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What to do if someone doesn't respond to you

You cannot make anybody love you, the way you want them to. All you can do is be your best. You can try to make them notice your efforts. You can be sweet, kind, thoughtful , charming and sexy. And you can give them gifts, write them mails, text them, call them and let them know in more ways than one, how much you enjoy their company. That's it. Beyond that you can't do anything much. (No, stalking isn't an option).

Relationships can happen only if two people want the same thing out of them. Or at least similar things. They happen when you make each other laugh, when you totally get the other person without long winded explanations and when you know that just the sound of their voice can soothe you and it is the same for them. Relationships mean there is an ease of comfort in each other's company and you feel something amiss if you haven't connected for a while.

Just because you feel that way about someone, it does not mean that they have to feel that too. Sometimes there are connections made that fizzle out even when the sparks seem to be there. Sometimes they arise from the most unexpected places. Sometimes despite your best efforts nothing happens---and they just don't reciprocate.

Despite all that you do, if they don't respond you just have to let it be. As painful as it may be.
And trust that this was for the best.

And someone  or something better is waiting to happen.
You have got to believe it.
And this was just the way it is was meant to be.


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  2. First of all, i have read the book and its great! Actually the title is so catchy.. couldn't have missed it.
    Just to give a headsup to heart broken people "HardShips just makes you stronger" [ i have been through non-responding case :( ]

    Secondly, what you have blogged is so so true. However i would really appreciate if you could write something about "what if the other person is already in love with someone else?"

    Thirdly, i post explanation about SOUL MATE on behalf of my friend[without that person knowing]. This is how it felt while being in love and i think this explanation is just awesome and damn straight.

    "It shud be like no matter how much time u have spent wit that person, u miss him the next second he leaves..
    simplest of the simple things about him feels so precious to you as if no other guy exists in this world
    it feels like God creates a carbon copy of ur heart and creates another human being out of it and thats him.
    All this time when everything else was going wrong, and when he enters ur life.. it all just falls right into place.. like a complete jigsaw puzzle
    He isn't meant to fit anywhere else in the world other than in ur life
    when u look into his eyes it will be electrifying.. as if u can totally read what's on his mind.. there is no need for any words to be told
    If given a hypothetical situation, you can totally predict how he would react or feel about it.. because that exactly how u wud feel about it..
    that would be your soulmate.
    I can't explain it.. when that moment happens. when u know u r in love wit someone.. it just rings bells in your mind.. automatically.. it doesn't need to be told
    everything seems so very new and it feels like God is showering all his grace only on u"

    1. very well written...upto the mark :)

  3. I was made to read this poem by my sister after reading I felt really good it kind of sums up ur blog preeti... here's the poemPeople always come into your life for a
    reason, a season, or a lifetime.
    When you figure out which it is, you
    know exactly what to do.
    When someone is in your life for a
    It is usually to meet a need you have
    expressed outwardly or inwardly.
    They have come to assist you through a
    Or to provide you with guidance and
    To aid you physically, emotionally, or
    even spiritually.
    They may seem like a godsend to you,
    and they are.
    They are there for the reason you need
    them to be.
    Then, without any wrong doing on your
    part or at an inconvenient time,
    This person will say or do something to
    bring the relationship to an end.
    Sometimes they die. Sometimes they
    just walk away.
    Sometimes they act up and force you to
    take a stand.
    What we must realize is that our need
    has been met, our desire fulfilled; their
    work is done.
    The prayer you sent up has been
    answered and it is now time to move on.
    When people come into your life for a
    It is because your turn has come to
    share, grow, or learn.
    They may bring you an experience of
    peace or make you laugh.
    They may teach you something you have
    never done.
    They usually give you an unbelievable
    amount of joy.
    Believe it! It is real! But, only for a
    And like Spring turns to Summer and
    Summer to Fall,
    The season eventually ends.
    LIFETIME relationships teach you
    lifetime lessons;
    Those things you must build upon in
    order to have a solid emotional
    Your job is to accept the lesson, love the
    person anyway;
    And put what you have learned to use in
    all other relationships and areas in your
    It is said that love is blind but friendship
    is clairvoyant.
    Thank you for being part of my life,
    Whether you were a reason, a season or
    a lifetime.

    1. Hi Ajay thank you for sharing such a lovely poem I truly agree with the fact that everyone who come in your life is for a reason. Although it becomes difficult at times to accept the fact when they move out of your life. It is hard as Preeti said in her blog to accept it but you gotta believe that it was meant that way.

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  5. I removed last comment because I have spelling mistakes.
    Ok. Thank you for writing 5 simple, yet marvelous books.
    I will never forget them. And the stories in there are me and mine
    standing and like happening with me. I think of writing so much
    and also do write small articles and poems. I am living science.
    I have to tell you something. What you are telling right now is
    true and is for ever. But,we have to remember we are human
    beings and hope makes us. Hence, even though knowing the truth
    that someone is not responding, we(human beings) and of course
    all living organisms do what they love to do.
    In my opinion, "The one they can not have, but they still love that one."
    Thank you again. for nice books and pages you are sharing.

  6. True . Completely true :-)

  7. I completely agree Preeti.. I tell the same to the Young souls who feel depressed when the person they like do not respond similarly. Very well writen.

  8. This piece of advise thru your article has come at the right moment for me, when I was actually requiring it to make myself strong again, thanks for sending it at the right time Preeti, very true and well said and told !!!!!!!
    As Always, keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Preeti,
    What you have said is true. Even if we force a feeling into someone's heart, it is going to be short lived. It is better to sit back and wait till the feeling grows in them or till we know that the person is 'The One yoU Cannot Have'.


  10. Preeti,

    You wrote this for me, didnt you? I was feeling miserabe today because someone i'm invested in so much emotionally doesn't reciprocate the same way. It felt as if you sat me down and told me this personally. Thanks a lot for this. I'm feeling better already.

  11. Hey Preeti

    As always your simplicity of explaining the hardbound facts of life makes me fall in love with your writing every time. They way you have explained the difficulty of the acceptance when people move out of your life is simply amazing.
    Keep motivating us.

  12. Hi Preeti, Wishing you a very very Happy New Year and many more books which would be super hits like all your other books had been. As Jyothi says above, this exactly the feeling which a reader gets when he/she reads your posts, it is as if you read their minds. This is a tremendous gift Preeti. May God bless you always and take care. I have been your ardent fan even before you became the celebrated author of 5 books and I am so proud of you, it is as if someone close to me is so successful and so down to earth at the same time.

    Take care
    Happy, safe, successful, Prosperous and peaceful New Year to you once again

  13. Hi Preeti
    Wish u a very very very hapyyyyyyyyy new year.Love ur's just amazing. couldn't find anything better than this....your thoughts are so genuine n similar to so many people around, that they connect with everyone almost instantly.......all da best for ur new book that has just released.........waiting for the next...........thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on blogs...........without u even getting a hint, it definately has changed many people's lives............

    loads of love

  14. Hi Preeti,
    I just finished reading this book. It was amazing. You have a great sense of writing. Once someone starts reading your book he wishes to stop only when its last page. :) The way you put some of the thoughts as facts in between, is awesome.
    Thank you for this book. It was really amazing!!!

  15. Hi Preeti,
    I just finished reading this book. It was amazing. You have a great sense of writing. Once someone starts reading your book he wishes to stop only when its last page. :) The way you put some of the thoughts as facts in between, is awesome.
    Thank you for this book. It was really amazing!!!

  16. Hi Preeti,
    I read this just today, and I have to agree to you. You are indeed blessed with lots of talent. I feel so very amazed to see your ability put down the exact thoughts in writing. This post is THE FACT and it hits us hard, and you explained it so nicely. truly lovely..


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