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The One You Cannot Have (TOUCH)

And so my weekend whizzed by. I have no idea when it came and when it went or where. It was stealthier than a thief, dressed in black, blending  in with the shadows of the night, quieter than a cat's paws landing on cold cement floor noiselessly and faster than a flash of lightning on a dark, moonless, stormy night.

Mostly, I think, it was lost in the huge stir that the sharing of the cover page of my next title created.
I shared it on Facebook over the weekend, but in case you haven't see it, here goes:

It is a story of unrequited love. It is a story of a couple who were in a perfect relationship for four years, and who could not imagine  existing without each other. But life had other plans for them.
Sixty percent of the book is written from the point of view of Aman, who is the male protagonist.

I shall share the back blurb and a little more about the characters soon! Watch this space!

Over the weekend, I was also invited by IIM-Bangalore, to speak at  Vista 2013,their  annual international business summit.

Here is what some people said after the event.

The event was very well organised and executed. I enjoyed connecting with the other panelists.

So, now you know where my weekend vanished.

Though I did not get any rest at all, I am still happy.
And excited too! :)

For my last two books, I had started a 'Tea-for-two-Tuesdays', and  'Wishlist Wednesdays' where I had given  interesting writing prompts. If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you would recall how well it was received, and  what fun it was. This time I  am thinking of running  ' TOUCH Thursdays'. TOUCH is an abbreviation  of my new book-- The One  yoU Cannot Have.

Tell me if you would want that!  I will put up the writing prompts only if there is enough response and demand for it, as I will have to devote quite a bit of time to it. If you are game, I would love to. The prompts would be unusual, quirky, fun.

Do let me know your thoughts please. (in my comment box).

Shall be back again soon.
Until then,

Stay happy and  don't forget to smile!


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  1. please please! start it soon :)

  2. Yes definitely.I had enjoyed wishlist Wednesdays.

  3. Thank you for the prompt response Sron and Shreya! Let's wait and see if others want it too!

  4. Hi preethi I'm looking forward for the game

  5. Itz an amazing idea... so eager to read ur new book!! :-):-)

  6. yeah please start asap :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi. I enjoyed reading your last 2 books and I am eagerly waiting for TOUCH and TOUCH Thursdays. Please start TTs soon. And have posted a lovely photo. :-)

  9. Please do... Looking forward to it...

  10. I loved your novels and no words to describe it. I will wait for new novel TOUCH.. :-)

  11. Oh,sure!Like to know more.

  12. Yes! Please have a prompt! :D They're fun and I missed the last one!

  13. Looking forward to it!! Pls do start :)

  14. YES for TOUCH Thursdays! Loved the cover, can't wait for the book. And all the photoshoot pictures have turned out SO GOOD! Email me more if you have them please :)

  15. Definitely yes! Look forward to the series, Preeti!

  16. Wow... I am in.. please start it...

  17. yes .. in.. start it please..

  18. Wow... Yay yay... start it soon , Ma'm :) Looking forward to the same !! Let's TOUCH our Thursdays ! :)

  19. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Big Yes!!!! Its our pleasure if you do so & my hearful wishes for your forthcoming heartfelt 'TOUCH'!!
    U look so awesome here!

  20. awaiting the touch ...thursdays

  21. aww.... please start it ASAP... ur writing inspire me so much......!!!!

  22. Anonymous11:06 AM

    TOUCH THURSDAYS!! Bring it on Preeti!!!

  23. really dying to read ur next book..... TOUCH.... pl tel if i can pre order!!!!

  24. Yes please!!!! Would love to hear more from you...

  25. Waiting for TOUCH ;) :) Please start....

  26. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Eagerly waiting for TOUCH! please do start with it.. :)

  27. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Let us get our creative juices flowing!

  28. the photo is just awesome!!!

  29. waiting for TOUCH :D

  30. When will your new book be available for preordering on flipkart?

  31. waiting,,,,,,,,,,,,,, start it soon

  32. Hello ma'am, I didn't know you organized tea for 2 Tuesdays so I didn't take part in it, though I'd taken part in Wishlist Wednesdays every week and it was fun and i even got a special mention from you for one of my posts so I'm eagerly waiting for TOUCH Thursdays, I'll definitely take part in it n I'm sure I'll win this time till then love and wishes for your new book ma'am

  33. yeah please start asap :)

  34. yes mam please start........:)

  35. yes i waiting too...............

  36. Ofcourse we want it Preeti

  37. luv u a lot...all da best in advance 4 ur new book.may it touch new milestones that nobody has ever touched

  38. Game for it....would love to participate..:).Look forward to read your fifth book..waiting eagerly.

  39. Congratulations and I so look forward to reading it. And on a completely unrelated note - I love your desk :)

  40. The cover page looks great but I wrote the comment specifically to tell u that u look beautiful in the last picture. Loved it:-)).

  41. Thanks for writing Life is what you make it and The Secret wishlist. Waiting for the one you can't have. can i have its signed copy. I live in Delhi.. Please.

  42. Thanks for writing Live is what you make it and The Secret Wishlist. Waiting for The once you can't have. Can i get a signed copy. I live in Delhi.. Please preeti mam i want its signed copy... How can i have it??

  43. waiting fr the same

  44. eagerly waiting fr d same


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