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Message in a bottle (Writers island 3)

The prompt for Writers island this time, is 'Message in a bottle'. I had made a painting (Oil on canvas) nearly 12 years back--and it seems apt for this poem I wrote, as my entry for this prompt.

Message in a bottle.

Past washed ashore
In bits unseen,
Snatched glimpses,
Of what could have been.
Perhaps life would
Have taken a different turn,
Had you felt my pain,
And seen me yearn.
Bottled up now
And thrown to the sea,
I wait no more,
Yet I am never free.
© Ps


  1. Simply Beautiful!

  2. perhaps life would
    I guess the key word here was would...

    nice poetry Ps, liked the first stanza a lot.

    snatched glimpses of what could have been


  3. wow that was beautiful...:-)
    i just loved the last few lines.
    each one of us goes through this at some time or the other.
    beautiful painting:-)

  4. Nm,Rambler,Akanksha:Thanks!

  5. the poem is beautiful. so simple yet communicates so much. i hadn't visited your blog in a while, am glad i did.

  6. Dang....This was good

  7. The painting is sad to me..solitary and forlorn...the figure wonders in search...her longing and pain cast adrift in the bottle..sometimes those around us are unwilling to see or know of our hurt..we may as well post it in a bottle and cast it in the sea...perhaps if we reached out more often to bring healing and peace, we would cause the pain to stop. (not sure what i've just said there !..but it feels right)

  8. the first stanza's beautiful...simply put but thats the charm, it conveys so much :)

  9. Ranjini:Thanks!(and welcome back!)Will drop by yours too.

    Vidya,keshi,thinking aloud:Thank you!

    Niall:Oh my god--you have this uncanny way of interpreting painting EXACTLY the way i'd intended!Honestly the techniques etc in this pictures are so amateurish--but it did convey what i was trying to.Each time I am amazed at your astuteness,Niall.

  10. I love the painting as well as the poem. I like the dramatic end I wait no more Yet I am never free.
    Very beautiful

  11. Great poem and great pic. Splendid.

  12. i love it! i really do!

    nice poems and painting ;0)

  13. Marja:we really seem to think alike--personally it was the last two lines that i too liked.

    Sweetsticky:Thank you my friend-Honestly the paintingi feel is just average.(it didnt turn out the way i had intended it to!) but--this will do I guess!

  14. thts a lovely poem...why does the beach look like the Om beach? is it the same one?

  15. Beautiful Painting and a really good poem. :)

  16. nice.. good work..

    Chief Brutus

  17. will show you some of my paintings.. do give your feedback.Thanks.

    Chief Brutus!

  18. Adi,Shivoham :Thanks!

    Sivoham:I am no artis--perhaps Niall will be better qualified to give you hsi opinion.

  19. The last stanza ties it all well.

  20. I feel as if I could step right off the screen into that painting. Just beautiful, and a perfect pairing with your poem.

  21. Lovely painting! The words do go with it.

  22. Nice poem and an even nicer painting. Keep it coming...


  23. I love the poainting here and your words too - very wonderful combination. To wonder where a differnt turn may have led us....very intresting.

  24. lovely poem!:)...esp the last lines..."i wait no more, yet i am never free"
    the picture is juss perfect too.

  25. Wow, the two last lines are strong!
    I like it that you always seem to have a picture that reflects what you're talking about. :)

  26. Love the poem - love the painting. Great

  27. Devil mood:Yep--i usually try to post a picto go with what i'm saying.Nothing escapes you my friend!You see EVERYTHING!!:-)

    Keith:Thanks--will drop by yours soon.

    Pri,Mks,Aprameya:Thanks!Glad u liked it.

    Jo:Last lines were my fav too.

    Tys:Had no idea that om was a beach.Now i do.(googled it)


  28. Beautiful painting.
    Beautiful poem.
    I am truly impressed. Good work.

  29. Wonderful, melancholy poem and beautiful painting.

  30. i see a vision here of broken glass from the bottle warn smooth with surf and tide and sand... and i wonder if the glass can soften and change why not the heart?????

  31. the final two lines are perfect. Lovely poem...

  32. Ah.. I'm crying.. that was touching.. beautiful, something that most people can relate to. Couldn't agree more with Niall

  33. Hi PS

    That was the simplest and most beautiful poem I have read on the subject... Reminds me of a movie I saw, a Kevin Costner flick... The painting just reinforces the poem..


  34. Paisley:That had never occured to me--a wonderful perspective.

    Glimps:Thanks!It hangs in my bedroom downstairs.

    Shruti,Tumblewords,Nessa,Paris:Thanks you!I really appreciate your compliments.

  35. hi
    just happned to read your of them said abt two types of people who read blogs but never comment....i didnt want to fall in that category...somewhere somethings...i could relate to myself..being very poor in language didnt venture into blogs...i am mother of two..girl & boy..may be thats what appealed me at first later your paintings..certain views abt life...your writing style is good keeps one gripped..and i love reading...hmmmm dear friend

  36. Rahima,
    Hi!That article which described two kinds of people was a bit 'tongue-in-cheek'--Written to be amusing.But I am happy it prompted you to leave a comment!Thanks so much for your compliments my friend.And it doesnt matter if language skills are not great--what matters is whether one manages to convey one's emotions--and that you have done beautifully.I am touched.

  37. hi
    i never expected a answer to my comment...great..i am entierly new to this world of blogging..and its really like the house of thousand mirrors ..and one is always prone to change but any mood i am in i am sure to find somebody with ame views..and i really loved your blog about your father...and thats what made me consider you as a friend...i have the whole blogs starting from the beginning..i find the 2006 more toyching..and i hope to leave comments in the future...

  38. Your picture ris so evocative of teh words in the verse. The girl seems to be fine, stood on a lovely beach in the sun so we 'see' that all is fine. Of course, her pain may be bottled up inside and so we can't see it, or it might be drifting out to sea.

    Very symbolic.

  39. Powerful poem. I keep coming back to the last two lines. They speak to me.

  40. Oh the what ifs...they carve our character out for us like the waves on the rock.
    Slowly over time, we are able to look back on these relationships with an 'oh yeah, so that's why that happened'.
    With love,
    Excellent painting PS!!!

  41. Bottled up now
    And thrown to the sea, true... super paintings and strong poem

    you inspired me to start a blog thanks

  43. The renewal picture, stunning.

  44. Rahima:Great!!I shall surely dop in!

    Ts:Thanks but its not my own!

    Gillian:Sometimes you still wonder..

    Herb:My fav lines too.Thanks.

  45. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Absolutely lovely! The last stanza is so strong. The rest of your blog is quite beautiful as well. I look forward to reading more of your work. Well done!

  46. lovely painting, beautiful poem.

    my husband found your blog, he pointed it out to me, i am so glad he did. he likes your blog a lot too.

  47. What a touching poem, especially the last stanza. Great works of art!


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