, or on the phone or penning down some ideas that struck her and does not want to be disturbed or just catching up on a bit of sleep. She has gone through a lot, spent many many sleepless nights apart from having to put up with me and the kids interrupting her, every now and then. She is extremely passionate about her work and would prefer answering comments on her blog and writing out a plot, as compared to just spending time with me. Imagine! Okay--Not really but what the hell, this is my post so I get to say what I want. Ha ha.

 There are times when she has got so stressed and in turn stressed me out. She comes up with scripts  that are amazing and at the same time so simple. So many people relate to it and write in to her. I just wonder why I could not have done all of that, as well as she does. That cannot, be my fault as I am sure you would agree.

 I have had the pleasure of going through her third book as it unfolded chapter by chapter and I must tell you it has come out beautifully. I am sure you will enjoy it too (the law of averages says that there will of course be a few idiots, described above, who will of course contribute their bits). But I am sure the majority would love it. And after seeing what it takes to write a book I take my hat off to Preeti and also to all you authors out there and say well done.

 I have the best of ALL worlds. Married to a wonderful person, an artist, a published author (three times over and counting and National bestsellers to boot), have something imaginative, creative and nice to read all the time in-house, not to mention the lovely discussions we have about the characters in the book and how the plot turns. I have absolutely no ‘Kidas’ in me which make me want me to sit down and write a book – would rather just enjoy life as it comes.

But if I did catch the bug someday, then would dedicate that book to Preeti at the same time giving her the first hand experience of what it feels to live with an author.

  PS – To any intelligent ones who may raise the question after reading this post. Just to clarify, I am not part of the minority group mentioned above - after all even though I have not written a book, have written this blog post, right.
Pre-order to Preeti's third book will open soon! Follow her Facebook page for details!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Paper quilled cards --part 2

Read about paper quilling in this post.

This is part two of the same. Here are two more cards I made for good friends.

This one I sent to Sachin. It;s my own design. I started making it and it kind of grew!

This one was for Ramesh

Paper quilling is a truly wonderful art and for me it is a huge stress buster.  

Exciting times are ahead for me. My third book is in the final stages and I have been working non-stop for the past twenty hours.I am exhausted, tired, ready to collapse but there is this huge grin of satisfaction on my face. The book will be out on Feb 14th ! :) Yeah, it's a valentine's day gift to my readers :) The book will be published by Random House (India).

There is a nice little element of surprise in my third book. But to know what it  is, you will have to be a little bit more patient! Shall announce closer to the date of release.

Meanwhile I totally need to de-stress and I am going to quill loads this week-end.

Happy weekend to you too!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A guy who changed me completely

One look at him and I knew I would never ever be the same again. He stirred in me emotions so raw, it hurt to even tear away my thoughts. He evoked in me, a love so strong, a love that legends are made of. When I was with him, nothing else mattered at all—not even my husband. I simply did not care. I was delirious with joy, mad with happiness. If insanity was fire, I was happy to burn in it.

The early years with him were the most memorable. He changed me in ways I never thought possible. I juggled everything around his schedule, just so I could be with him, his every waking hour. I cooked, I cleaned and did all my mundane chores during the time he was occupied, so that anytime he beckoned I could rush to him. Heck, I even  stayed at home, just so I could squeeze in those extra moments with him. I changed my entire life to suit his.

My husband learnt to slowly accept what he meant to me. He saw how happy it made me.

 It has been fourteen years now and the relationship has evolved. He is sometimes my best friend, sometimes my worst critic. He has an opinion on anything I do. There are times when I am so frustrated that I yell at him and wish he would vanish.

But that is more easily said. He has far too much power over me.

You see, he is not just the person who changed me completely,he is also my son.

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

A chat between two women authors

Sometime back I had read the book 'Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas by Madhuri Banerjee'. I totally admired the bold writing style and  the dogged determined way in which the protagonist  of the book pursues what she wants.  Since I do not watch Television at all, I did find a few scenes in the book which involves reality TV, fascinating. It was a nice peep into a world which I had never given much thought to. Also the sex scenes in the book were the stuff that every woman dreams of doing but very few do :)

Madhuri Banerjee 

Later, I became friends with   Madhuri who is also a a national award winning documentary film maker, apart from being a IBN Blogger, Asian age Columnist and a wonderfully warm person and needless to say, a  gorgeous looking woman! :) She also has her own production house and writes movie scripts too. We discovered that we indeed have many things in common like the love of Art and love of writing.

Today we had a very interesting conversation on our blackberry messengers. We talked about many  things and laughed.(some of it censored stuff  as kids below 18 read my blog :))  I really enjoyed talking to her about the  process of writing books. Since many readers write in and ask me about the same, we thought we would share our conversation on our blogs.
Okay-- a bit of it. :)

Here is a conversation between two authors,which gives a good insight into our respective minds and thinking process that goes into writing a book.

Preeti Shenoy: I must tell u something interesting. I was googling to read ur blog
Madhuri Banerjee: Ya
Preeti Shenoy: So I type in madhuri banerjee, and it suggests “madhuri banerjee husband”
Madhuri: Hahahaa
Preeti Shenoy: So many must be googling
Madhuri: Husband as in apply for husband?
Preeti Shenoy: People must be curious I guess!
Madhuri: Hahahaha. That would be nice tho… I always wanted a swayamvar...
Preeti Shenoy: I read that article on your blog…About three scenarios of extra marital affair.  I really liked the piece
Madhuri: Oh thank you
Preeti Shenoy: :)
Madhuri: Wanted to ask u a question
Preeti Shenoy: Do ask
Madhuri: When u were writing ur second book and third, where did you draw your creativity from?
Preeti Shenoy: Second is based on true story
Preeti Shenoy: All people based on real life characters
Madhuri: Someone you knew?
Preeti Shenoy: Yes
Madhuri: Oh ok
Preeti Shenoy: Third also
Preeti Shenoy: Based on real life people
Madhuri: Ok
Preeti Shenoy: And real incidents
Madhuri: Wow
Preeti Shenoy: And some happened to me
Madhuri: I can imagine
Madhuri: Ok another one
Preeti Shenoy: Yes
Madhuri: How would you structure ur book? Anything in mind or just write?
Preeti Shenoy: No I plan
Preeti Shenoy: How do you write?
Preeti Shenoy: I need an outline
Madhuri: 3 part? 4 part?
Preeti Shenoy: I need to know what happens in each chapter
Preeti Shenoy: I need some structure
Madhuri: Really?
Preeti Shenoy: Yes
Preeti Shenoy: Then as I write
Preeti Shenoy: I might juggle
Preeti Shenoy: Or make adjustments
Madhuri: I need a 4 part structure but don’t plan what’s happening in each chapter beforehand
Preeti Shenoy: Ok
Preeti Shenoy: I need details :)
Madhuri: 1st part is to set up the story, 2nd part is to give more definition to the characters, 3rd part is the build up of conflict, and 4th part is the resolution. Each part having a definite number of chapters so I know where to stop and begin the next part.
Madhuri: Ok tell me something, what’s the most difficult part? The beg or the end?
Preeti Shenoy: Beginning surely. And then deciding which POV to tell story from. Then pouring emotions into it. What’s yours?
Madhuri: For me both the books ending..
 Preeti Shenoy: What is your second book about ?
Madhuri: A sequel
Preeti Shenoy: Nice!!
Madhuri: Really tough. Most anxious. Apprehensive
Preeti Shenoy: Will surely read!!
Madhuri: Thanks (hug)
Preeti Shenoy: You finished writing?
Madhuri: Writing 4th part of book.
Preeti Shenoy: Ok
Madhuri: Another 25,000 words to go
Preeti Shenoy: Ok
Madhuri: Feel a little lost sometimes `cos don't want my character to come off wrong or clich├ęd. So taking my time. Didn't realize trilogies are so tough!
Preeti Shenoy: Ok--for me after sometime characters just do what they want to do!
Madhuri: Ya
Preeti Shenoy: I don't know if that makes sense
Madhuri: Ya it does
Preeti Shenoy: It’s like one loses control no? Crazy it sounds. But its true.
Madhuri: Ya and that character is its own person.
Preeti Shenoy: Yes!
Madhuri: Unlike me. That character is so not me.
Preeti Shenoy: Yes!
Madhuri: And sometimes I hv to not put MY thoughts into her or him
Preeti Shenoy: Oh yes
Madhuri: Cos that's not how they would react. You have to be careful how the character reacts to situations and how you would react to situations and not mix the two.
Preeti Shenoy: And sometimes something which affected me… it always finds its way..into the writing.
Madhuri: Oh always! That’s why my column in Asian Age/Deccan Chronicle is Kaveri Love Guru. It’s her viewpoint and not really mine. She’s the single one, you know..
Preeti Shenoy: Nice!
Madhuri: But I need to draw more though, become better, have better language, deeper vocabulary...
Preeti Shenoy: Oh--that is always a constant quest for me :)
Madhuri: I read so much and wish I could write like that.
Preeti Shenoy: I admire Catherine Alliot. I read a LOT too. And totally admire sheer brilliance in writing which I find in many authors
Madhuri: Ya me too
Preeti Shenoy: Who all u like to read?
Madhuri: David Davidar. I also like Siddharth Dhanvant Shangvi’s prose but his books really move me to tears. They’re beautiful and sad.

  Both Madhuri's and my books have been among top-selling books of 2011.

You can visit Madhuri's blog here: http://madhuribanerjee.blogspot.com/

And the article which I speak about in the conversation above which madhuri wrote, (the one on extra marital affairs)--you can read it here.

We enjoyed  our conversation, so much that we plan to do more soon.

And if you enjoyed it as well, let me know and I shall share it with you! :)

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Some handmade bookmarks from waste scraps

One thing that is fuel for my soul is creating stuff and of late, my soul seems to be getting a lot of fuel :)

This morning I made some book-marks. It was a spur of the moment thing, when I was clearing my desk. I saw this wrapping paper which you probably have lying  at home if you have been to Crossword book store recently. ( I do love their wrapping paper and I always read all that is written on it!) I also had some book-marks (which have those ugly ads printed on them) which Crossword hands out generously when you buy books.

I decided to surprise my children (they both are very avid readers as is Satish) and Satish with some personalized bookmarks.

Here is what I made from the above stuff:

This one I made for Satish. :-) He is watching some televised sport at the moment, as I type this :)
(Yeah I am cheeky..I know :) )

I made this one for my son. He loves Calvin and Hobbes and I too am a big big fan of Bill Watterson. I think he is  sheer genius.

This is for my daughter. I felt it was apt for her. It suits her personality and I know she will love the flowers.

And this one I made for myself  :)  I endorse the quote whole heartedly :)

And here is one more picture:

I like what Groucho Marx said too "I find television very educating, Everytime someone switches on the TV, I go the other room and read a book."  :)

Aren't the bookmarks lovely? Tell! tell! :)

Try your hand at making some ! It's not hard at all.  All you need is some scraps of paper (I just used waste paper which was going to find its way into the wastepaper-bin), glue, scissors  (I used Craft scissors to cut the fancy borders that you see above) and  some imagination.  :-)

 And yeah, don't forget to thank me for the ideas :)

And since my last post got such a fabulous response (thank you guys! you are so sweet to me!) I shall post some more photos of the quilling cards soon.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Paper quilled cards

Paper quilling is an art that was started in Europe in the 15th or 16th century. It was started by the French and Italian Nuns and monks who used the gilded strips of paper that adorned religious books. It again became popular in the 18th century and later spread all over the world. Today there are lots of enthusiasts for this form of art.

I became interested in this recently and started researching a lot about it on the Internet. I picked up a few techniques and then over the last few days, I have been creating stuff. All you need for paper quilling is quilling strips, glue, a quilling tool (this makes it easier to roll the paper). You also need lots of patience!

I find it a superb way to de-stress and I can sit for hours, creating quilled pieces of art. Here are a few cards that I created for my closest friends.

All the cards come with matching envelopes too :) 

Honestly, after I finished them, I had half  a mind to put them on E-bay and sell them off :)

My good friends are sure going to get a nice surprise, over the next few days. ( and no they don't read my blog and the ones I made for the friends who do read my blog, I haven't put them up here.

 Did you like?  :) Tell!  ( If you want to see more cards I made, let me know and I shall post more pics) :)


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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Dear 2012

Dear 2012,

Much has been said about you. For someone barely a day old, a lot indeed :)  Including a mention in the ancient Mayan Calendar about the world ending and all that. (That too on my birthday--didn't I tell you in an earlier post that my birthdays are always rather special? :))

Well, I will tell you something now and I will say it just once. So pay attention.

Now that the drunken revelries and general bonhomie of wishing everybody, their aunt and their dog a very happy new year (fuelled more by vodka/whiskey or whatever be the alcoholic drink that has been ingested) whether one means it or not (thanks to social networks where people upload stolen photos and tag everybody including the aforesaid mentioned aunt and dog) is finally over (well I do hope it is), let us get down to business, shall we?

Throw what you want at me, dear 2012, but I am quietly going to LIVE each day. Not merely exist, but live. Even in the worst possible day where the worst possible things that could happen have happened, there is always some little thing to look forward to. Teeny weeny maybe, but it is still there, existing quietly in the background. Little things that one might miss, if one does not look for them.  Little but important things--things to be grateful for--like the brilliant  colours of a sunshine, the feel of grass beneath one's feet, the salty air of the ocean and the breeze against your body, the genuine  24 carat smile of a child, a flower that has bloomed, a  kind word which was said---oh, so many things really! I am going to focus on the things that went well--not the ones that did not.

I am going to take stock each night, probably write (with a  lovely ink pen in a beautiful bound book) what gifts the day brought me. I am going to steer my life, gently, aware that you hold the ultimate cards.

But hey, I am playing the game and I am playing it MY way--with MY rules!

So good luck . You might perhaps need it more than me :)


Yours sincerely
A tough little thing called Preeti Shenoy
(and no I am not smiling) :)
(and nobody's aunt or their dog were harmed in the making of this blogpost ;-)) 

1. Today's Times of India (The Speaking Tree) has 'The best-sellers of 2011'. What a great honour that my book now appears along with greats like Randy Pausch, Robin Sharma, Rhonda Byrne, Deepak Chopra, Edward de Bono, Ekhart Tolle and the likes! I am so humbled and honoured :)

Thank you for the support and love that you shower on me. It would not have been possible without you, dear readers!

What a lovely start to a new year :)
A very happy new year to you and your loved ones :)
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