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Miaow Miaow Miaow--I love you!

Basket of Kittens

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. How cute!

    Glad that you got something interesting than a barbie!

    I wanna see some pics of your egypt trip! So post them soon or send me a URL at my email ID.

    I am really so curious to see the pics! It must have been such an amazing experience being with the sphinx and the pyramids!

  2. Very amusing! I'm sure you did well in listening to your daughter - the buy sure seems like a great stress buster ! :-)

  3. Reminds me of a nursery rhyme:

    Cats meow, anywhere
    Any table, any chair
    Top of piano, window-ledge
    In the middle, on the edge
    Open drawer, empty shoe
    Anybody's lap will do
    Fitted in a cardboard box
    In the cupboard, in the wardrobe
    Anywhere! They don't care!
    Cats meow anywhere!

    I love cats,PS. I had a pet cat(not a doll)long way back in my childhood which later disappeared/ran away for reasons unknown.

    I still love cats even thou it has been proved that the affection is not mutual. I can go on and on about cats, but doing so would be going off topic and I wouldn't want to annoy u. So let me just say this -

    Balu loves Billi.


  4. Amazed at the logical thinking of lil Purvi! Wow! I have a similar cat in my home - I call her "AMMA"

  5. **Amount of flattery and good manners are directly proportional to accession of demand**

    Great law...and oh so true :(

    I must say the smart daughter does have her way of getting things just so right...

    The cats professing their love for you early morning...heheh so cute...

  6. aww so cute!
    hey.. how about keeping a pet? :P

  7. Hey Preeti...good deal in the end with your daughter.I too have a 7 yr old daughter and have to do this on all occassions when go for shopping.

  8. Know what i would have bought.. a English to Hieroglyphics Dictionary :) And also maybe a novel written in hieroglyphics ... Are there novels written in that language? I wonder.. my fascination with Egypt began after I watched the movie.. The Mummy. I wanted the Book of the Dead and the Book of the Living.. Any chance they may sell pirated copies of these books out there? ;) Made in China maybe ..

  9. Wonderful post. It so made me smile. It is hard to find something not made in China, isn't it?
    This reminds me of the little lion stuffed toy we bought for Katy when she was barely two. She curled up in bed with it that night and every time she rolled over or moved it would roar. She solemly got up out of bed, put the lion in the hallway and closed the door.

  10. that was such a cute dteh made in china bit was funny too...

    reminded me of the time, a relative got me a lil money pouch from London and i open it to find 'made in india"

  11. i like your law of parenting. and the kids can't get any smarter, gawd :)

  12. Preeti's Law of parenting.... nice one........ :)
    China boasts a 60-percent market share of the global total in terms of toy production, no wonder we see Made in china toy everywhere.........

  13. Hahah.. Made in China.. in Egypt.

    The kittens sure seem more than just a stuffed toy.

  14. the 'preetis law of parenting'
    was cute :) Chinese invasion.. i think there wont be a single country where they don't sell Chinese items... :)

  15. heheh...funny post...intelligent kid u have :) "Look Ma. We don’t have to spend money to go to China to buy this. We are getting it here in Egypt. Isn’t that great?" ..haha :D

  16. Prakhar: heh heh--i tried to make it funny.Glad I succeeded.

    xh:Preeti's law of parenting is the absolute truth.Ask any mom :)

    J:Yeah!!'Mad in China' would be a better way.

    Sachin : :-)

    Dharmabum: you bet!!They are really smart.

  17. Suma: yes--soon they will outsource parenting too :)

    Rayne:Thanks! Thats exactly what my mom did too--but she didnt put it down so gently--she just flung the toy.(It still works!)

    Inolongeram:You know we got some papyrus book markers which have the hieroglyphics alphabets and their corresponding English letter.

    Chandan:Are you the same Chandan who is mailing me-or is this someone else?Oh yes--you know what i am talking about as you have a seven year old!

    Shruti: i am her pet.She praises me when i am good.I miaow and bark for her when she asks me to. And she rewards me with hugs and kisses mif I behave well.;)

    Prats:At my age, well--at least the cats!! LOL.

    Arvind: Why AMMA?!! I am finding that really funny.

    Balu:Thanks for a lovely rhyme.Personally I don't like cats as much as I like dogs.But yes--I do admire cats.

    Vijaya:Sometimes an irritating stress buster!A contradiction of sorts.

    NM:See my previuos post and thanks for asking!

  18. lol

    i loved the post.
    and i want a set of these cats too.

    meow meow

  19. I like it when she says so....not that I really have a cat who is called so!!!!!!!!! I meant amma says so to me!!! As a matter of fact I dont like cats!

  20. Arvind: I didn't get it. You said "Amazed at the logical thinking of lil Purvi! Wow! I have a similar cat in my home - I call her "AMMA" ..Does your Mom say "Miaow miaow..I love you." to you?!!! I am finding that even more funny now--really laughing like a nut, in front of the computer.

  21. ha ha ha! Its ok.. Enjoy a good laugh!! Hmmm....regarding trying to explain this...forget it PS...Iam unable to find the right way!

  22. nice one! the Egyptian cat! so when did you reach there? sounds like a nice family trip you had!

  23. Oh no :( what is the world coming to? You go to Egypt and bring China with you. How sad. Still, with kids and toys there's little to do, when they're set on something, that's it.
    Ughh the thought of Barbie's with nipples will give me nightmares tonight :P

  24. Hey I am the same Chandan...i am not a blogger but i do have an orkut account with same name :)))

  25. Chandan: Now I am confused.In the mail you mentioned a 17 year old son.You did not say anything about a 7 year old daughter.That made me think you are a different chandan.

    DevilMood: Yes--I hate Babrbies--with nipples is UGH--EST..Surprisngly no one else commented on that! :)

    Vinni:We just got back.Yes--trip was great.

    Arvind:Glad you are sportive about it--I think I understand (Now that my nutty nood has abated a bit) what you are trying to say.

  26. Hey am confused too now!!Looks like one more Chandan is in touch with u:)))

  27. Hey am confused too now!!Looks like one more Chandan is in touch with u:)))

  28. Chandan: The one who is in touch with me through e-mail is Chandan pathak.What is your full name pls?

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. That's so sweet! And a coincidence, too, 'cos we ended up buying a stuffed dog instead of the barbie S wanted!!!

  33. China toys are ruling the world.Btw curious to know why Zorastrians became Islamic followers?Did any guides explained it?

  34. in case u r wondering...I am the 'silly author' who kept deleting my own comments firstly by positng it too many times... then deleting all copies...
    thwack!!thwack!!(hypothetically, of course!! to me..)
    anyway, this is almost what i wrote,
    Hi di..
    (since I saw ur blog, read the whole blog almost.. all in one day..feel more connected.. hence calling u like that..)
    well.. Since this is my forst comment on your page,It s not specific to this blog..
    all I can say!!
    looking forward to read more .. as I am gonna be a regular reader hence forth..
    oh, May I please add you in my blogger list ?

  35. Oh preethi this post is hilarious. I'm sitting in the office & laughing like a nut....especially the part where ur mom throwing the cats out of the room in the middle of the night. I cd just picture the scene:-D

    p.s - post an 'actual' pic of those cats please:-D. or is the pic u've put up the real thing?

  36. Glad you could figure out what I was trying to say inspite of my inability. Well, lil Purvi has a fan in my form now :-)

  37. if u were to dig deep enough at the base of the pyramid, iam pretty sure there an inscription there which says : made in china.

    barbie with nipples is just plain scary...

  38. "Made in China"...the tag the world swears by!! ;)

    That was a really cute post...n the cats were definitely a better buy than the barbies(nipples or no nipples). But my fav part was the logic ur daughter gave to get her "cats"...there's no way anyone could've argued against that!!

    P.S.: Going by ur display pic...i think sneakers would be a very good idea!! :D
    Thanks for stopping by...

  39. Kenny: :)ok..Definitely sneakers! :):)Although i really am partial to my stilletoes..Still, for old times sake.. (Used to play basketball at national level)

    Tys:Yes--I know--without nipples is scary enough.With is a NIGHTMARE.

    Arvind:Shall tell her!

    Reflections: heh heh heh.The pic is not the real thing.Was too lazy to click, transfer and upload.But they look somewhat like this pic that i posted here.

    Swathy:Thank you!! Yes I read all the repeated comments as they got delivered into my inbox :) Have visited you and left a comment too.Feel free to add--its an honour!

  40. Deepti: :) Babies I find them obnoxious.Am sure S loved the stuffed dog.

    Sri:Didn't know they can be called Zoarastrians..But yes I know how they became an Islamic nation.Long history.I read all about it.

  41. HI these littens are so cute. Good choice. I loved this piece You've got a great sense of homour and the law of Preeti is word following

  42. Haha! I too put up a catty post on Warm Fuzzies a few days back related to a real cat! I don't like them at all!

  43. [i] Getting things from Egypt without going all the way to China, Nice one [/i]

    The toy sounds amazing though :)

  44. hehe, tis amazing to see how much you contemplate on the behavioral patterns of your children

    i totally admire you for this :)

    can you please suggest me a way to get my parents all calmed down. they both shout a lot on me :(

  45. miaow indeed!!

    your daughter is just too sweet!! :D



  46. "It is not everyday that someone (or something) says they love you, early in the morning for dropping the lid of a vessel with a big clang." -- I couldn't stop laughing! You have such an amazing sense of humor. Seriously. So enjoyed reading this!

  47. Stillness speaks: And this Diwali we discovered that even a loud fire cracker was enough to get them mewing in unison!!


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