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A post card story from Mc.Leod Ganj

Outside my window, right now there is the sound of crickets and a myriad other insects, chirping in disarrayed harmony, yet blending together to create  sounds that soothe the soul, fascinate the mind and  makes you pause and listen as you suspend whatever you are doing, putting everything on hold to just listen. And that is precisely what I am doing right now as I pause from my typing. Listening to nature's exclusive soundtrack.

Am on a vacation near  Mc.Leod ganj which is very close to  Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. Mc.Leod is a fascinating mountain town, 6800 feet above sea level. It is filled with Tibetan refugees. There are many monasteries and yesterday we visited the official residence of the Dalai lama.

A thousand dancing flames at Dalai Lama's monastery

Yeah--that's is me. I found the prayer wheels calming.Read what it says.   
Another view of prayer wheels

We walked around the languid town, ate momos, watched the monks dressed in maroon robes, in quiet admiration, a privilege to peep into their world. It all feels very surreal and Tibet is alive in these lanes, hopes of a free Tibet fill the air and it is hard to not get caught in the atmosphere or soak in a bit of the Tibetan culture.

My children and me at the waterfall.The water was icy cold!The rocks are very slippery!

 The tall Deodhar trees, the cool mountain mist and the gigantic Dauladhar Mountain scape frame almost every scene in this place,punctuated by the bubbling brooks of waterfalls and cool refreshing springs. It is nature at her resplendent best and you cannot help but succumb to her charms.

A view of our cottage

The resort (Blossom village resort)  we are currently staying at feels like paradise. (click on the link for details and  more pictures of the resort) The word 'Idyllic' really comes alive when you set foot here. Our cottage is truly beautiful and there are a thousand flowers in bloom. (We chose a place far away from the city and the touristy crowd).
A few of the flowers in bloom at Blossom village resort    '

The person who owns this place had a chat with us this morning and we were really impressed by the politeness of the staff and the stunning beauty of this place which has a natural stream running through the property.  There is also a cow, a buffalo and a newborn calf on the premises, and my children have been making friends with Noorie and Cookie (the cow and the buffalo, the calf is yet to be named.)

Another view of the waterfall we visited this morning

In short we're living a dream. A break much needed from the mundane chores of daily life. A break to pause, to ponder and relish. A break to seek some inner peace. (and the Buddhist prayer wheels and singing bowls do just that) To  rejuvenate.

So we get back with renewed vigour to the tasks that await us.
In my case, it translates to working on completing my third manuscript.

Until then.
May you find inner calmness and peace.


  1. ooh! awesome. will bookmark the resort for a trip later :). looking forward to more pictures when you get back!

  2. And if/when u come to California, we'll go White Water'll love it.

  3. Shachi: Thanks! Check out Aquaterra for some outstanding whitewater rafting options in the Himalayas.

  4. Gr8 Place. Gr8 Pics. Have fun.

  5. Wow--beautiful pics and so well written, it felt as though I am at that place enjoying all the beauty and the peace

    Thank you

  6. I went to Dharamsala for my honeymoon and visited the monastery in Mc leod ganj too.. simply calming I would say.. loved the place!!!
    cant wait to visit again!!

  7. Lovely photos to accompany a catchily written travelogue.

    Btw why is Mc.LeodGanj spelt that way with a full stop in between ??

  8. Such a beautiful getaway Preeti. You deserve some quiet family time. xo

  9. Ahh .. I was wondering if you are enjoying yourself there and then we get this post from you :)
    So well and Beautifully described.. I could almost feel the peace and serenity steal over me as I read your words ….. We all need such breaks to rejuvenate our soul ….

  10. Its an awesome place :-) Just loved everything about it when I visited during the summers.

  11. Cool place, i m so jealous :)

    Have a great time and thanks for sharing the pics with us!

  12. waterfall is really very awesome...but how did u get into that cold icy water...and also slippery

  13. I have heard so much about this place that I feel like I will be visiting here soon.

  14. Awesome pics.....I also had a look at the resort website...hmmm its next on the list:)

    Njoy the vacation!!!


  15. Oh. What a post. An incredible adventure in so many ways and on so many levels. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. What lovely pics....esp the one with you and the kids in the water...your son is holding on to you as if he is taking care that you dont slip and hurt cute :)

  17. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Pics and well described, it was short-n-sweet yet giving same experience while reading,as you enjoyed...

  18. Anand: thanks :)

    Avina: well observed! You are indeed right. he has become very protective about me as he is now as tall as me :)

    Val:thanks a lot :)

    Gayu: did. Thanks!

    Prats: am sure you will like it.

    Siyaram: Oh it was so so refreshing and so scary too! :) It was like stepping into ice!

  19. Thinker: heh heh. plan a trip there. dont be jealous :)

    Akanksha: Bits of it are now touristy but there are still the other undiscovered bits.

    Ruchira: Thanks!! :)

    Gillina:Thanks! I am again not able to open your site :(

    Ramesh: Mc. is always spelt that way right? Thanks! We must catch up soon. This weekend?

    Eve; thanks! How many years ago was that? It's changed a lot I am told.

    Horizon: happy to hear such praise :D

  20. Know exactly wht u mean by nature's exclusive soundtrack...the place sounds beautiful and the photographs gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it with us:-))!!!!

  21. Beautiful pics! Looks like you all had an absolute great time :)

    So this is where I should head to get some peace!

    I saw the Mani Prayer wheel in Sikkim as well. I did pray hard! :)


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