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The Busy Elf--Some lovely crocheted handmade stuff.

Keshrie (pronounced Kesri) is a mother to two boys aged 9 and 7. Her home town is Darjeeling and she speaks fondly of the memories it holds. She moved to Bangalore along with her husband, nine months back, leaving her two sons with her mother. She works part-time as a house-help in my home.

Keshrie is extremely good at her work, very efficient and always goes the extra mile. Even though she really misses her sons (she talks to them on the phone every single day) she is cheerful and pleasant. She is also very punctual.

Some weeks back Suma of Aalochane had gifted me some lovely crocheted stuff that she had hand-made.  I totally loved them and felt so honoured to receive such a gift.When I brought them home, Keshrie saw them and her eyes lit up. She said she knows how to crochet and has fond memories of a herself as a little girl, sitting at her mother's knee, watching her mother crochet. She added (a bit wistfully) that if only she could get hold of some thread and  crochet needle, she could make them. She has not been around much in Bangalore (She works as a house-help at another home too so her days are really busy) and had no clue where to buy yarn and needles.

When I went out the next day, I decided to buy some yarn and crochet needles for her. She was delighted with it.

When I saw the stuff that she began making, I was so totally blown away by her talent. Every single day, she had a hand-made gift for me or my daughter!

She works  late at night, after all her chores are done and her happiest times are when she is crocheting. Like a true artist, she forgets everything else when she crochets. I started giving her ideas and suggestions as to what she could make next.  I would suggest it and lo behold the next day it was made!

Here are some of her lovely creations.

Tea coasters for making tea times warm and cozy :)

Hair clips.
Draw string purse

Book marks for that friend of yours who loves to read! or gift them to yourself!
A small purse for the little knick-knacks

Crocheted outfits for your daughter's dolls.

A mobile phone pouch.
A red bow sits prettily on a white hair-band
Another hair band made by her

Isn't the stuff she made really pretty?

Moved  by her creativity, talent and hard-work, I decided that she really deserves a wider audience and she needs to sell her stuff.
So, I created a Facebook page for her a few minutes ago.

I named her store The Busy Elf'. I felt it suited her products and her personality. Here is the link to her Facebook page (which obviously I manage for her) :

All the money from sale proceeds of her products will go entirely to her and she plans to use it on her sons' education.

Today was a happy day for Keshrie and me as she made her first sale.  (Rs.1000/-! Four Barbie doll outfits and two hair bands). While a rupees thousand may not sound much, it does make a  huge difference to her.

Keshrie was really delighted. She told me several times that she couldn't believe it and it was like a dream come true.

If you like the products she makes and you  want to be a part of Keshrie's journey then do have a look at her Facebook page  (which has all the products and prices) and please order stuff from her. Shipping charges will be extra. (perhaps Rs.100). You can mail me your orders on ps(at) and I shall do the needful on her behalf.

Do 'like' her page if you are on Facebook. (I explained the concept of ' Facebook 'like'  to her , a little while back.She didn't even know what Facebook was!) 
Even though I barely have time for myself,  (I amworking on my fourth book among a whole hoard of other things) I badly wanted to do this for her.

She totally deserves it, don't you think?
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  1. Hi Preeti, This is amazingly great effort :) There are talented people who need some nice people like you to show their talent to this world. I admire the effort you made to help her.I can imagine how happy Kesri is now :) :)

    PS: I am an avid reader of your blogs..i read every comments you post in FB :)

  2. You know you have given someone a reason to smile. God bless you. and Keshrie will definitely have her talent noticed. I liked her works before you post them on ur blog. I got notification from itshandmade website. Will be surely buying some soon!

  3. Thats all so wonderful - Both her amazing skills and your efforts.

    All the Best to her on her new venture.

  4. Totally blown away by your act here - big big hug to you.

  5. truly a wonderful gesture preeti- god bless you and of course the artist keshrie. Hope her creativity gets a wide horizon and appreciation comes in all forms !

  6. This is what makes you different from others. You are busy...with ten different things...but you make an effort to improve other people's life.

    I am totally moves by this act. Preeti Love you lot:)
    Off to the website
    All the best

  7. Hey ma'am that was a real good initiative on your part.. Yes of course I will LIKE the page..

  8. tell keshrie that her creations are lovely. and I love your photos and your lil model too :))

    I'm so glad that she has your support. I love crocheting (its my destresser) and I can only imagine hoe content she must be feeling when she crochets :)


  9. Wow preeti!!!!

    No words from my side!!!

    Awesome work by kesri .. totally bowled!!! n more credit goes to u!!!! such a noble deed! God bless u! :)

  10. she totally totally deserves all this!!!! She is amazingly talented! and it is commendable that she is nurturing her talent despite long hours of physical work! :)Cheers to her!

  11. You are such a sweet and thoughtful person Preeti! You are indeed a role model for me. Just the purity of heart and kindness that come ever so naturally to you makes me look upto to you. Keshrie's stuff is super amazing . It is really creative, neat and the colors look happy. She is awesome.Please do convey my message to her.

  12. Keshrie is immensely talented. she is not only creative but knows time management. AND she has you :)

    A wonderful thing you have done for her.

    BTW i a still wondering HOW do you twist those little ribbons on the card. have preserved them for some special moments :)

  13. Preet, Great work, and the crochets are absolutely wonderful!it is heartening to see the world still has wonderful people like you :)

  14. Wow Preeti! You have a heart of gold :)

  15. Lovely stuff she creates :) and it is so heartening to see you going out of the way to help her!!

  16. You are such a beautiful person....helping her make use of her talent and making it knows to others...that is so nice of you. All the best to you and Keshrie :)

  17. Anonymous12:18 PM

    People like you make the world a bit more beautiful! Smiles. Ankita.

  18. How creative. I wish both of you all the very best for this. Hope she can make it big being the beholder of such gifted talent

  19. I loved the bookmarks...she s really talented.
    And Great effort, Preety :) :)

  20. Preeti, you have such a generous heart...loved reading about the effort you put in to give a helping hand. May Keshrie go from strength to strength!

  21. Preeti, you have such a generous heart...loved reading about the effort you put in to give a helping hand. May Keshrie go from strength to strength!

  22. The crochet creations look beautiful. I liked the bookmarks in particular.

    And not like you didn't know, but its a wonderful gesture. And i am glad to know someone, as nice as you, at least through a blog:)

  23. Resulting the perfect celebration is on the cards, and flowers just add extra bit of colorfulness onto that. Indeed, it’s the creation from nature that compliments the priceless emotions that a heart hosts. In the form of mind blowing floral stuffs and other gifts, really has dome something incredible. The link at gives full details.

  24. Great Effort Preeti, I have become ur fan now :)

  25. Website is very comprehensive and informative. I have enjoyed the visit. From

  26. Wow amazing work and I am glad you have her full support..God bless both of you and I am sure with her amazing talent she will surely go places!!!

  27. sounds interesting, let her do more wonderful stuffs

  28. the hair clip and band i guess are very innovative!

    Cool stuff!!

  29. very talented!! ANd how very nice of you!

  30. She is extremely talented n whats more IMP is she's been guided n encouraged by YOU..I am a bigger fan of you for doing such a gr8 job for her.

  31. thats so wonderful..she deserves this and moreover she is lucky to be guided by YOU...Lots of love

  32. That was great effort who worth-deserving... I will also share/pass the effort which needs more attention...

  33. Hey Preeti, that was really generous of you. Am really touched. Checked out the store but the one thing i thought of buying was out of stock. Will keep checking if its in stock..

  34. Despite being a busy mom, artist and writer, you had the heart of a Good Samaritan to pause for a while and bring sunshine to the life of another woman. Well done, Preeti... Enchante!

  35. Hats off to you, Preeti. Despite being a busy mom, writer and artist, your heart of gold prompted you to pause for a while and make a big difference to the life of another woman. Really wonderful. Enchante!

  36. Really nice stuffs!

  37. you are awesome ma'am...:)


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