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Five rules to get over someone

Rule no.1: Move on (and while you are at it, cultivating a new hobby which you are really passionate about helps)

Rule no.2 : Move on. (and while you are at it, making a brand new friend helps)

Rule no. 3: Move on. (and while you are at it reading A LOT helps. Don't allow the mind to be idle for even five seconds, lest it goes racing to depressing thoughts. Use the time to read good books. There is so much waiting to be learnt in them, especially on heartbreaks ;-) )

Rule no.4 : Move on (and while you are at it find one thing to do in the day, which gives you immense joy)

Rule no.5 :Move on  (and if you have been doing the 'while you're at it stuff' you don't need this rule as you would have already moved on)

Good luck!

(accept it hurts and sometimes, it is indeed okay to hurt. We all go through it and emerge stronger and meet someone better eventually, though at the time of going through it, it definitely does not seem so)

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  1. Well written...and an apt message!

  2. Simple and true! :-) the absolute necessity is to move on. Nicely put Preeti! As always:-)

  3. Liked it. Loved it. Shared it. And I'm sure to implement the rules. Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. A much needed message especially for today's teens.

  5. I second all the rules. :) Implementation starts from today!

  6. Ma'am,I've read many of your posts and each one comes up with something unique in itself.I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep writing!:)

  7. loved it.... moving on ;)!

  8. Yes, I agree with you. I moved on something ( not someone ) just be letting all my tears out and till I was not left with one drop, and was on finding new job again,

    I moved on making brand new novels as my best friends,

    I moved on by cultivating cooking as my hobby by making delicious cuisines for family,

    I moved on by engaging myself doing some or the other thing at home, changed the look of my mom's kitchen ( it helped a lot of her energy while finding things)

    Now I even forgot that SOMETHING has ever happened to me. And I am just moving on with a wide smile ;)

    Thanks for this post! Like always boosted me even more. :)

  9. Ooooo! I love this! And I read it at an apt timing too!


  10. Methinks the shortest n most effective way of getting over someone is by getting into a rebound relationship... it's short, sweet and so totally worth it.. :D

    been working for me since '87.. big fan of it :)

  11. Anonymous6:35 PM

    well said ma'am i'm doing the same since one year. i've started reading novels to keep me occupied n even joined dance classes but the latter didn't work out due to my overweighing body. i'd love to get some more suggestions from you ma'am
    with love
    your biggest fan on this earth

  12. Anonymous6:35 PM

    well said ma'am i'm doing the same since one year. i've started reading novels to keep me occupied n even joined dance classes but the latter didn't work out due to my overweighing body. i'd love to get some more suggestions from you ma'am
    with love
    your biggest fan on this earth

  13. well said ma'am. i'm doing the same since one year but still couldn't get her from my mind. i've been reading books since then. i'd love to get more suggestions from you ma'am

  14. well said ma'am i,ve been doing the same since one year but nothing has changed til now. i've been reading novels since then and also joined the dance classes but the latter failed due to my overweighing body.
    i would love to get more suggestions from you ma'am
    with love
    your dear reader umesh


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