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It's all in the planets (My new book!): A behind the scenes tale

Most people think that when you finish writing a book,  your job is over.  (do click on the hyperlink to read 'what writing a book involves') I am here to dispel that myth. Your job starts only then!

The editing process is long and painful. We went through at least 4 edits, before this final version was done. At one point, my editor and I had exchanged 14 emails over a very minor detail, which you wouldn't even notice when you red the book. (I have a superb Editor! I love working with her).

Once the book is out, it is important to tell your readers what the book is all about. Many authors think that marketing a book, is the job of the publishers, and they can sit back and relax. I would disagree. I think when you have put in so much effort into the book, and your publishers has invested a lot of money to bring out the book, then the very least one can do is participate actively. It is only befitting that the book deserves a thrust, to reach the right readers.

To tell you what the book is all about, I have been working round the clock with my team (it is superb working with them) and we created these two motion posters. Those of you who follow me on Facebook, would know that it has got over 60K views! (which is remarkable).

In case you haven't seen it, here it is:

We also made another video for the blurb: I am sharing that as well here:

Other than these, there's is going to be a special surprise for all of you. Have been working round the clock at it. It is something very special, verrrrrrrrrrry exclusive.

Any guesses what it is?
Tell me in my comments, and watch this space~!

For exclusive pre-order signed copies from Amazon India go to :


  1. This book is surely going to be a super duper hit. Waiting to read this masterpiece. You rock madam!

    1. Thank you!! Need those wishes, as this is definitely my best so far.

  2. Replies
    1. My interview is already up on the amazon site!!

  3. Can't wait to hold this in my hands and devour it all.Eagerly looking forward..

  4. I m sure dis book Olso is gonna be damn interesting as ur other books
    Super excited

  5. I m sure dis book Olso is gonna be damn interesting as ur other books
    Super excited

    1. I believe it's my best so far~!

  6. I know Mam, you are signing the books.. Thank you very very very much.. I have been waiting for it since ages.. I hope i get one this time

    1. All pre-orders on amazon will be signed.

  7. Loved the motion posters! Looking forward. Best wishes...:)

    1. Thanks Tarang! And best wishes for your book too!

    2. Wow! You know! Thank you :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. It looked like a trailer.... jsut wow waiting for the book

  9. My guess is each pre pre ordered book will be accompanied with a card made by you or a bookmark made by your kids

    1. Femina Femina :) My kids are adults now!! And my pre-orders run into more than 30K ! So while I would have loved to do that, it would be impossible! :) <3

  10. Didn't mean to alarm you...It was just a guess :-)

  11. Hi Preeti - I am reading this post after the answer was revealed on Facebook, so I am sure I can't guess anymore! Looking forward to August 24th when the contest details will be revealed. Eagerly waiting to receive the book and start reading! :-) Best Wishes!!

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  13. Hello ma'am, we missed ua signed copy this time. We have all ua signed copies of every book. Can u please arrange this one. Thank you :)


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