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Guess the title-part 2. FIVE book hampers to be won :)


So here is part-2 of 'Guess the title' game which has just started. If you have missed it, see my last post.

See the clues above and guess the title!!
Go ahead---wear your thinking caps and get cracking! :)

FIVE book hampers to be won. :) Westland  (my publishers) will pick five correct entries and give away gift hampers.

You could even join me on my Facebook page, or Twitter, where the contest will go live later . I just thought you, my dear blog readers [my special people :)] , should be the first to know and hence this post! :)

And also here is a picture I shared on FB, which a lot of people liked :) So had to post it here too :)

Good luck in guessing the title :)
And also tell me if you think this picture is good enough to be the author picture for the new book.

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  1. Are you kidding--asking if the pic is good enough! C'mon Preeti. It's brilliantly taken. Would love to see it on the book :) and the title, I'm still thinking ;-)

  2. I am going to start the guessing game...

    "His and Her Secret Life"

  3. Another guess...

    Mom and two lovely kids

  4. His and her parent guide!

  5. I should win just for being the first one to guess...that too with more than one :D :D

    *Hoping and praying I win*

  6. Beautiful pic--absolutely love it and it can certainly go as the author picture.
    When is the last day for guessing..thinking and will put up my guesses soon.

  7. You are the Secret Lover

  8. You are the Lovely Wife

  9. The One way Heaven Lies

  10. You And Our Shared Life

  11. Ohhh--Please dont mind my individual comments. I am having so much fun guessing and keep commenting as soon as I think i got a title.

    I know I am being bad and should put everything in one post but am enjoying myself too much :)

  12. The One and Lovely Life
    You and Our Little Life
    You and Our Little One

  13. A remarkable story of a brave my guess.Yeah this makes a good author's pic..

  14. And the sin called love...

  15. The Big Fat Indian Wedding......

  16. @Sindhu Sharma-- I love your titles, i think you will definitely be one of the winners. I am going to think more.


  17. The One Big Winner Contest
    The One Way Sacred Heart
    May All the Lovers Win

  18. The way you _ _ _ _ _ _ me - I'd love to say "complete" but it's not a six letter word, so to fill in the blank, it could be seduce, entice.

  19. Is the book going to release on Nov. 18, your dad's birthday :)? {it would be my birthday gift then :D :D).

  20. The Way you Change Me
    The Way Her Anklet Sounds
    His and Her Joyous World
    The Man Who Kissed Her
    And For Her Broken Wings

  21. Anonymous2:52 AM

    The One Way Friend Ship

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Amazing pic Preeti :)
    @ horizon : Phew! you came up with so many titles. You are defenetly gonna crack this one ;)

  24. Are you the cookie thief? :P

    The pic is fab fab fab! And I suggest you should use it for your book :) All the best

  25. Sure it is a wonderful picture Preeti!
    And for the title guesses:
    "The way she mended life"
    "Her day was ruined enough"

    All the ebest for your 5th book, and So looking forward to it! Is it ready for Pre order yet??


  26. Dear Preeti Ma'm,

    I am commenting here for the first time, as my 'office firewalls' have suddenly succumbed to some pressure (all these days ever since I started reading your blog,the firewalls never allowed me to comment :P ).
    Superb pic, ma'm. And it can definitely be the author pic for the new book :-)
    Looking forward to reading it !

    My guess for the title : You are the beauty queen !

  27. my guess is " the man and secret love"
    " the way the heart's broked"
    " the way she hurted me"
    and preeti you look amazing in this pic ..............ana i am looking forwrd for your 5th book...........

  28. @Remya--i am still trying :) because I still am not satisifed and have yet not got a proper book's title

  29. The One Way heart's Story
    You Are The Leader Here
    She Will Bet Higher Odds

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Pretty Preeti..


    The one who laughs last

  32. You are getting lovelier day by day :)

  33. Hi Preeti, looking fwd to your fifth book. The clues r not sufficient, u should gv us more hints :) Still this is wht I came up with as the title - You too Can Create Magic!

  34. Hi Preeti, looking fwd to your fifth book. The clues r not sufficient, u should gv us more hints :) Still this is wht I came up with as the title - You too Can Create Magic!

  35. The One lie called love ...?

  36. The One Way Ticket Holder
    The Way she hugged me

  37. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Hi Preethi,

    Really enjoying the title guessing game. Something creative to think for the last 2 days, thanks for that!

    Is the contest open only for people in India?
    When will the winners be declared?
    By five winners do you mean, the first five who guessed the correct title or the five who came close to the title?

    Also if still nobody has guessed it right, can you give more clues like ... Words from my previous book titles not there ( .. :) so that we can rule out words like life, secret, make ,etc..)
    , the number of vowels in the 6 letter word or the total number of vowels in the title or something like there are no more E's in the title

  38. Lovely photograph.'Why are you behind her?'
    'The kid ate,mother cheered'.
    'She is the goddess here'.

    It is interesting to guess like this without any clue, though my guessing seems silly..

  39. The Gay and mighty warrior

  40. The One You cannot have !!!

    He he he.. I follow your facebook page too :P ..

  41. ma'am i must say you are looking great in your latest pics great photography i must say

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  45. The Man Who Cannot Hide

  46. Anonymous12:08 PM

    can it be any of these..
    1) the one who writes Magic
    2) the one who weaves love
    3) the man who paints stories


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