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Not Yankee doodle but babushka lass.

Didn't I tell you you will see me more often?

See, I turned up today! I do keep up my word.  Most people don't. That irks me. Or makes me trust them a little less. Mostly the latter. In rare times the former. Most people are not even worth your ire.

There is this person on my BBM (Black-berry messenger for the uninitiated) for instance. I had pinged him and he said "I am driving and I will get back to you in an hour." Nothing wrong with that. Except that the hour has stretched to more than two weeks now.
See what I mean? There are so many like that. I bet you know people like that too.

I think it's rather cool to say what you mean and mean what you say. More importantly to do what you say you will do. (or not do). And since I like to be a rather cool person, I always keep up my word.  Yeah, I am old fashioned like that.

Of late I have been really working hard on my fourth book. I do not know where the hours vanish. I sit down to write around 9.00 a.m and before I realise it is 2.00 PM and I haven't even eaten my lunch. There are endless cups of tea though. Always.

I also always have a notebook next to me on which I make notes. They are usually, unusually quirky notebooks and journals that I pick up on my travels. I need them like shoes need laces. Somehow I am incomplete without them.
 For instance the one I am using at present has this picture of a woman dressed to kill, in a business suit and it says "Commander-in-Chief". Whoo! Makes me feel powerful just looking at it. And on each page on the inside, it says  "What a town. You can't even trust the back-stabbers."

I love such quirky things. It nudges my creative side. Actually gives it a sharp hard kick.

Anyway, the endless cups of tea I consume in the course of writing, always rest on this journal as I work lying in bed (yes, I am lucky, I know! I can work in bed :) ) and I do not want the tea to topple over my lovely 10" mattress. So the journal comes in handy in more ways than one.

Needless to say it is full of tea-stains. And doodles. I usually doodle when I am thinking hard about the plot. I doodle unaware of what I am doing. Sometimes, when I look at it  later, I am surprised seeing the doodle I created and  I wonder 'where did that come from'.

Today was one such day.
A tea stain turned into a pretty girl wearing a babushka. That does not happen often.

And  I just had to share it with you.

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  1. nice doodle and I agree with you about people not living upto the word.
    It will help when people are more conscious about what they say when they say and respect themselves....

  2. That's real cool! very creative...

  3. "What a town. You can't even trust the back-stabbers." ha ha lol... loved this line.. n with out your permission hopin u would not scold me...i am copying this line as my status..... and i ll also tell that it was copied... he he :) love your writings BTW... have read LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE 23 Times.... n still i dont get bored.... :)

  4. Great to see you again so soon!! That amidst you being busy with your book!! And your creativity has no limits!! Lovely!

  5. Tarang: Haven't you heard of them?!! :-0
    Go here

  6. Durga:Thank you!

    Indian: Omg!! 23 times! Aren't you kidding?!

    Shree:Thank you!

    Aarthi: Most people do not mean what they say!

  7. Wish people do mean what they say...

    Loved your doodle!!!!

  8. Oh, I know about them:) I was just thinking differently...(You know sometimes it happens:-D) Got it!:)

  9. :o)

    That was a nice take on those people who choose not to respond and have complete disregard for anyone Else's time..Loved your doodles!!

  10. Always refreshing to read your posts after a long day. Just came home n read this. Cute doodle... N happy writing to u! :-)

  11. Five hours, huh? Just yesterday I was wondering about your writing schedule.

    As an aspiring writer working on my first draft, I have a newfound respect for published authors. As a reader I enjoyed the writer's craft. From this side of the fence I can see the countless hours of research, plotting and drafts.

    With all that, you are blogging more? Wonderful!

    P.S. After your TED X talk, I have been waking up at 4 am and writing for a couple of hours before I begin my day. Thanks!

  12. oijuggle: Good luck! For me 'productive' hours will be two, out of the five! Rest of the time in making tea and doodling and playing with dog and cooking :P :) Yes, it does take a LOT of research too. For example, yesterday i read up about five pages of info, just so that one sentence (which conveyed a condition) would be correct.

    Krupa: thank you!!

    Me:Thank you!

    Tarang: No.Did not get it! I have a slight degree of this condition where I take what people say literally ;-) Hence gave you the links as you asked '10" mattress?' and nothing else. I presumed I was being helpful.

  13. Oh no, don’t get me wrong! I mean to say that now I understand what you’re saying (Very politely) :)

  14. You inspire Preeti :) I wonder how you do it!!

    By the way, I made a paper quilled card inspired by the ones you make, turned out pretty well, Thanks!!!

  15. hello mam,
    In my whole life i read so many Novels but "Life is what you make it"inspired me to choose the best life and now I am able to choose what i really want from the life.And you know i also start writing about my life and about others waiting for your novels.
    Thank you mam

  16. Tarang: No offence taken! :) I was merely explaining why i gave the links.

    Varun: Thank you so very much.

    Anusha: Thaaaank u! <3

  17. Hi, I wrote to you on twitter (@laks219) today about this post. Also, in one of the occasions earlier for which I got your reply:-)

    But this medium is better, can appreciate in more than 140

    I loved this post too - was reading through my BB and when I read these lines,
    "Today was one such day. A tea stain turned into a pretty girl wearing a babushka. That does not happen often." I thought there is something more and was scrolling down.. haha.. felt it ended soon:(

    I love your Creativity - this post is blended so well - about bbm friend, your writing schedule and crazy method, journal, tea stain, doodles and then it turns into babushka lass! woohoo....that was fantastic...

    By the way, if that bbm friend was real; did you ping the link of this post to that friend? :D

    Happy writing, your fans love you:)

    PS: Yes, I continue to write as mentioned on twitter. Thanks!!!!

  18. Absolutely agree with you. There are people around us who's only motto in life is to break their own words.

    Your doodle here reminds me of my collage days and a few of our boring lectures which we used to attend for the sake of attendance.

    My book meant for making notes of the on going lecture would be filled with doodles out of boredom.

  19. By the way I super liked your new header design. You are a creative genius.


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