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Chronicles of Purvi! Happy 7th birthday darling!

Purvi turns seven tomorrow. My baby is becoming a little girl. She still gazes at me with adoration. She hovers around me when I am getting dressed. She watches me as I apply my lipstick. And as I comb my hair. She looks at the clothes I have chosen and the perfume I use. She inhales, smiles approvingly and puts her arms around me.

She squeezes me tight. Then a little breathlessly and in complete awe she says “Mommy—you look beautiful!” She means it from the heart. I can see the adulation in her eyes.

She makes me feel so good. At times like these I think that I need her more than she needs me.

Another conversation that took place a few days ago

“Maaa…Will you please brush my teeth?”

“ You are big girl now.Almost seven. Brush it yourself.”

“Maaaaa… please. Pretty please with sugar and cherries.”

“I don’t like sugar and cherries.”

“Please Mommy—Please—No sugar and cherries then—Please can you brush for me?”

“No. I don’t know how to brush teeth” (and I pretend to be really busy)

“Okay—can I brush for you then?”

“No.I already brushed.”

“You piddly little Liar. You know how to brush teeth!”

I was so surprised. I didn’t know from where she picked up that line! I suspect it must be from ‘Home Alone’ that she watched a few days back..Or maybe her older brother coached her.

I chased her into the bathroom (She ran screaming, pretending to be terrified) and waited outside till she finished. If I don’t wait outside, she will pop right out and start pestering me in that whiny voice again.

Sometimes when I don’t agree to her unreasonable demands, she says “ Maaaaa…I know what will irritate you. Just wait and watch. I will whine and whine till you give in.”

What do you do with a child like that?

You just hug her tight—that’s what you do!


  1. yes! thats what you do! :D

    Your dot is just adorable!!

    P.S. Dots - thats how our Appa used to call us saying "My Dots!" :D

  2. Damn cute.. And yeah.. Wish her a great great Bday.. laa laa laa .. ohh sorry i have a bad voice!

  3. Awesome......

    Kids are smarter then we thing

    She is very cute :)

    Happy birthday to Purvi :)

  4. Awww what a cute little thing.
    Makes me want to have kids. :)
    She looks like you, does she?

  5. smart and adorable.. and teh line 'u piddly lille lia' had me in splits... :) she is smart :)
    wish her a very very happy, fun filled b'day and the year ahead...

  6. Nm:Dots is a lovely way of addressing the dots! :)Thanks--just showed her your comment.She says Hi to anirudh.

    Smokin Joe: i read out your comment to her and she laughed.

    Sachin:Purvi says thanks!Her mom does too :)

    Solitaire: Yes--she seems like a replica of me when i was a little girl--Her dad of course claims she LOOKS like him, but behaves like me! :)

    xh: Sometimes a bit too smart--but gets away becos of her cuteness!

  7. That was so cute..'piddy lil liar'...and how they grow.
    Please wish the cute little bundle from me tomorrow.

  8. Sooooo cute...!!! Children always have a way of making things so sweet....

    Wish her a very happy, beautiful funfilled birthday...:-)

    Cheers :-)

  9. hmm....lovely:)...happy birthday purvi!!!...:)....

  10. Purvi! hey u naughty little girl.. a very hap happy birthday to u.. and oh please dont tone down the naughtiness factor.. ur mom actually loves it ;-)

  11. Happy Birthday to Purvi. he is a cutie!
    Oh the joys of having a daughter! I crave for one but do not have the courage as yet to try a second time around!

  12. Happy Birthday to Purvi. he is a cutie!
    Oh the joys of having a daughter! I crave for one but do not have the courage as yet to try a second time around!

  13. Happy Birthday to Purvi. he is a cutie!
    Oh the joys of having a daughter! I crave for one but do not have the courage as yet to try a second time around!

  14. Happy 7th Birthday, Purvi!! Are you guys lucky to have each other!!

  15. Happy B'day Purvi!!
    May you always remain as gleeful as how you were when you received your first ever ice cream cone :)

  16. that was so very cute...of course that's exactly what you should do...:)

    wishing you a wonderful birthday, purvi...

  17. Happy Birthday Purvi and congratulations Preeti!

    Yes, what do you do with a child like that? Hug and bite her a little. Those cheeks could do with little bites ;) hehehe

    So she's a Gemini, right? Cheeky girl like that, what else could you expect?

  18. Wish ur lil dahling from my side :)

  19. Happy Birthday to the sweet little girl!

  20. Preeti,

    That was soooo sweeeeeeeet!!
    Happy Birthday, Purvi!!
    May God bless you!

  21. Happy Birthday to your lil girl! :)

    And yes hug her tight! thats what you do!
    the second picture is so adorable!! :)
    awww... piddly little liar? she is smart!

  22. cute :)

    whine and whine....till you give in....hahha :)

    happy birthday to purvi....

  23. Happy birthday dear Purvi Hope you have a great day.
    She is so cute and a real charmer. Enjoy as much as you can My kids are already teenagers and I miss the time when they were young but this time has its own charm
    The photo of you and Purvi is so lovely.

  24. a sweet post for a sweet lil one.

    Happy b'day to her.

  25. She indeed is an Angel! Mashallah :)
    And what a lovely girl too, the picture in the end is definitely worth a thousand words :)
    God Bless her and you! :)
    - The other Shru

  26. Happy 7th Birthday to Purvi! Hope u guys have a blast today & make it a special birthday for her to savour.

    God Bless


  27. soooo cute...! ;) all the very best to the cute lil gal and her awesome mommaa ;D

  28. belated Happy Birthday to her!!

    wishing her super times ahead and her mommy's hugs all the time!!

    lovely post!!

    can i hug her too??! :)

  29. Dear Purvi,
    Bestest wishes to you.
    Sugar and cherries for you and some er...some more whines for your mommy.:)
    Have a happy time.

  30. Happy Happy Birthday Purvi. She is such a darling.
    Best wishes

  31. smart and adorable..plz wish the lill one for me...

  32. :) ...wish her a great birthday from all of us...

    damn! iam going to miss all this whn they all leave for India...

  33. A very happy b'day for the little darling from my side too..:)

  34. You normally hate Mummy Blogs. But when you do your Mummy Blog post (once a year or so) they're somehow works of art in themselves. Thanks for sharing. Was very sweet.

  35. Having had the joy of meeting your lovely children, I can say that Purvi gives the impression of being a vivacious, bright, interested and interesting young lady...her bright twinkling eyes are full of intelligence and cheekiness...we here wish her the most wonderful and happy birthday ever. ....

  36. Niall: She is indeed all that you describe her to be!thanks for the wishes.

    Freelance guru: knowing how hard it is to get a compliment from you--well, Thank you!!

    Dhanya: thanks!

    Tys:When are they leaving?

    Enigma, Chitra: thanks--will do.

    Meira: i am putting all the whines in an envelope and sending it your way!

    Mama-Mia: you can if she lets you!! :) U'll have to ask her! Thanks so much!! Am smiling now :)

  37. Wannabe writer, Kannasu:Thank you!!

    Palsworld: thank you!

    Other Shru: thank you!! Its only because she is cute she gets away with whining sometimes!


    Marja:Thanks for the wishes!Time does fly!

    Ceedy: :) She knows when to while and when not to!! Thanks!

    Black Coffee: Cheeky little monkey is more like it!

    Punam:Thank you!!


    Pointblank: I will.

  38. Devil Mood: yes!! I do bite her and she yelps real loud--of course it's all fake! :)

    Suma:Yep, i did that!

    Balu: heh heh--will wish her from you.

    RajK:Touch wood--and thanks!!

    Monika: :) I too never thought i'd have a second one--but i am SO GLAD i changed my mind!

    Shruti: SHHHHHHH..there are some things she must not know! :) heh heh

    Broca: thanks!!


    Prats: i did!

  39. Shes so cute and adorable.. A very happy birthday to her.. :-)

  40. oh wat an adorable baby girl purvi is!

    B'lated Happy B'day to her!May God Bless her n wish her a lifetime of happiness ahead!!

    n shes a tauren!she ll be awesome,no doubt!!!

  41. Sango: thanks!

    Pavi:She is a gemini--her b'day is on 21st may.

  42. Sorry I'm late but happy, happy birthday from Australia too!

    Hope you had a great day.

  43. You know what my reply to this post will be!!! Cute lil gal, she is. Belated Birthday Wishes!

  44. ABSOLUTELY...A Crushing cheek to cheek, heart to heart hug will fi these rugrats.

  45. like mom, like child. sometimes, i was astonished by the acts ur kids. they seem to have good IQ level. jus look at the way she made u accept that u know brushing....


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