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Feeling needed

not a morning person

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. hm....its true...but about people like us who are the youngest in the house and u need everyone!...

  2. Prachand Hanshaa Ani Zaminivar Lotan
    (marathi version of ROTFL)

  3. It definitely feels nice to be needed especially by kids!

    My son also does that to me especially on weekends but thankfully not at 5:15 Am but at 8 AM saying "Mumma good morning ho gayee!" :D

  4. aaaawwww this was priceless....
    my younger one does this every night when i'm chilling out, and he's like "once only ma...tell me please" and early morning, on a holiday when I want to sleep in...he goes off " is it morning yet??, now can I get up?? " Don't know what's more FIRST-ating...the morning or the spelling outs....but yes....I love being needed...
    My husband doesnt know what he misses out on when he promptly goes to sleep whatever time or day...and they let him sleep...and cuddle up too next to him :(

  5. LOL........
    good post.......

  6. Enjoy it while it lasts!!! They will be teenagers soon & wouldn't want anything to do with their parents!!!

  7. ohhhhhhhh tell me about this....the same situation at my place except that 'this' happens only on weekends. On School days, one has to use all their ingenuity to get them out of the bed in a good mood.
    By now the kids know they shdnt make any noise coz others are sleeping. So then, they very exaggeratedly carefully come and lie next to me and watch me sleep. I open 1 eye & close it shut. 2 mins later, I open the same eye again and they r still watching me with the same intensity. This goes on till I just give up and get up:-P.
    I act most irritated but inside I'll be feeling so 'warm'. Yes, savouring it while it lasts:->.

    And Preethi, good usual.

  8. Good one, my daughter always wake me up only, she will not wake her mother.

  9. really sweet... i dont remember i used to disturb mom or dad like this.. need to ask them.. i remember one thing - taking any book and asking them to read me a story over and over again... :-D
    waking up and going and cuddling up with mom - me and my bro still does it... we cuddle and sleep with dad too, but not often as we does it with om :-D

  10. damn sweet... now u can blame her for waking u up... but u can't... for giving u these memories! ;-)

    I loved the counting part1

  11. so true - my older one(11) sleeps till noon on Saturdays and my younger one(9) is the first one to wake up. But she silently creeps downstairs and gets on the computer (she is addicted to webkinz and toontown) since she is only allowed limited amount of computer time everyday - so anything that mommy doesn't see doesn't count towards that time I guess.

    Loved your post - no matter how irritating these times might be, you are sure to miss them in a few years from now.

  12. You are right, enjoy it while it lasts. There is nothing better than being needed.
    I used to be a night owl. I trained myself to become a morning person. It was a difficult transition. But I am now officially a morning person. If it is 6:30 am I am up making tea. I like to beat my kids awake, that is (to be first awake, not beat them like hit them!!!) so they can wake up and feel like someone has their back. However, there are mornings when I fondly remember sleeping in....

  13. hehehe..In first 7 years kids dont allow parents to sleep..and in the next 15 years the parents wont allow the kids to sleep and pack em to tution classes at 5 in the morning!!;-P

    anyway its great that you have the presence of mind to listen to your kid even at that time of the night..or err day!!

  14. Awwwwwwww..ur kids are sooooooooooo adorable i tell u!

    Actually all babies are

  15. hehe! seasoned parents?
    thats seems very aptly named..

    and gosh you girl is so damn adorable!! :)
    i love her just by reading two posts abt her..

    and ps, you are a wonderful mum really! i mean i just wish i cud hav such 'mama' moments some day!

  16. Sweet post ...

  17. My daughter turned 7 last week! and I am night person and have the exact same problems like you, kids wake up before 6:00 am and I feel guilty for not giving them something to eat/drink, irritated due to being awakened everyday from the deepest sleep I am in- wouldn't have started sleeping until after 1 am, and no my kids never bother dad even as he's getting ready to hit the gym and pleading them let me get my well-deserved sleep! I have 3 kids and given the fact I take parenting very seriously since I grew up motherless, familyless, siblingless-every area of parenting is a project for me. I keep my eyes and ears wide open and learn from all the good parents I know in the real world, and the virtual world oh and don't forget the books. So I can call myself well seasoned?!

  18. Oh Preeti, this post is just bliss! I loved it intensely :)

  19. Very nice! She's so cute... :) I'm only partially seasoned..I have only one kid but she is 6! She has the habit of getting up early on holidays too...but she quietly slips off and watches her favourite channels on TV...poor thing knows that once her Dad gets up it's gonna be cricket all the time! :)

  20. Very nice post and interesting to read!Thank you!

  21. haha!!

    she sounds just perfect! except the errm... 5.15am bit!! bushy tailed! hehe!!

    i make hubby sleepy next to cubby so as soon as he wakes up he starts trying to climb / stand on his daddy's back! hehe!

    lovely post!!


  22. Mama-Mia: Clever you! Here both mine sleep in a separate room. And when they come into out room, they always climb on me.

    Steffi: Thank you!!

    Wannabewriter: Lucky you!

    Devil Mood:Thanks!!

    Diamond and pearl:Was moved reading your effort towards parenting.Not only are you a seasoned parent but you are also wonderful.

    Joy: thanks!!

  23. Black Coffee: to be really honest there are times when i get so angry that I just feel like throwing them both out. but after a while I usually calm down.

    Pavi: see my comment above--sometimes they irritate too!!

    Mathew: no sir--my kids arent going to any tution class till they WANT to go on their own!! (when they start feeling the pressure of the rat race) Till then i want them to be kids and enjoy their childhood!

    Gillian: Beating them was too funny :) I too have to wake up early as my son has to leave for school at 6:30 am! these days they are having summer vacation--so i can sleep in late.

  24. Pink Dogwood: Thanks! It is true that they wont need us a few years from now--that is what i keep rmindding myself.It helps me remain sane!!

    Smoking joe: :) Yes--treasured memories for sure.

    xh: U must ask your mom! :)

    Fruitu: i dont know whether to say you are lucky or you your wife is!! But the joy of having a child is indeed wonderful.

    NancY:oh yes--I can picture exactly what you mean. thanks!!

    Palsworld:Thats what i keep reminding myself.

  25. Sachin :Thanks!!

    Prats : Thanks! Mine always cuddle up next to me. My husband has to beg them for hugs and kissies.This despite me shooing them away! I always tell him there is a price to pay. mine is sacrificing a whole lot of things that I want to really do--but their hugs and kisses more than make up for it.

    NM: Heh heh--Good morning ho gayee is so cute! This is like kids saying "Aaj mera happy birthday hai"

    Rohit:Thanks for educating me!! LOL. That was too funny.

    Brocasarea:Youngest ones always remain the babies.

  26. Lol.. that 'thousand and one...' counting at the top of her voice early in the morning.. oh heck.. too funny :P
    Ummm.. yes its nice to be wanted, but.. its very sad when u cannnot be present where u are wanted..

  27. This is hilarious and so cute too...I just about imagined ur lil' girl reading at the top of her voice at 5.15.a.m. LOL

    Advanced happy bday to ur lil' girl. And she's got a cool mom who's there when she needs all times.

  28. You are one of the parents whom I take parenting tips from and thanks for that. You might find it amusing if I say I was relieved to read this post of yours, because until now I was torn between -my wanting to get the right amount of sleep or else I will definitely end up with a splitting headache that ruins the whole day and thoughts like, do moms even do this? shouldn't they be the ones that should be waking up the kids, am I setting a bad example etc. etc. But when I read that you do the same thing I do, I am not worried about this anymore.

  29. You sure do have a lot of patience, hope there's enough stocked up :P

  30. LOL.. I dunno what to say Preeti.. u make even the most disgusting thing (yup, being woken up at 5.15 am is disgusting indeed) sound so cute... Cheers to ur positive spirit really! U have an awesome sense of humour really! And the post was really sweet... But yeah, i think sometimes, sometimes she should wake ur hubby up also ;)

  31. Shruti: Very true. Really sad when you cannot be with the ones who matter.

    Romila: heh heh--glad it made you laugh.Thanks for the advance wishes!

    Diamond and Pearl:Glad to be of help m'am!

    J: I hope so too!

    PointblanK: oh trust me--there are times when i lose my temper and scream like a witch..but the happy moments and the joy they give far outweigh the tering-out-my-hair ones.

  32. I guess ur husband is kept awake by ur hooting son at late nights.... :D

    Cho Chweeeeetttt... My wishes for her 7th birthday....

  33. Red Phoenix: Actaully my husband and son are BOTH awake because of the IPL matches. i am the one hooting! :)

  34. :)

    there is something about sleeping mommies...they just can't let them be...

    it sure is nice to be needed...i agree

  35. I am so thankfully that Ansh is also a night owl like me. Home things remain that way.
    Nice to be needed though- even at that ungodly hour.

  36. Ahwww...she is such a sweetheart. Nice to be reading lovely posts preethi :-)

  37. I am loving your blog! I've got 3 girls (10,12,& 21). I can remember what the early morning wake up times were like. Thank God for the computer and so many kid friendly sites! Now, with getting up early for my job, I've just gotten used to it...

  38. What a delightful post. Made me smile. I am blessed with 2 good sleepers. i am not a morning person either.

  39. Oh' how sweet hee! hee!...I can just see the little lovely just sitting comfy at your back:>

  40. again.... a fantastic post :-)

    My lil sister does that to me. She will wake me up by her constant "appa... appa... appa..." only to ask me, "are you sleeping?"


    Kids are adorable!

  41. heheh thats so sweet too,

    belive me, i dont know wat i would do if they wake me u at that time, coz i sleep really late..pheww...hehhe ya enjoy it while it lasts

  42. heheh thats so sweet too,

    belive me, i dont know wat i would do if they wake me u at that time, coz i sleep really late..pheww...hehhe ya enjoy it while it lasts

  43. "If one likes pizzas and burgers, the other will usually prefer fresh vegetables and low calorie health food".
    well u r partly right. My kids do prefer different stuff...if 1 likes pizzas the other likes burgers but its JUNK Food whichever way u look at it:-(

  44. my kiddo does the same thing to me and she is all of 19 months!

    my first time here :)

  45. aawww, that is so sweet though you need to be woke up early. i guess being a mom is really a tough job. ;0)

  46. Wow..
    Never knew a kid who would wake up at that hour.
    I swaer, if my kid tries to wake me up at an ungodly hour, i will sell him/her!!!:)

  47. This post did wet my eyes. I too feel needed today. My close friend who is like a sister to me is leaving to US for her higher studies and feeling all alone. Work will not be the same without her around. I do know we can still keep in touch, but the physical presence, the midas touch, wouldnt be there. :-(

  48. it was really a sweet post..actually all post are good including paintings but this one ..something i can identify myself with..have a great time...


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