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Random tag!

A pretty woman tagged me with this one. I'm supposed to reveal (hold your breath)-- eight random facts about myself (you may breathe now!)

It would have been easier if I were tagged to reveal eight body parts.Then I would at least have a valid reason to refuse the tag. You know what I mean! But no--pretty woman called me a 'writers delight'. Now who am I to deny? (Sigh..This is going to be hard because I try to make my posts interesting--and I cannot imagine why anyone, except myself, would find eight random facts about me interesting!)

Anyway-- here goes.

1.I am addicted to this and actually enjoy it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2.I also enjoy this ocassionally.(well, supposed to be 'ocassionally'! Er..writing a new blog post is an 'ocassion' isn't it! LOL)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

3. I really enjoy working with children and really listening to what they have to say. (No I do not 'teach' and hate being called a 'teacher'. I do workshops for kids on thinking skills)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

4. I cannot live without books.I love to read.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

5.I am a total information junkie.Tell me something that I'm hearing for the first time (non fiction!) and I am hooked.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

6.I laugh easily and find almost everything amusing. (I also vehemently deny that I am nutty or insane) :-)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

7.I make friends easily and am blessed with some really good friends whom I value deeply.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

8. I hate it when people comment that I have a 'cute' accent (whatever that means!) and then try to guess which part of India I am from.

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I'm now supposed to tag eight people and also post these rules (and hey the rules never said bloggers--I know some very interesting people who are non bloggers whom i'd love to tag!)

Here goes

Rayne ,
Devil Mood (of course!),
Niall ,
Misti ,

And I'd love it if these three did the tag as well--

Vineet (am not sure he will get the time as he has moved into a new job.But if he does I'd be happy to read)

Bharathi (one of my closest friends--she is a non blogger--but she can leave eight facts about herself in my comment box!) and...

Satish (He is travelling and hopefully will get time to do it.Again he doesnt blog, but he can freely use my comment box!)

and these are the rules

Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

PS: Vik, you are tagged as well!! Please please may I have the donuts now? :-)


  1. o boy,, so this tag's all around eh? I just did mine!

    Liked the visuals you put in. Creative! :)

  2. Hey dat was an interesting one...I really liked d way u presented dis post wid images.:-)
    And i am happy to be tagged!
    Keep blogging.
    Tk Cr.

  3. I think it's quite the contrary - maybe we don't find these facts interesting, but other people do. You certainly made the post entertaining, with funny pictures.
    I like the friends and the bras thing, very true.
    And I laughed when I saw "Devil Mood (Of course!)" - why "of course"? lol ;)
    I think I did this before but I'll do it again because there aren't enough random facts in the world of blogging haha

  4. hey I like your blog. You have a sense of humour :) and thats such a refreshing change from the abstract and obscure poetry most of us love putting up heehhe!

  5. pretty cool with all the images.. :)

  6. Cool..

    Now that u have told u r a info junkie.. and likes an occasional Vodka.. Du u know the fact tat vodka has the highest amnt of alcohol content.. :)

  7. rads:thank you.

    Akanksha:would love to read yours

    Devil Mood :how can there exist a tag in PS's blog without DM being in it!! Hence the 'of course'.LOL


    Ankit:i like your blog too.

    Bharatwaj:Why else do you think I like Vodka?!!LOL

  8. Nice...not one iota of sentiments or anger...I love it...

    //A friend is like a good Bra//

    I would never be a Bra to my male friends...if that makes me a bad friend, so be it :) LMAO

    Hey you missed Grey Goose

    First time here...this site is defnitely something I would be visiting be blogs without much sentiments are tough to find...good job here

  9. Those are great random facts. I'm totally with you on 1,2,4 and 6!

  10. Hi PS - just came here from Bobkat's blog with a message..

    'Bob-kat sent me to spread the birthday joy'

    Although we share a lot of the same bloglinks, I found one I haven't visited!! :-)

    so - hi PS - from me and Bobkat :-)


  11. Okay, here goes...

    I've lived in Australia since 1969 but I was actually born in Scotland.

    Because I was born in Scotland, I was given several nicknames during my school years, one of which was Scotty. I liked that one so much that I've adopted it and only a handful of people still call me by my real name.

    My stepfather slapped me once because I wouldn't eat the spaghetti he'd made (I was 15 and unwell at the time) - I decked him. He never touched me again.

    My Dad was in the Navy and we traveled a lot so my sister was born in Malta.

    I'm a incurable romantic.

    When I die, I'd like my cremated remains to be sent into space.

    Unlike the guys I work with, I'd prefer to have a glass of red wine and read poetry than drink beer and watch football.

    The best kiss I ever had was several years ago, from an American woman - I miss being kissed like that.

  12. Wyvern: See my 'posts of note' Maybe you will change your mind.Then again, maybe you wont.(there's a funny on there too)
    And since you dong like being a bra, you can be an men's underwear.LMAO

    Bob_Kat:Yes, we are similar in many ways.I did not know you were addicted to the treadmill too.

    Crazie queen;Thank you! see u soon.

  13. Scotty: Those facts really touches the heart.Thanks for sharing.

  14. LOL nice post and the pictures are so cool as well.. and I read the comments above - I don't want to be the under clothes of anyone to be a friend [:D] eewww .. quite funny..

    But did you realise, you are yet to tag me. Bad preeti no donut for you [:(]

  15. Cool, funny and intersting. Thanks for tagging me, will post them soon. :)

  16. I love point number two!

  17. 8 random things about myself?
    Okay, you've got it.
    Just give me a moment to think....
    have to come up with things that won't have people calling the little men and the white wagon.

  18. Iam well and truely tagged..will atempt complete this space..well not this space..well yes, watch this space..except that it's not a space that's empty..Preeti's words fill it and consequently us with amazing , funny, moving and challenging what I mean is, watch my space..well not 'My space' ..but my know what I mean?

  19. My MEMe is complete..head on over and have a laugh folks!

  20. interesting facts ....and the pics are good representing them .....i guess we all have been tagged to the same topic...but it is fun :)

  21. 8 facts about me.

    1. I love humour and find anyone without humour a pain.
    2. I love procrastinating. What is life without it and if you had to take every decision in such a tearing hurry.
    3. I Love my family. Actually this goes right on top, but dint want it to sound too corny and hence put it a little below.
    4. I love reading.
    5. I love free fall. One of my passions is doing a parajump some day.
    6. I love skating and would love to do ice skating - something I have never tried before.
    7. Am a movie buff totally and can even watch a french movie on a given day - even though I dont speak a word of french.
    8. I am a total foodie.
    All in all a totally boring person and therefore cant for the life of me understand why my friend and partner puts up with me.

  22. Hey Preeti I know you wanted to tag me, but I did not want to be........
    Well, I tag myself now.......... ha ha
    8 random things about me...........

    1. I am very optimistic
    2. I love humor and see it in everything (almost , not in sad things though)
    3. I love to spend quiet time EVERYDAY before beginning each day- I do it even when I am working - i get up half an hour early to do just that.
    4. If I get my 8 hours of sleep, I can wake up at any ungodly hour in the morning and start humming a tune!!!! (My daughter who is not a morning person hates it!!!)
    5. I believe 'Happiness Is a Choice ' and choose to be happy always (well.........90% of the time)
    6. I love my family very much.
    7. I am proud of who I am and love myself - can finally say that about myself!!!!!
    8. AND now for the weirdest one - I am constantly grateful and thank God for everything that happens to me- even when my knee aches, I say 'thanks lord, cause you gave me the ability to walk and my walking around too much is what caused my knee pain'.
    Honestly, try this, your pain diminishes in intensity instantly.(Once a party next door was bothering me during my bed time (9 pm)and I just kept saying 'thanks lord, I can hear that noise because you gave me the ears to hear it' instantly, the irritation wore off, and I could fall asleep peacefully.)

    hey it was fun doing this.Thanks for letting me put it down here.. :)


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